Rubrics related to summer complaints and their remedies in Knerr repertory

Dr Ajesh V 

Summer complaints occur due to change in variations in temperature according to the climate. As Winter ends & summer starts due to change of weather from cold to hot Human Body unable to balance as per temperature change causing common problems like Cold , Coryza, Cough i.e. Upper respiratory infection, Fever etc:-Due to heat of summer there occurs feeling of weakness, tiredness, dullness, drowsiness. etc:-Homoeopathy plays an important & vital role in summer  complaints and many rubrics related to summer complaints seen in Knerr Repertory.

As a part of our study in Practice of medicine, we have to give much importance to the diagnostic criteria along with physical examination and investigations. For individualization of such cases ,with the standpoint of finding out the similar remedy based on law of similia ie. on totality of symptoms and on evaluation of symptoms , I found out that certain objective symptoms are very peculiar and characteristic to the patient in that case which are noticed during physical examination.Then I searched for such symptoms in repertories as rubrics, I found them mostly in Knerr repertory.

Here I found out that most of such symptoms are expressed in the same language of the patient   under each rubric with out any change. Then to my surprise, such remedies when used in those cases gave wonderful results. So, I decided to learn more about this repertory  and started to use it in my practice.

All the rubrics and sub rubrics are nothing but the same expressions of the provers and clinicians obtained during proving of each drug and confirmed by clinical verifications.

As it is based on HERING’S GUIDING SYMPTOMS OF OUR MATERIA MEDICA, it is true and can give wonderful miracles of cure. Knerr repertory is the repertory to the Hering’s guiding symptoms.So we can find each symptom either subjective or objective in the same expression of the patient in Knerr repertory. 

There may be General depression from heat of summer or Sun. As heat increases in summer complaints like Headachae, Heat Stroke/ Sunstroke, Symptoms of Sunstroke like severe headachae, palpitation, vertigo, high blood pressure etc:-appears. We have preventive solution for problems of Sunstroke / Heat stroke by giving Homoeopathic Medicines. In summer due to heat there may occur shortage of water people try to get water from any way, even purification system weakness due to water shortage causing chance of infected water from various bacilli or causing water borne diseases like Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid etc. We have effective medicine for summer Diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.

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The onset may be sudden as acute presentation and physical generals are having more importance followed by the concomittants. Knerr Repertory is also based on the concomitant symptoms. So it is known as concordance repertory where gives more importance to concomitant symptoms of the patient.These concomitant symptoms are very important for the selection of the remedy as explained by our master and other philosophers. Many of the complaints during summer occurs as concomittant to the main complaints and hence done study on some of the rubrics on summer complaints and their remedies  from Knerr repertory. The rubrics with the remedies are selected using Zomoeo software. .The rubrics on summer complaints with their remedies are give below:

Periodicty: Attacks, summer in: Diarrhoea: CAMPH, CROT0-T, VERAT, Acon, Aeth, Ang, Ant-t, Ars, Bism, Carb-ac, Carbo-v, Crot-h, Cupr-acet, Cupr-ar, Ferr-p, Gamb, Iod, Kali-br, Lach, Nat-m, Ph-ac, Phos, Podo, Polyp-p, Rheum, Sec, Sul-ac, Sep, Coff, Hyper, Kali-bi, Nat-p, Nux-m.

Diarrhoea: CAMPH, CROT0-T, PHOS, Acon, Aeth, Ang, Ant-t, Ar s, Carb-ac, Carbo-v, Crot-h, Cupr-ar, Ferr-p, Gamb, Iod, Kali-br, Lach, Nat-m, Ph-ac, Podo, Rheum, Sep, Coff, Kali-bi, Polyp-p .

Seasons: Summer, aggravation: ANT-C, CAMPH, GELS, GLON,  KALI-BI, LACH, Bell, Bry, Carbo-v, Gamb, Nat-c, Nux-v, Puls, Verat, Lyc, Nat-m, Sel, Bapt, Bar-c, Bov, Cham, Graph, Iod, Psor, Thuja.

Periodicty: Attacks, summer in: Bell, Bry, Carbo-v, Lach, Nat-c, Puls, Nat-m, Sel,Anti-c, Bar-c, Cham, Cinnb, Graph, Lyco, Nux-v, Sepia, Thuja.

