Success Mantra for a successful homoeopathic prescribing

Tips and tricks for successful practice in Homoeopathy by Dr V Krishna Murthy

Published by Bjain Publishers New Delhi

Price : 325 INR

Pages : 612

Prof.VK Krishnamurthy – “the high potency single dose physician”- a versatile, senior and veteran homoeopath, revealing the secrets his forty two years successful homoeopathic practice to the homeopathic community through this book.

This book build a bridge between the theoretical knowledge and the real experience of a senior homoeopath – a real support to new generation doctors and practitioners – how to infuse theory into practice.

There are four sections in this book

  1. Overview on current trend in homoeopathy
  2. Practical tools
  3. Case presentations
  4. Materia medica of valuable and uncommon mind symptoms.

How to find out the similimum

  • While treating psychic cases give importance to mental symptoms
  • While treating physical symptoms, concentrate on mind symptoms
  • The more you keep away from diagnostic rubrics – the closer you to the similimum.
  • Keep in mind the age group symptoms while case taking , like menopause, puberty, old age etc.

Selection of potency

  • Do not use potencies below 10 m in snake remedies, metals and chemicals – even in acute diseases.
  • Relapses may occur in chronic cases while using 200th and lower potencies

When to repeat

  • If there are same symptoms, give next high potency of the same remedy
  • If new symptoms, give complimentary or remedies from relationship section

He also given some good examples on how to convert the patients symptoms into the language of the repertory – in the chapter Use of repertories

A detailed chapter on – how to cure epidemics with a single dose of homoeopathc remedies – that beautifully highlights the sure shot examples of cured cases in recent epidemics with single dose of high potency remedies.  The same chapter gives the specific remedies for specific epidemics since the time of Hahnemann.

Why does homoeopathy fails?
The WHO recognised homoeopathy as the second largest medical system in the world, but homoeopathy has been a victim of constant onslaught from various agencies and pharma companies. He highlight the importance of the need of further research in homoeopathy by saying :there is researcher and scientist in every one of us” – research in homoeopathy is not for research people alone, but to all practitioners and teachers.

Sections 2 gives practical tips on Mind symptoms, auto immune disorders, cancer, diabetes  to various diseases that we encounter in day to day practice.

This section also highlights some useful rubrics from the mind section.

This book by Krishnamurthy is a real support to new generation homoeopaths and practitioners.

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