Solanaceae group remedies in Homeopathy

Dr Satheesh Kumar P.K

Homoeopathic Medicines made out of Solanaceae group of plants and their preparation, properties and clinical indications

1. Belladonna.
(i) Atropa Belladonna.
(ii) Atropa Mandragora.( Mandragora officinarum )
(iii) Atropinum.
(a) Atropinum Purum.
(b) Atropinum Sulphuricum.

2. Duboisia.

  • (i) Duboisia Hopwoodi.
  • (ii) Duboisia myoporoids.
  • (iii)Duboisinum ( Duboisia Myoporoides)

3. Strammonium.

  • (i) Datura Arborea.
  • (ii) Datura Ferox.
  • (iii)Datura metel.
  • (iv) Datura Sanguinea.
  • (v) Datura Strammonium.
  • (vi) Daturinum.

4. Hyoscyamus.
(i) Hyoscyamus Niger.
(ii) Hyosciaminum.

  • (a) Hyosciaminum Sulphatum.
  • (b) Hyosciaminum Hydrobromatum.
  • (c) Hyoscinum Bromatum.(Scopolaminum Bromatum)
  • (d) Hyoscinum Bromhydricum.(Scopolaminum Bromhydricum)

5. Solanum.

  • (i) Solanum Nigrum.
  • (ii) Solanum Arrebenta.
  • (iii) Solanum Carolinense.
  • (iv) Solanum Lycopersicum.( Lycopersicum Esculentum )
  • (v) Solanum Mammosum.
  • (vi) Solanum Malacoxylon.
  • (vii) Solanum Oleraceum.
  • (viii)Solanum Pseudocapsicum.
  • (ix) Solanum Tuberosum.
  • (x) Solanum Vesicarium.( Physalis Alkekengi )
  • (xi) Solanum Villosum.
  • (xii) Solanum Xanthocarpum.
  • (xiii)Solaninum.
  • (a) Solaninum Aceticum.
  • (b) Solaninum Purum.
  • (xiv) Solanum Capense.
  • (xv) Solanum Erythracantum.
  • (xvi) Solanum Integri.
  • (xvii)Solanum Melongena.
  • (xviii)Solanum Nodiflorum.
  • (xix) Solanum Sodomoeum.

6. Tabacum.

  • (ii) Nicotianum Tabacum.
  • (i) Nicotinum.

7. Dulcamera.( Solanum Dulcamera )

8. Capsicum.

  • (i) Capsicum Annuum.
  • (ii) Capsicum Frutescens.

9. Pichi. – Fabiana Imbricata.  

Common features:

  • First four attack prominently the brain and have narcotic properties. (F)
  • Tabacum also has narcotic properties but it acts on other parts of body also, besides brain. (F)
  • Dulcamera is slightly narcotic.(F)
  • Capsicum is decidedly irritant or acrid.(F)
  • Most of them are OBESE in body structure( Caps.,Bell.,Hyos., Lycpr.,Stram ) and the most important one for obesity is Capsicum
  • Annuum ( Obesity in children )

Mind :
(I) Cheerful :
( Hyos.,Bell.,Stram.,Caps.,Tab.)

  • Hyos : Cheerful after urination. Cheerfulness alternating with irritability.
  • Bell : Cheerfulness alternating with moaning, sadness., weeping or quite disposition. Dancing,laughing and singing. Cheerful at evening hours, night., while eating (supper) and during perspiration. Quarrelsome and cheerful.
  • Stram : Cheerfulness alternating with irritability sadness and weeping.Dancing,laughing and singing. Cheerful during menses.

(II) Delerium : ( Bell., Hyos., Stram., Dulc.,Atro., Caps.,    Dat.f., Dat.m.,,Tab. )
Bell : Throws about arms. Desires to bite. Talks about dogs . Releived by eating. Wants to go home. Rabid. With dilated pupils. Periodical. With congestion and pulsating carotids. Urinating outside the pot. With running. Rocking to and fro. Jumping into water. With livid face. With grinding of teeth. Sleep during. Hot head with.etc..
Hyos : Attacks people with knife. Embraces the stove and wishes to climb on it as a tree. Erotic. Murmering to himself. Rocking to and fro. From vexation. Prepares for wedding.
Wraps up in fur during summer. With red face. Talks of business.
Talks in a foreign language.Quiet.From pains.Wants to naked.
Stram : Desires to bite. In dark. Rabid.
Loquacious. Shy,hides himself. With sleeplessness. Stupid. Vivid.
Wild.  Restless.Singing. Talks about horses. Noisy. Addresses objects. etc..
Atro : Frightful.Endeavors to grasp books. From headache. At night. Alternating with unconsciousness and stupor. Raging. Restless. Violent.
Dulc : During fever. On waking. Sorrowful. with sleeplessness.
Dat.f : Delerium on being aroused. Raging.
Dat.m : With crying.
Caps : During chill. Raging.
Tab : Murmering to himself. Quiet.