  • Toothache (undefined): Summer, in:Nat-m, Anti-c, Bell, Bry, Calc, Carbo-v, Cham, Lach, Nux-v, Puls.  
  • Diarrhoea: Drinking, worse after: Cold drinks, in summer: NUX-M, Carbo-v, Nat-s, Verat.
  • Drinking: Cold drinks: Diarrhoea, cause, in summer: : NUX-M, Nat-s.
  • Weakness (debility. exhaustion, feebleness, prostration, loss of strength, vital power diminished.etc ): Diarrhoea, in: Summer in, Complaint: ANTI-T, Ferr-p.
  • Diarrhoea: Eating Fruit: from unripe, in summer: Rheum, Sul-ac.
  • Pointed: Summer complaint, in: CAMPH, Verat.
  • Stool: Yellow: Summer complaint, in: Anti-c, Ferr-p.
  • Stool:watery:summer complaint, In: Ferr-p, Kali-br.
  • Weakness (debility. exhaustion, feebleness, prostration, loss of strength, vital power diminished.etc ): Sinking(collapse): Complaint, in summer: Anti-t, Verat.
  • Periodicity: Attacks, summer in: Toothache: Lach, Nat-m.
  • Stool: Frequent: Summer complaint .in: Ferr-p, Kali-br.
  • Diarrhoea: Children of: Ammc, Coff
  • Stool: Green: Summer Ferr-p, Kali-br.
  • Eyes: Motion in every direction without talking notice: Convulsive: in summer complaint: Kali-br, Coff.
  • Weakness (debility. exhaustion, feebleness, prostration, loss of strength, vital power diminished etc.): Heat Sun of, or summer: GELS, Ars.
  • Eating Fruit: Diarrhoea from unripe in summer: Rheum, Sul-ac.
  • Stupor (lethargy, sopor): Diarrhoea. In epidemic: Summer complaint: Anac.
  • Trance: Alternates with, spasmodic symptoms every summer: Stram
  • Whining : Summer complaint, before and during attacks (infantile catarrh): Anti-t
  • Brain: Affectations: Summer complaint, with: Cupr-acet
  • Brain: Hydrocephaloid: Summer complaint, from exhaustion in: Phos
  • Brain: Hydrocephaloid: Summer complaint of children, condition after: Apis
  • Headache (undefined): Weather , from change: Warm, begins with, lasts all summer, worse or better with sun: Glon
  • Vertex. Pressing: Dull, worse in summer after cooling rains and after bodily exertion and walking: Hep
  • Eruption (undefined): Eczema solaria, red, itching, pimples on forehead, every summer: Mur-ac
  • Eruption (undefined): Pimples, itching, red on forehead, forming scurf, itching when getting warm in bed, every summer (eczema solaris): Mur-ac
  • Eruption (undefined): Scaly, Summer, better in, worse at approach of winter: Sil
  • Motion, involuntry: Rolls and moans (summer complaint): Ferr-p
  • Conjunctiva: Inflamed: Follicular, in summer, worse in morning: Nux-v
  • Conjunctiva: Inflamed: Follicular and trachomatous, during summer, or worse hot weather: Sep
  • Conjunctiva: Inflamed: Periodical, for three months: Every summer, worse morning and evening: Sep
  • Lids: Closed and closing, closed: Half closed: In summer complaint: Ferr-p
  • Lids: Granulated: Summer, only in, worse in evening: Nux-v
  • Coryza: Summer in, with violent sneezing in morning: Gels
  • Bluish: Summer complaint in: Ars
  • Coldness: Pointed, and, in summer complaint and cholera: CAMPH
  • Eruption: Pimples: Itching every summer, red (eczema solaris): Mur-ac
  • Pinched: Summer complaint, in: Ferr-p
  • Rough: Every summer: Kalm
  • Outer mouth: Blue around: Summercomplaint, in: Ars
  • Outer mouth: Eruption: Pimples red, itching, every summer (eczema solaris): Mur-ac
  • Dentition (complaints undefined): Diarrhoea: Summer, during: Rheum
  • Uvula: Elongated: Heat in summer, owing to: Ant-c
  • Uvula: Lost: Stool, with, like chopped eggs, or undigested, in summer, with children: Nux-m
  • Aversion: Food to( disgust to loathing): Heat in summer, owing to: Ant-c
  • Aversion: Milk, to: Diarrhoea, in, and summer complaint: Ant-t
  • Thirst: Diarrhoea, in: Summer complaint: Anac
  • Thirst: Excessive: Summer complaint, in: Ferr-p
  • Thirst: Small, for, quantities: Water, all other liquids swallows in masses ( summer complaint): Ars
  • Drinking: Diarrhoea: Drinks, soft, in summer: Carb-v
