The 8 Box Method of Rajan Sankaran-A Reproducible tool to find the Remedy

May 3-6, 2018
Dr Rajan Sankaran returns to San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, California for another inspiring 4 day seminar hosted by Synergy Homeopathic.
The 8 Box Method is one step further than the idea of Synergy. This is the latest and the most successful tool so far in Dr Rajan Sankaran’s development of the practice of Homeopathy. This method will be illustrated with several cases including pathological cases. The box method is based on the concept of Exactness and Completeness and includes all the tools and levels developed so far in a very harmonious way for getting the most consistent results in practice.
In this seminar Rajan will delve into the finer nuances of case taking and analysis. He will explore the idea of identifying the pattern that underlies the various aspects of the case, and how to translate such an understanding into a remedy. He will illustrate the subtleties of case taking.  As with the seminar in June 2017, he will do 2 live cases.
San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA.
DATE AND TIME : 05/03/18 9:00am – 05/06/18 5:00pm
Organised by Synergy Homeopathic | 11 Commercial Boulevard, Suite 1, Novato, CA 94949
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