(III) Sensitiveness : (Bell,Hyos.,Atro.,Caps.,Mand.,Stram.,Tab.)

  • Bell : To light.,noise(during chill).,slightest noise., odors.,and pain. During perspiration. In puberty.Heat during. Labor during. Alternating with indifference. Children.
  • Hyos : To noise. Morning.
  • Caps : To all external impressions.To noise during chill.
  • Mand : To noise.,and odors.
  • Stram : To noise.,pain.,
  • Tab : To music.

(IV) Fear :(Atro.,Atro.s.,Bell.,Caps.,Dulc.,Hyos.,Stram.,Tab.)
Atro : Of misfortune.
Bell : Aternating with mania. Of animals (black).Of impending death. Of dogs(black).With desire to escape. Of imaginary things or imaginary animals. Jumps from bed out of fear. Jumps on touch. Of liquids with thirst.Of those standing near. Of paralysis.Of rats. Of wolves.
Caps : Of fresh air. Full of fear on waking.
Dulc : Of evil.Of vaults,churches and cellars.
Hyos : Of being alone. Of being bitten. Chronic fear. Of being devoured by animals. Of dogs. After eating. Constant of every thing. Of being injured.Of liquids with thirst. People of. Of being poisoned. Of water.
Stram : Of being alone(Night),with aversion to company. Fear of animals. Of being attacked. Of everything black.
Of brilliant objects. Of dark. Fear from delusions. Of being devoured by animals. Of doctors. That every thing is falling on her. Of fire and that things will catch fire. Of imaginary things. Of being injured. Of insanity. Of losing one’s sense. Of liquids with thirst. Of mirrors in room. Of the noise of rushing water.In processions. Of suffocation. Of tunnels.Of water.
Tab : < being alone at night. In a crowd.
Of impending disease. Of falling. That something will happen.
Of being murdered.In narrow place.After nausea.From noise.People of  solitude. Of work.

(I) Convulsions : ( Atro.,Bell., Dulc., Hyos., Mand., Sol.crl.,, Solin.,Stram.,Tab.)


  • Bell : One side with paralysis of the other.Right.Left.
  • Dulc : One side.
  • Stram : One side with paralysis of the other. of isolated group of muscles.
  • Aetiology & Aggrevation :
  • Atro : Peurperal.
  • Bell : Apopletic.In children.Cold aggrevates. Colic during. Cough during.Delivery during. Dentition during. Menses before or during. After mental exertion. During pain., convulsion renewed at every attack of pain.urperal.Sleep during.Touched when.
  • Hyos : Night. Delivery during. Eating after. eruptions suppressed. From excitement. Fright from. Heat during. Menses during. During pregnancy.Peurperal,with haemorrhage and shreiking.Sleep during.
  • : During pregnancy.
  • Stram : Evening and night. From anxiety. Apopletic.
  • Bright light from. In children. Cough during. Delerium tremens in. Delivery during.Dentition during. From suppressed discharges Frght from.Heat during. Light aggravation. From suppressed lochia.
  • Menses during.Mercurial vapours from. From strong odors.
  • Periodical.,every three weeks or every summer.Peurperal,with perspiration and fear. Shining objects from.Sleep during. On attempting to swallow. Water at sight of. Touched when.
  • Tab : Morning.
  • Begins in :
  • Bell : Arm.
  • Hyos : Face.

Aura :
Bell : Absent. Forearms in. Auditory disturbances.
Formication. Limbs in. Like a mouse running.Solar plexus.In stomach. Visual disturbance.
Hyos : Ear noises. Sparks before the eyes. Ravenous appetite. Stomach in. Vertigo. Visual disturbance.
Stram : Head from. Heel to occiput,right. Shreiking.

