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HomeobookChanges are good. Change is what makes everything versatile and dynamic to carve a presence in the ever-growing world.

We are branding into  – a high-tech fast loading website in responsive theme – suitable for mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops alike.

SIMILIMA began its journey on April 16, 2004 with the objective of providing  a most dependable, dedicated, informative, updated, well planned website that serves as credible platform for exchange of information among homoeopathic fraternity.

During the course of our journey, we have provided our readers with best information in the healthcare and homeopathic industry. Our meritorious service by providing precise, self-sufficient & up to date study materials to aspirants of competitive exams, career and placement is unparalleled.

When anybody asking anything about homoeopathy, first thing came to mind of every homoeopath is just go through Similima – May be a real guide, friend and philosopher for homeopaths at every stage of their journey – only because of your constant support

We are thinking beyond conventional boundaries – endeavours to create an environment that promotes learning, while nurturing professional and personal growth of homeopathy students, teachers and professionals.

We are sure Homeobook will become the central point for anyone wishing to discover homeopathy on the Net

We invite suggestions, feedback and opinions on our new vibrant and interactive digital platform.

We are keeping SIMILIMA as such – but no support or updates in future

Just compare two websites in you mobile and experience the difference.

Please forward news, articles, placements, study materials, powerpoints or anything related to homeopathy and health care to us – together for a better homoeopathy.

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  1. Sir
    What is the statu sof allowing PG allowance to Medical Officers of Homoeopathy. It is allowed in Allopathy and Ayrveda. Why steps are not taken for this geunine demand ?. Ther by justice is denied. Kindly clarify.

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