  • Drinking: Vomiting: Water, as soon as it reaches stomach (gastralgia, summer diarroea): Bism 
  • Nausea: Heat: Fainting, with, in summer or hot room: Ip
  • Nausea Morning, in Summer complaint, in: Ang
  • Vomiting: Dentition in: Summer complaint: Bism
  • Vomiting: Diarrhoea, with: Summer complaint in, in dentition: Bism
  • Vomitng : Diarrhoea, with: Summer complaint in, worse during day: Nat-m
  • Vomiting : Diarrhoea, with: Summer, in sudden: Jatr
  • Vomiting: Drink, of: Diarrhoea of children or, in summer complaint: Ant-c
  • Vomiting: Drink, of: Desire for water, with, in summer complaint: Ant-t
  • Vomiting: Mucus, of summer complaint, in: Camph
  • Vomiting: Watery,  summer complaint in: Camph
  • Stomach: Derangement: Fatigue with, from slightest exercise, in heat of summer: Nux-v
  • Stomach, Dyspepsi: Diarrhoea , with summer: Nat-p
  • Stomach: Hemorrhage: Summer, every, for many years: Guai
  • Liver: Jaundice: Recurring every summer: Chion
  • Blood vessels: Burning: Diarrhoea, at commencement of summer, from bad or unripe fruit: Sul-ac
  • Creeping: Cutting: Summer complaint in: Ang
  • Abdomen: Distended: Summer complaint in: Coff
  • Abdomen : Large: Summer complaint in, of children: Ip
  • Peritonitis: Pinching: Summer diarrhoea, at commencement of, from bad or unripe fruit: Sul-ac
  • Abdomen: Retreacted: Summer complaint in: Kali-br
  • Colic (enteralgia) undefined: Diarrhoea: At commencement of summer diarrhoea, from bad or unripe fruit: Sul-ac
  • Cholera: Cholerine, during epedemic in persons debilitated and relaxed by heat of summer: Phos
  • Diarrhoea: Cholera: Choleraic, during summer: Cupr-ar
  • Diarrhoea: Cold: Hot, on, summer days with cool evenings: Ph-ac
  • Diarrhoea: Colic: Summer, particularly in: DULC
  • Diarrhoea: Dyspepsia, in: Summer in: Nat-p
  • Diarrhoea: Heat: Overheating, after, in summer: Bry
  • Diarrhoea: Heat: Sudden attacks, during heat of summer: Sulph
  • Diarrhoea: Stupor, with: Summer in, complaint: Anac
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: August, during: Sec
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: August, in, child, aet, three months: Ant-t
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Children, of, complementary to bell: Mez
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Children of, with brain affection: Cupr
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Children of, with emaciation: Ferr
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Children, especially in scrofulous, interminable: Sec
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Children of, when fluids are vomited as soon as taken: Bism
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Children of, mostly under a year old: Bor
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Digestive power, with lack of: Nat-p
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Drinks, from cold: NUX-M
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Emaciation, with: Med
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Fruit, from eating bad or unripe, commencing with nausea, sweat, colic, pinching and burning in abdomen: Sul-ac
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Pains, with griping and cramps in limbs: Cupr-acet
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Relapsing: Sil
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Skin, with eruption on: Hyper
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Suddenly  at night: VERAT
  • Diarrhoea: Summer, in: Sudden with vomiting: Jatr
  • Dysentry: Summer ; In early part: Kali-bi
  • Dysentry: Summer ; During hot days with cold nights: ACON
  • Dysentry: Summer ; Renewed before a thunderstorm: Rhod
  • Dysentry: Summer ; Of six weeks standing, worse when he see or hears running water: Lyss
  • Stool: Bloody: Dark or light blood, in summer complaint: Ferr-p
  • Stool: Bloody: Fish brine, like bloody (summer complaint): Ferr-p