Concomitants :
Bell : With congestion of brain.With coldness of body or feet. With coldness of feet and hot head.Face bluish ,pale or red. Froth from mouth. Pupils dilated. Falling with,to right or left. Stretching out limbs during convulsions.
Hyos : With coldness of body.Face bluish.Froth from mouth. Involuntary urination.Shrieking.Grinding of teeth. Falling with.
Stram : With coldness of body. Biting tongue. Face red.
Shreiking. With hydrocephalus. With Hydrophobia.
Concomitants after convulsions :
Bell : Vomiting

Type :

  • Atro : Epileptic. Tetanic rigidity.
  • Bell : Tonic cramps.Clonic. tonic alternating  with clonic.
  • Consciousness without.Epileptic.Tetanic rigidity.
  • Dat.m : Epileptic.
  • Dulc : Clonic. Tetanic rigidity.
  • Hyos : Clonic.Consciousness without.Epileptic. Tetanic rigidity.
  • Sol.crl : Epileptic.tetanic rigidity.
  • : Epileptic.tetanic rigidity.
  • Solin : Tetanic rigidity.
  • Stram : Clonic. Clonic alternating with tonic.Consciousness with. Epileptic.
  • Tetanic rigidity.
  • Tab : Tonic cramps. Clonic.Clonic alternating with tonic.

Eyes :
(I) Dilated pupil:( Bell.,Caps.,Dat.m., Dulc.,Hyos., Mand.,,, Stram.)


(I) Dryness of mouth 🙁 Atro.,Bell.,caps., Dat.f.,Dulc., Hyos., Hyoscin.,, Stram., Tab. )
(II) Speech,stammering:( Atro., Bell.,Dulc., Hyos.,, Sol.t.,Stram. )
Stram : During dentition. Exerts himself a long time before he can utter a word.
Hyos : Pronouncing every word loudly.

Short remedies in brief  

Atropa mandragora :

  • Tincture of the plant without the root.
  • `Mandragora’ signifies injurious to cattle.
  • Great desire for sleep.
  • Exaggeration of sounds and enlarged vision.
  • Inactive bowels with white hard stools.
  • Pupils dilated.
  • Desire for dry rice.,meat.,and fish.
  • Fatty food aggravates.

Atropinum :

  • Gastric ulcer., Pancreatitis.
  • Right sided.
  • Mind : Spectral illusions; sees insects and crawling things and tries to catch them. when spoken to, often turns his head to opposite side.
  • Head : Headaches of epileptics.
  • Eye : Objects appears large.
  • Mouth : Difficulty of speech.
  • Stomach : Vomiting of food; after hot drinks;with severe sticking pain in umbilical region – > by vomiting.Region of stomach very sensitive. swelling in pyloric region.
  • Sleep : Disturbed by gastric pains.
  • General : Epilepsy from ovarian irritation.Hyperaesthesia of nerves. giddiness and staggering > motion.

Datura arborea :

  • Medicine is prepared from tincture of the flowers.
  • Strange feeling of pleasent and easy comfort and as if he scarcely touched earth with his feet,and had to gather ideas from afar,as if they were floating in the clouds.

Datura ferox : ( chinese datura )

  • Trituration of seeds or tincture of unripe fruits.
  • Raving madness.,Mania.,Delerium.
  • Dancing with music.
  • Dryness of mouth.

Datura metel : ( indian datura )

  • Trituration of seeds.
  • Delerium.,Mania .,Spasms.
  • Excessive timidity.
  • Extreme dilatation of pupil.
  • Picks at real or imaginary objects.

Hyoscyaminum :

  • Paralysis agitans from excessive use of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Delirium.Picking at objects.
  • Coma with vomiting.
  • Dryness of mouth.
  • Dilated pupil.

Solaninum : ( Obtained especially from dulcamera.)

  • Paralysis of lungs.
  • Respiration was slowed in inverse proportion to the increase
  • in the pulse rate.
  • Pupils slightly contracted.
  • Salivation.
  • Hyperaesthesia pf skin.

Solaninum aceticum :
Threatening paralysis of the lung in the course of bronchitis in the aged and children must cough a long time before    able to raise expectoration.

Solanum arrebenta:

  • Tincture of the leaves.
  • Apoplexy. Swelling of breasts, and glands.
  • Vertigo after bathing.
  • Urticaria.

Solanum carolinense :

  • Tincture of fresh ripe berries.
  • Epilepsy; Tetanus.
  • Convulsions and epilepsy. Twenty to fourty drop doses;is of great value in grand mal of idiopathic type,where disease has begun beyond the age of childhood;histero epilepsy.also in whooping cough.

