Some examples of doctrine of signatures among Homoeopathic drugs

Some examples of doctrine of signatures among Homoeopathic drugs:

1.  Pulsatilla– Movement of flowers–Changability of pulsatilla patient.

2.  Lachesis– Snake is restless suspicious & protrude tongue– Patient is also same.

3.  Chelidinium– Yellow juice– Useful for jaundice.

4.  Calcarea carb– Hard shell to protect the soft body– Patient is soft and needs protection.

5. Sanguinaria– Red color– Useful for bleeding.

6.  Cockroach– Lives in cracks, crevices, damp places– Useful for asthma of people living in damp basements and cellars.

7.  Digitalis– Blood colored dots on petals– Given for disorders of blood vessels.

8.  Euphrasia– Black spot in corolla looks like a pupil– Useful for eye complaints.

9.  Belladonna– Grows in soil rich in calcium carbonate– Hence calc carb is complimentary to belladonna.

10.  Tarentula hispania– Spiders comes out when drums are beaten– Given for patients who are sensitive to music.

11.  Hypericum– Has red juice– Used in hemorrhages.

12.  Bryonia– Root is fleshy, yellowish white, rough with a bitter taste– Patient is also fleshy with yellow white colored tongue, rough irritating temperament and has bitter taste.

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