  • Stool: Bloody: Serum, in summer complaint: Ferr-p
  • Stool: Bloody: Summer,in, complaint, pure blood: Ferr-p
  • Stool: Brown:Bloody, in Summer complaint: Ferr-p 
  • Stool: Brown: Dark, mostly in children, in their first or second summer: Psor
  • Stool: Chopped: Potatoes chopped up with greens, like boiled, after summer complaint: Med
  • Stool: Chopped: Spinach, like in summer complaint: ACON
  • Stool: Chopped: Summer in, complaint: Ferr-p
  • Stool: Curdled: Summer after, complaint: Med
  • Stool: Difficult to expel: Flatus, preceded by much also, difficult to pass (summer complaint): Camph
  • Stool: Eggs: Chopped, with loss of appetite and sleepiness, in summer, with children: Nux-m
  • Stool: Fetid (offensive): Children in, in their first or second summer: Psor
  • Stool: Fetid (offensive): Eggs, like rotten, after summer complaint: Med
  • Stool: Fetid (offensive): Summer complaint, in: Ant-c
  • Stool: Frequent: Twenty or thirty daily, in summer complaint: Bor
  • Stool: Green: Bilious, mixed with mucus, mostly in children in their first or second summer: Psor
  • Stool: Green: Grass, as, in summer complaint: Ant-t
  • Stool: Green: Mucous bloody, no pain (summer complaint): Ferr-p
  • Stool: Green: Summer complaint, after: Med
  • Stool: Green: Watery, in summer complaint: Ferr-p
  • Stool: Involuntary: Summer complaint, after: Med
  • Stool: Lienteric (containing undigested food): Appetite with loss of and sleepiness, in summer, with children: Nux-m
  • Stool: Mucous Bloody, mixed with watery discharge, day or night (summer complaint): Ferr-p 
  • Stool: Mucous Bloody, in summer complaint: Ferr-p
  • Stool: Mucous: Chronic, during summer, with cramps in abdomen: Cupr-ar
  • Stool: Mucous: Mixed, in summer complaint: Ferr-p
  • Stool: Mucous: Summer complaint, after: Med
  • Stool: Rice, like, water: Offensive, in summer complaint: Carb-ac
  • Stool: Rice, like, water: Summer complaint, in: Camph
  • Stool: Scanty: Summer complaint, in: Ferr-p
  • Stool: Thin (liquid): Children, mostly in, in their first or second summer: Psor
  • Stool: Thin (liquid): Complaint, after summer: Med
  • Stool: Thin (liquid): Summer complaint, after: Med
  • Stool: Watery: Serous, protracted, in summer diarrhea: Iris
  • Stool: Watery: Summer complaint, after: Med
  • Stool: White: Cream colored, after summer complaint: Med 
  • Stool: White: Summer complaint, in: Ferr-p 
  • Stool: Yellow: Summer complaint, after: Med
  • During: Straining (pressing and urging): Retching, with, in summer complaint: Ferr-p
  • Urine: Decreased (scanty): Summer, in, complaint: Ferr-p 
  • Asthma: Summer, better: Carb-v
  • Asthma: Weather, damp, cold: Summer in, chronic especially when warm and damp: Syph
  • Breathing: Rapid: Summer in, complaint: Ferr-p
  • Cough: Bronchia: Severe in winter succeeds asthmatic attacks in summer: Syph
  • Cough: Croupy: Winter in, alternates with sciatica in summer: Staph
  • Cough: Weather: February, returned every, lasted till summer, or warm weather: Stann
  • Cough: Weather: Summer, worse in: Sang
  • Lungs: Catarrh: Fall, early in, upon first change from warm to cold, lasting until next summer: Coc-c
  • Blood: Anaemia: Summer complaint, after: Carb-v
  • Pulse: Accelerated (fast, frequent, rapid): Summer complaint in, 120 to 160: Ferr-p
  • Neck: Emaciated: Summer complaint, emaciates rapidly in, with atrophy: NAT-M
  • Scapulae: Burning: Hot coals between, as from, worse in summer: Lyc
  • Hand: Coldness: Colds, in summer, in afternoon: Gels
  • Hand: Eruption: Summer, every  one, on terribly itching and burning after scratching, worse at night, spreads up arm to shoulder: Sulph
  • Wrists: Eruption: Tubercle near end of radius, size of a large split pea and rather blue from sting of insect several years ago, worse during summer: Crot-h
  • Feet: Burning: Summer, in: vesp
