Serving the humanity our mission – A homeopathic perspective

Dr Mansoor Ali
No race, institution or no discipline enjoys the exclusive possession of all knowledge. The truth is so vast and comprehensive, that any individual or system can have only partial glimpse of it. We believe we must continue our research into all forms of medicines and other related human activities. All medicines have been made by man,and man himself is imperfect. There fore without doubt all medicines are imperfect. The integration of both old and new healing methods is overdue.

Homeopathy is a medical discipline whose primary emphasis is that ,it is a non-invasive form of therapeutics. It is a low cost,safe therapeutic system employing exclusively nontoxic remedies. it may be used to treat both acute and chronic disorders .however its greatest utility lies in its successful treatment of many chronic illness that are usually difficult to manage with other therapeutic method.

The discipline of Homeopathy essentially entails a holistic approach towards the sick person and treat the patient’s disturbance on the emotional, mental and physical levels in an integrated manner . Its basic aim is to bring back the lost equilibrium of the sick individual at all these three levels, by stimulating and strengthening his intrinsic defense and curative mechanisms- the so called vital force. Simple and single drugs in minimum doses should be prescribed at a time.

Homeopathy when introduced by an allopathic doctor Dr.Samuel Hahnemann through his scholary work- Organon of medicine-was a revolutionary methods.The implication of this new modality were, for the medical profession of his time ,as revolutionary as quantum mechanics or relative theory of Newton at that time. Controversy has lasted for the past 2 centuries and is still continuing today.

Notwithstanding its debatable method of action,no less its curious therapeutics,homeopathy has been serving humanity for nearly 2 centuries.its greatest efficacy is believed to be in the treatment diseases.- especially because it is not only alleviate the presenting symptoms but also re establish internal harmony at the deepest levels and this therapy is believed to be provide a lasting cure to the humanity.

Homeopathic therapeutics therefore affords unlimited possibilities of influencing favorably the mental processes and of mitigating the adverse influences of the hereditary pre-disposition to illness, there by leading to a better adaptation of the patient to his environment. It represents thus the practice of constitutional medicine at its best and reigns supreme in the field of psychiatry and of psychosomatic medicine.

An important basic difference exists between conventional medical therapy and homeopathy. In conventional therapy, the aim often is to control the illness through regular use of medical substances, even if the medication is nothing more than vitamins. If the medication is withdrawn, however, the person returns to illness. There has been no cure. A person who takes a pill for high blood pressure every day is not undergoing a cure but is only controlling the symptoms. Homeopathy’s aim is the cure: “The complete restoration of perfect health,” as Dr. Samuel Hahneman said.

The foremost merit to the humanity is that while curing one disease it doesn’t create another as found in some other modalities. The potentised drug stimulate he power of resistance of the sick person to destroy the inimical action of natural disease thus producing the cure naturally. When the diagnosis is doubtful even then drugs can be selected on the basis of totality of characteristic symptoms and effect a cure.

Homeopathic treatment doesn’t interfere with the process of immunity in the body ,on the contrary all available evidences shows that recovery from infections result from the stimulation of natural defense mechanisms and the conservation of bodily energy. the quick uneventful convalescence with an absence of relapse and debility, highlights the recovery that always ensue when the similimum is administered in good time.

Homeopathy therefore is a system of scientific constitutional therapeutics with wide potentialities, giving full scope to the prescribes artistic abilities.

Concept of Vital force
Hahnemann called the vital force as Autocratic as it is self powered self controlling power or energy which keeps the body intact without which life cannot exist in the human body. it is responsible for all the phenomenon and function of the body during health and disease. Disease is nothing but disharmonious flow of this vital force.

Mission of physician
First direction given by Hahanemann to the doctors – ” The physicians high and only mission is to restore the sick to health,to cure,as it is termed.

Secondly ” The highest ideal of cure is rapid gentle permanent restoration of health ,or removal or annihilation of the disease in its whole extend ,in the shortest most reliable and most harmless way ,on easily comprehensible principles.

The cure should take place with in the shortest time possible so as to relive the patients sufferings at the earliest. The cure is not a temporary removal of symptoms for some time. it should be a permanent removal of the whole disease with a return to normal health.

Hahnemann the first socialist
Even before the carl marx
In $271 Hahnemann explain it has “Until the state in the future after having attained in the indispensability of perfectly prepared homeopathic medicines,will have them manufactured by competent impartial person ,in order to give them free of charges to the homeopathic physicians…the physician may become convinced of this divine tools for the purpose of healing but also give them free of charge to his patients- rich and poor”

Even now homeopathic medicine are comparatively of low cost affordable to common men and also to the government..

Prophylaxis in Homeopathy
Prophylaxis in homeopathy seems to be kicking up controversy all the time, but from the side of common public ,as usual, always welcome us with outstretched hands .The physician should have strong obligation to the public in the preventive and educative scenario. With simple medicines we did succeed in containing it.

The press and health authorities note on the decline of the incidence in quicker than expected time is an ample proof for it. It is thought that prophylactic homeopathic remedies (due to its similarity to the illness) provide a dynamic challenge to the immune system, very much like the mild attack of the illness. The cells of the immune system responds by producing protective antibodies, preventing the occurrence of the specific illness.

Homeopathy in de- addiction
Homoeopathic therapeutic books are enriched with medicines effective for alcoholism and tobacco smoking. As in all other cases a medicine that produces symptom/ disease in a healthy human being during trial, is effective for removing the symptom/ disease in the sick.. Addicted persons are motivated and their problems were studied and recorded.

After a thorough analysis of the entire case a constitutional or symptomatic medicine was prescribed Result: From the second day onwards patients used to develop disgust for the addicted substances and gradually reduced to drink alcohol to meager and nil. Withdrawal symptoms are practically minimized. Loss of satisfaction and aversion for tobacco and alcohol are noticed along with return of appetite.

Human relations
Homeopathic Case taking is essentially a social interaction between a physician and a patient under certain pre determined conditions. It must cover the past as well as the presenting conditions of the patient, mental ,emotional, social relations and even tracing the family history on both paternal and maternal side of the individual concerned. While inquiring in to the state of chronic disease, the particular circumstances of the patient with regard to his ordinary occupation, his usual modes of living and diet and his domestic situations must be well considered and scrutinized to ascertain what tend to produce / maintain the disease.
Through this mode of case taking homeopaths maintain a good relation with their patients and the community.

Homeopathy has no quarrels with other methods of treatment provided they help and not hinder the natural forces of recovery. It welcomes surgical measures when directed towards the removal of mechanical impediments to the cure or of the morbid end products of disease when they interfere with the recovery. Use of replacement therapy ,being perfectly logical stands accepted in homeopathy. Acute poisoning falls outside the scope of homeopathy and they cannot be considered strictly as diseases.

Homeopathy ha sits own adaptability and limitations- emerged 250 years back-we are aware of it ,but please don’t compare and contrast with allopathic system of medicine which had more than 2000 years tradition. Homeopathy is a rational science- an affordable low cost treatment to the humanity with rapid and permanent results.

(Paper presented by the author in Zonal Conference of Ethical Medical Forum at Calicut on 6th June 2004

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