Results Framework Document of CCRH 2014-15

ccrhResults Framework Document – activities and achievements – of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy India 2014-15

To promote research that contributes towards the development of Homoeopathic System of Medicine globally.

Conducting effective, scientific and ethical health research on prioritized areas with homoeopathy and thereby enhancing the global acceptance of Homoeopathy, maximizing potential for promotion of this safe and cost effective treatment in the National Health Care Delivery System.


  • To formulate the aims and patterns of research on scientific lines in Homoeopathy.
  • To invest in Drug research for standardization, safety and quality of homoeopathic medicines
  • To take up Fundamental/Basic research studies intramurally or through Collaboration.
  • To propagate research findings to the profession and public.
  • Strengthening of infrastructural development of Institutes for quality research.


  1. Conducting good quality clinical trials based upon international guidelines for Research in Homoeopathy.
  2. Enriching the therapeutic knowledge of Homoeopathic medicines through drug proving and clinical verification research with prime focus on indigenous drugs.
  3. Taking up work on standardization of drug substances to ensure safety and quality of medicinal substances.
  4. Strengthening and up gradation of units/institutes as Centres of Excellence in Homoeopathy.
  5. Investigation of outbreaks of epidemics and genus epidemicus as preventive medicine.
  6. Collaboration with Institute of excellence at national and international level in Homoeopathy or allied scientific fields for basic and fundamental studies in Homoeopathy
  7. Capacity building of researchers and faculty members of PG Colleges for advancement in research studies through in-service training programs, workshops, CMEs etc.
  8. Promoting fellowship program for Council’s Scientists as part of Human Resource Development.
  9. Administering and Monitoring research activities of the Council.

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