Surgical case – a hope to patients

Dr Mangesh Deshmukh M.D 

The case shared demonstrates that a remedy having a strong affinity to a certain organ also has the potential to cure any disease affecting that organ/location, irrespective of aetiology.
The case shared attempts to share the depth and speed of action of Homoeopathic medicine and to demonstrate the role of homoeopathic remedies in surgical cases.

72 yrs/Male patient came for the second opinion as his surgeon suggested him meatotomy with optic internal urethrotomy having

  • Difficulty in passing urine with slow stream needs much straining
  • Incomplete evacuation/emptying since 10 days & the complaints was much increased since last 2 days
  • Frequent urination
  • Burning Micturation
  • Pain in hypogastrium

Investigations- 20 SEPT 2021
Ascending Urethrography [ASU]- e/o meatal stenosis with tight penobular urethra. Urine routine – Normal

Urethra- Hardness- Meatus of
Urethra -pain -burning
Urethra –pain-urination-during –agg-burning Bladder –urination –frequent


Prescription – Cannabis Sativa 30 TDS * 4 days. F/b Sac Lac TDS * 3 days.

Follow up after one week- patient started feeling better after 2nd dose. The next day there is much improvement in pain and burning.
Urine frequency was also reduced.
There is no sensation of incomplete bladder emptying

Stream improved over the period of time

Further, follow up- patient is still under follow up He has no complaints yet.

Dr Mangesh Deshmukh M.D 
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