  • Feet: Coldness: Afternoon, in summer: Gels
  • Feet: Coldness: Sweat with, in winter, sore in summer: Sil
  • Feet: Dryness: Summer in relapsing, complaint: Sil
  • Feet: Sweat: Fetid, in relapsing summer complaint: Sil
  • Feet: Sweat: Summer, in: Cham
  • Legs: Sciatica: Summer in, alternates with cough in winter: Staph
  • Legs: Sciatica: Summer, better in, worse in winter: Ign
  • Limbs: Spasms: Motions, convulsive, in summer complaint: Kali-br
  • Convulsions: Trance: Alternate with, every summer: Stram
  • Fainting (syncope): Heat Summer in, or in hot rooms, with nausea: IP
  • Lassitude (fatigue, loss of energy, indolence, languor, tiredness, weariness): Exertion: Slight from, with sleepiness and gastric ailment in heat of summer: Nux-v
  • Weakness (debility, exhaustion, feebleness, prostration, loss of strength, vital power diminished, etc.): Brain: Hydrocephaloid symptoms, in summer complaint: Phos
  • Weakness (debility, exhaustion, feebleness, prostration, loss of strength, vital power diminished, etc.): Sleep: Drowsiness, in heat of summer: Corn
  • Drowsiness (sleepiness, somnolence): Colds, in summer: Gels
  • Drowsiness (sleepiness, somnolence): Mental condition: Energy impaired, mental and general debility in heat of summer: Corn
  • Drowsiness (sleepiness, somnolence): Tired feeling: From slightest exercise, in heat of summer: Nux-v
  • Sleep: Short: Minutes, only fifteen, at a time (with summer complaint): Ant-t
  • During sleep: Eyes: Open, half, in summer complaint: Coff
  • During sleep: Restlessness: Summer complaint: Ferr-p
  • During sleep: Starting: Summer complaints in: Ferr-p
  • Yawning: Summer, in, complaint, every two or three seconds: Ars
  • Seasons: Summer, aggravation: After cool days: BRY
  • Chilliness: Bones: As if made of ice, even in summer, worse during rain: Aran
  • Chilliness: Periodicity: Evening, in:  Towards, even in summer when warmly clad: PULS
  • Chilliness: Warmth: Summer, wore a heavy over coat in hot: MERC
  • Fever: Gastric: Hot weather, in, from abuse of ice water and summer beverages: CARB-V
  • Fever: Intermittent (ague): Spring, every, after suppression, in summer or fall by quinine: Lach
  • Fever: Intermittent (ague): Spring, making their appearance in early, contracted at summer, watering places and wintered over: Gels
  • Fever: Intermittent (ague): Summer, in beginning of: Lach
  • Fever: Low (adynamic asthenic): Hot weather, in, from abuse of ice water or summer beverages: CARB-V
  • Fever: Night: Morning, until (summer colds): Gels
  • Sweat: Diarrhoea: At commencement of summer, from bad or unripe fruit: Sul-ac
  • Periodicity: Attacks, autumn, in: Catarrhal attacks, early, until next summer: Coc-c
  • Periodicity: Attacks, summer, in: Angina, with acute or chronic rheumatism, in august, for nine years, sinking chills: Lach
  • Periodicity: Attacks, summer, in: Asthma, chronic, especially when weather is warm and damp: Syph
  • Periodicity: Attacks, summer, in: Asthma, hay, middle of august: Sin-n
  • Periodicity: Attacks, summer, in: Asthma, hay for eleven years, on twentieth of august: Psor
  • Periodicity: Attacks, summer, in: Asthma, hay, about the last of august: Sil

Our master Dr.Samuel Hahnemann explained in the aphorism that during case taking we should use the same expression of the patient so that the evaluation and analysis become very accurate and also about the qualities of the physician as keen observer to identify each sign and symptom along with his knowledge about disease, medicine and its application. 

Thus the purity of symptoms of each case and materia medica is well preserved in Knerr repertory which is very essential in selection of repertory.

1.Calvin Brobst Kner: Repertory of Hering’s Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica
2.Zomoeo Ultimate: Homoeopathic software developed by Dr.Jawahar Shah.

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