Sensations as if a repertory of subjective symptoms by Robert

Book review by Dr Jubin BHMS,MD(Hom)

Full name of the book : “Sensations As If” A Repertory of Subjective Symptoms

Author : Herbert A. Roberts, M.D.

Foreword : herbert a. Roberts

First Edition : 1937, January, Derby, Conn.

Reprint : 1992.

Dedicated to the memory of SAMUEL HAHNEMANN, the first to evaluate subjective symptoms.

Published by B Jain Publishers, New Delhi.

Printed at  J. J. Offset Printers, New Delhi.

Price :     Rs.45

Introduction to the Author : Herbert A. Roberts, M.D.

  • Ex-Chairman, American Foundation for Homoeopathy
  • Head of Department of Homoeopathic Philosophy,
  • Postgraduate School of the American Foundation,
  • Ex-President, International Hahnemann Association.

Other Important Works of the author : Principles and Practicability of Boenninhghausen TPB and Principles and art of cure on Homoeopathy.

Salient features of the book : Only repertory which covers only the subjective symptoms which are very important for individualizing the patient and remedy.

Sources of the book :

  1. Sensations as if by A.W. Holcomb.
  2. Dr.W.A.Yingling.
  3. Hering’s Guiding Symptoms.
  4. Clarke’s Dictionary.
  5. Allen’s Handbook of Encyclopaedia.
  6. Arnzhutz New, Old and Forgotten remedies.

25 chapter from Mind to Generals.

Number of medicines are about 742.

Arrangement of the work is similar to that of Kent’s repertory ie alphabetical order

List of remedies or abbreviations are given wherever necessary. First word of the rubric is given in Bold letter.

Chapters :

  1. Mind and Sensation.
  2. Head.
  3. Eye and Vision.
  4. Ears and Hearing.
  5. Nose.
  6. Face and Jaw.
  7. Mouth, Tongue, Teeth and Gums.
  8. Throat.
  9. Stomach.
  10. Abdomen.
  11. Hypochondriasis.
  12. Rectum,. Anus and Stool
  13. Urinary organs.
  14. Male sexual organs.
  15. Female sexual organs.
  16. External chest.
  17. Internal chest.
  18. Respiratory organs.
  19. Heart and circulation.
  20. Neck and Back.
  21. Upper extremities.
  22. Lower extremities.
  23. Sleep and Dreams.
  24. Skin.
  25. Generalities

Chapters not found in this repertory which are in Kent’s repertory

  1. Vertigo
  2. Larynx and Trachea,.
  3. Cough.
  4. Expectoration.
  5. Chill.
  6. Fever.
  7. Perspiration.

Combined chapters

  1. Eyes and Vision.
  2. Ear and Hearing.
  3. Mouth, Tongue, Taste, Teeth and Gums.
  4. Rectum, Anus and Stool

Chapters which are not found in Kent’s repertory :

    1. Hypochondriasis.
    2. Heart and Circulation.
    3. Chest – Inner and Outer.
    4. Extremities- Upper and Lower.

Demerits :

    1. Grading of medicines are not given.
    2. Only few medicines are given in rubrics.
    3. No peculiar gradation for medicines all are in the same gradation.

Rubrics and medicines in the various chapters


Absent ( forgetful) –Bar-c.

Accident would happen –Mag.c., Mag.s.

  • one were threatened with some fatal –Alum.
  • Afraid of the first she sees — Stram.
  • Alarm, awakens in — Agn.
  • Alighted on floor, bed had gone out from under her and she had — Ars.
  • Alone and all about her were dead and still, she were – Rhus.t.
  • Apoplexy, he would have –Arg.m.,Brom.,Carb.v.,Elaps.,Ferr.,Gas.,Puls.,Zinc.
  • fear of having a stroke of : Prim.
  • struck with :,Tarent.
  • were threatened : Colch.
  • Arms and legs, he had too many — Pyrog.
  • Attention must be centered on act of respiration, his whole –Chlor.
  • Away from home – Aster.
  • Barrier between senses and external objects –Aeth.
  • Beast under bed, some dreadful –Cham.
  • Buoyant— Pip.m.
  • Epileptic spasm, she would have an –Cina.
  • Jostling against everyone she meets –Acon.
  • Memory failed – Puls.
  • Voices of absent persons, he heard – Cham.
  •    –  of persons far off or dead, he hears – Anac.
  • Wafted and drawn forth quickly in direction of legs, always waking him – Tell.
  •  Way home were too long –Glon.
  • Wicked deed, she had committed a –Cocc.
  • Work without fatigue, he could –Pip.m.
  • she could not accomplish her : Bry.


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