Review of Dr Sehgal School’s Homoeopathy Seminar of Kolkata

Dr. Sehgal’s School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy Kolkata organized an  Advance  level seminar  on

5th & 6th July, 2014.  Dr. Prem Sharma, one of the Senior  faculty members of the School, was the speaker.

Dr. Sharma here differentiated   four beautiful remedies, Stannum Met, Aloes, Podophyllum & Chamomilla in  the perspective of the rubric ‘MIND – TRANQUILLITY – reconciled to fate’.

First day he started with Stannum Met through a video case.

Two rubrics were  chosen in the case , Tranquility – reconciled to fate & Complaining ,plaintive in sleep (Murphy).

Dr. Sharma started the journey of Stannum Met with Envy, avidity and, Ardent, Busy etc. then went through as much as 90 rubrics (approx.) of Stannum Met. 

Next day Dr Sharma took Chamomilla.

He showed us why Chamomilla is  there in this rubric ‘Tranquility reconciled to fate’.

As we know Chamomilla is very sensitive, irritated person, also he is very impatience

(MIND – IMPATIENCE – pain, from), but on the other hand we also find  Chamomilla  in

Morose pain after and Dullness pain with. He explained why the chamomilla goes to that state. 

Podophyllum was  described  next with the entry point rubric:

Delusion consciousness, higher consciousness, unification with and Awareness heightened.

But most interesting part is,  how from here Podophyllumm goes to the state of ‘Indifference, complain does not‘ .This journey which he explained was magnificent.

At the end Dr Prem Sharma discussed  Aloes.

He  explained , that the basic feeling of Aloes is that,   he feels  he is sitting at a higher level

(Delusion, sitting high, he is sitting too) which is very near to the feeling of Rhus tox

(Delusion – held sitting, he is held up when). Rhus tox will say that the people around him have given so much honor to  him that,  it automatically gives him a higher position in surroundings.  He is held high by others whereas Aloes is himself sitting too high.

That is why Aloes has somewhat feelings of:  ‘Contemptuous’ ‘Unfeeling’ ‘Insolence’ etc. But a time will come, when Aloes becomes frightened & Introspective. His journey ends with the resignation and turns to despair. Then Aloe talks about fate which leads  them to tranquility.

Journey of 2 days  lecture ended with the beautiful conclusions by  Dr Prem Sharma.

He told that case taking should be proper and in details so that one can know his patient very well, and should  be  able to know the feelings and the exact emotions of the patient (knowledge of the patient). Also in that way know the picture & journey of medicine with exact feeling what reflected in each medicine (knowledge of the medicine).  Moreover again he highlighted the “Guru Mantra” Given by our Teacher Late. Dr. M.L. Sehgal that in every  individual case you have to take note of : “What He Says?” & “ How he says?”; “What he does?” & “How he does?”  Here he refers to the patient during the phase of sickness. ( The altered state from the previous state of health)

Written By. Dr. Subrata Das

Edited by Dr. Sidhant Sehgal

Review of  S.S.R.H. Half Day, July Class.
S.S.R.H. Delhi  Half Day Class was held on 13th July, 2014 at India International Centre, Lodhi Road.

Dr. Sanjay Sehgal was the Speaker. He started with his signature style explaining the homeopathic philosophy giving a lot of examples from his daily practice that was quite enriching for the audience which was a mixed bag with both the beginners as well as very senior practitioners.

Moving on  from that he described two cases taken by him in Europe,  with both having Calc Carb as their remedy but with  a totally different entry point. He opened various doors of this very commonly used polychrest, which are frequently ignored. He explained that the main feel of Calcarea Carb is of Wealth and Exclusiveness ( Delusion- wealth, of + Exclusive, too = Calc, Plat.). He then Differentiated Calcarea and Platina explaining their wealth & exclusiveness, and how they behave in a different manner during sickness. Calcarea Carb in order to show its exclusiveness will keep on working and will not Sit idle. Sitting idle is a problem for Calcarea – (Sadness- idleness, while). He explained the  complete journey of Calcarea from wealth to fear of poverty. He took up many new rubrics like  Delusion- money, talks of; Rest-agg, Envy, qualities of other; Pities herself etc  explaining how they are linked to each other like beads of a necklace, and are frequently missed during practice. He made the students realize that how case taking can be simplified in just four lines as explained by our Guru Late Dr. M.L.Sehgal: “What He Says?” & “ How he says?”; “What he does?” & “How he does?”  Here he refers to the patient during the phase of sickness. ( The altered state from the previous state of health). 

He also differentiated between Calc and Sulphur as both are wealthy and both fear poverty.

Indeed it was a very enlightening experience thanks to our Teacher Dr. Sanjay Sehgal who left no stone unturned in making the students understand  this remedy from a different angle.

The next Delhi class is Schedule on 24th August, (Sunday), 2014, at seminar Hall-1, of India International Centre, Max Muller Marg, Lodhi Road, Delhi.

Dr.Sidhant Sehgal
(Team S.S.R.H.)

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