Rubrics for warts in the form of subjective and objective symptoms with Drake Repertory

Rubrics for warts in the form of subjective and objective symptoms with Drake Repertory

Dr Babita Rani Jamwal

The beauty of this repertory lies in its clinical approach for warts and condylomata. In 1945 Repertory of the warts and condylomata was written by Drake O.M. It consist of three main parts:

                        1.Locality          2.Subjective symptoms        3.Objective symptoms

These rubrics are very important because sometimes there is lack symptoms and we only get One symptom in the form of subjective or objective symptom of the disease.

Subjective symptoms of Warts:-1

Subjective symptoms – burning: am-c. ars. lyc. nit-ac. petr. phos. rhus-t. sep. sulph. thuj.

Subjective symptoms– itching: calc. carb-an. euphr. hep. kali-c. nit-ac. phos. psor. sulph. thuj.

Subjective symptoms – painful: am-c. ant-c. ars. bar-c. bov. calc. caust. con. euphr. hep. kali-c. lyc. nat-c. nat-m. nit-ac. petr. phos. rhus-t. sabin. sep. sil. staph. sulph. thuj.

Subjective symptoms – painful – ameliorated on the appearance of menses: thuj.

Subjective symptoms – painful – as if ulceration would set in: hep.

Subjective symptoms – painful – cutting: nat-m.

Subjective symptoms – painful – drawing, in an old wart on upper lip: con.

Subjective symptoms – painful – extending up the arm to the axilla, from a malignant wart on the hand, rendering the arm useless: ars.

Subjective symptoms – painful – like a boil: calc

Subjective symptoms – painful – preventing rest at night: ars.

Subjective symptoms – painful – pricking: ant-c. calc. lyc. nit-ac. petr. rhus-t. sep. sil. sulph.

Subjective symptoms – painful – pricking – in the evening in bed:  petr.

Subjective symptoms – painful – pulsating: ars. calc. caust. hep. kali-c. lyc. nit-ac. petr. sep. sil. sulph.

Subjective symptoms -painful – soreness of: ambr. ars. hep. lach. nat-c. nat-m. nit-ac. petr. ruta sabin.thuj.

Subjective symptoms -painful – stinging: am-c. ant-c. bar-c. calc. caust. euphr. hep. lyc. nit-ac. rhus-t.sep. sil. staph. sulph. thuj.

Subjective symptoms – painful – tearing: am-c.

Subjective symptoms – painful – with pains, sticking: hep. nit-ac.

Subjective symptoms – tickling: sulph. Thuj

Objective symptoms of Warts:-1

Objectively considered –bleeding: calc. caust. cinnb. ferr-ma. lyc. nat-c. nit-ac. ph-ac. rhus-t. staph.thuj.

Objectively considered – breaking open: calc.

Objectively considered – brittle: ant-c.

Objectively considered – cauliflower; like: nit-ac. ran-b. thuj.

Objectively considered – color – almost the color of the skin: calc.

Objectively considered – color – dark: sep. thuj.

Objectively considered – color – red – and angry looking: ars.

Objectively considered – color – red – size of a bean: calc.

Objectively considered – color – red – streaks with:  bell.

Objectively considered – flat: ant-c. berb. dulc. lach. ruta sep. verr.

Objectively considered – groups or crops; in: dulc. lach. nat-m. psor. sep. thuj.

Objectively considered – horny or hard: ant-c. borx. calc. caust. dulc. fl-ac. graph. lach. nit-ac. ran-b.sep. sil. sulph. thuj.

Objectively considered – incipient or recent: nat-c.

Objectively considered – inflamed: am-c. ars. bell. bov. calc. caust. dulc. hep. lyc. nat-c. nit-ac. rhus-t.ruta sep. staph. sulph. thuj.

Objectively considered – inflamed – as if ulceration would set in: hep.

Objectively considered – inveterate or old: calc. caust. cund. kali-caust. nat-m. nit-ac. rhus-t. sars.sulph. thuj.

Objectively considered – inveterate or old – grow larger: cund.

Objectively considered – isolated: calc. caust. lyc. nat-c.

Objectively considered – jagged:  calc. caust. euphr. lyc. nit-ac. ph-ac. rhus-t. sabin. staph. thuj.

Objectively considered – large or fleshy: caust. dulc. kali-c. lyc. nat-c. nat-m. nit-ac. ph-ac. rhus-t.sabin. sep. sil. thuj. verr.

Objectively considered – malignant: ars.

Objectively considered – moisture, exuding: calc. caust. lyc. nit-ac. ph-ac. rhus-t. sabin. thuj.

Objectively considered – moisture, exuding – a fetid humor: nit-ac.

Objectively considered – pedunculated: caust. dulc. lyc. med. nit-ac. ph-ac. rhus-t. sep. staph. thuj.

Objectively considered – pedunculated – small, all over the body: caust.

Objectively considered – pedunculated – with pin-heads, like button mushrooms, on various parts of the body and thighs: med.

Objectively considered – recent or incipient: nat-c.

Objectively considered – rough, upper surface whitish and horny: calc.

Objectively considered – round: calc.

Objectively considered – rudimentary, on fingers:  berb.

Objectively considered – scrofulous: aur.

Objectively considered – seedy – small:  bar-c. berb. calc. caust. cund. dulc. ferr-ma. ferr. fl-ac. hep.lach. med. nit-ac. psor. rhus-t. sars. sep. sulph. thuj.

Objectively considered – smooth: ant-c. dulc. psor. ruta

Objectively considered – soft: alum. ant-c. calc. nit-ac. thuj.

Objectively considered – soft – at the base, almost the color of the skin; upper surface hard, rough, whitish and horny: calc.

Objectively considered – soft – to touch, like lipoma and pointed, on neck: thuj.

Objectively considered – soft – with thin epidermis, and moist: nit-ac.

Objectively considered – solid body, with horny top: caust. rhus-t. sep

Objectively considered – spongy: alum.

Objectively considered – suppurating: ars. bov. calc. caust. hep. nat-c. phos. sil. thuj.

Objectively considered – suppurating-a previously existing wart, developed a red point, suppurated and disappeared:  bov.

Objectively considered – suppurating – sensation as if they would suppurate; in the evening, in bed:  petr.

Objectively considered – suppurating – then healing: calc.

Objectively considered – sycotic: alum. aur. cinnb. med. mill. nat-s. ph-ac. sars.

Objectively considered – sycotic – old, dry; after mercurial treatment for gouty pains: sars.

Objectively considered – syphilitic: aur. cinnb. kali-i. thuj.

Objectively considered – ulcerating: ars. calc. caust. hep. nat-c. phos. sil. thuj.

Objectively considered – ulcers – breaking out around warts: ant-c. ars. nat-s. phos.

Objectively considered – ulcers – having the shape of warts: ars.

Objectively considered – ulcers – originating in warts: thuj.

Objectively considered – ulcers – turning into warts: calc.


  1. Drake O.M. Repertory of warts and condylomata. RADAR. 10.0. Archibel Homoeopathic Software. Belgium. 2009.

About the Authors- Dr.Babita Rani Jamwal, M.D.(Hom.) Part II & Dr.Himanshu Goel M.D.(Hom.) Part II from Repertory branch in Dr.M.P.K.Homoeopathic Medical college, Hospital and Research centre a constituent college of Homoeopathy University, Jaipur. 

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