Solanum mammosum :

  • Tincture of fresh ripe fruit.
  • Haemoptysis.
  • Effects of tobacco.
  • Great weariness and desire to sleep without ability to sleep.
  • Pain in left hip joint.

Solanum vesicarium :
Recommended in facial paralysis.

Solanum oleraceum :

  • Tincture of flowers.
  • Swelling of breasts with profuse effusion of milk.
  • Swelling of glands.
  • Leucorrhoea.,Stye .,Urticaria.
  • Cold feeling in left chest after drinking.

Solanum pseudo-capsicum :

  • Trituration or tincture of fruit.
  • Dilated pupils ., Somnolence.
  • Acute pains in lower abdomen.

Solanum tuberosum :

  • Tincture of the berries.tincture of green potatoes.
  • Pupils dilated. Vision indistinct.
  • Constantly spitting through the closed teeth, viscid, frothy, phlegm.
  • Speech thick.
  • Abdominal tunours.
  • Epigastrium sensitive to pressure.
  • Tumours round cervix uteri.

Solanum xanthocarpum :

  • Most important field of action is Respiratory system.
  • Asthma,Broncho-pneumonia.,hoarseness with cough.Respiratory affections with aphonia.
  • Retension of urine.Renal calculi.
  • A sure preventive for Small-pox.

Lycopersicum esculentum : (tomato)

  • Tincture of ripe fruits or fresh plant.
  • Right sided.
  • Deltoid rheumatism.Diabetes. Obesity.
  • Coryza < out of doors.

Mind :

  1. Thoghts disappear when leaning head against anything.
  2. Unusually active for short periods,followed by longer
  3. periods of dullness.
  4. Head :
  5. > from tobacco smoke.
  6. > leaning head against anything.
  7. Eye :
  8. Pupils minutely contracted.
  9. Neck and Back :
  10. Rheumatic pain near attachment of trapezius to spine.(R)
  11. Extremities :
  12. Sharp pain in deltoid and pectoral muscles.

Solanum nigrum :

  • Meningitis, Chronic intestinal toxaemia.
  • Head : Terrible headache and complete cessatiion of mental faculties.
  • Nose : Acute coryza.Profuse watery discharge from right nostril;left stopped up,with chilly sensation alternating with heat.
  • Eye : Alternate dilatation and contraction of pupils.

Nicotinum :
Alternate tonic and clonic spasms,followed by general realxation and trembling ; nausea,cold sweat and speedy collapse; head drawn back,contraction of eyelids and massater muscles ; muscles of neck and back rigid ; hissing respiration from spasm of laryngeal and bronchial muscles.

Scopolaminum hydrobromide :

  • Paralysis agitans.Tremor of disseminated sclerosis.
  • Sleeplessness and nervous agitation. Dry cough in phthisis.
  • Similar in its effects to alcohol,both recent and remote.
  • Corresponds to the effects of strong poisons introduced into or generated within the body. Symptoms of uraemia and acute nervous exhaustion. A remedy for shock. Third and fourth decimal trituration. In physiological dosage mania and chorea;insomnia.

Dr Satheesh Kumar P.K  BHMS,MD(Hom)
Medical Officer, Dept. of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kerala


  1. Solanum Nig,ME Douglass says whole body tetanic rigidity,TF Allen says hydrocephalous cries wrinkles around eyes,William Gentry says albuminous urine sudden frequent urge,Boericke summary hystero epileptic idiopathic grand mal,eclectics say frightful pain forehead and if painful occiput go for Naja.AH Grimmer said Solanum Integ specific for chronic a lay homeopath Solanum Nig will handle toxicity of brain and intestines.Naja is king brain stem palsy many go to singapore for stem cell therapy planting nerve neurons not costly but is artificial process homeopathy gift by nature.

  2. HYOS,toxicity brain is equal to subsultus tendinum twitching of muscles as in typhoid fever,allopaths route is tomography electroencephalogram found ok treat by azithromycin clonazepam, forget this route homeopaths treat based on subjective objective symptoms.toxic brain toxic blood causes tongue brown or red brown cracked even high fever cold extremities furious or low muttering eyes red staring muscular involuntary twitching,HYOS helps whatever may be name of disease.homeopathy route low cost natural healer should not be neglected.CM Boger said nosodes increase your power of resistance to fight disease,after acute typhoid is ove later even one dose of typhoidinum root out typhoid tendency.

  3. thank you so much sir . i found it very useful. iam a second year student of homoeopathy . i request ur guidence.

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