Trios of Homeopathic Medicines

  1. Close view of homeopathic medications - containers and small white balls
    Close view of homeopathic medications – containers and small white balls

    Trio of Thirstlessness: Apis, Aethusa, Pulsatilla.

  2. Trio of Masturbation and Excessive venery: Nux vomica , Staphysagria , Bufo rana.
  3. Trio of Croup: Aconite, Spongia, Hepar sul.
  4. Trio of Restlessness: Arsenic, Aconite, Rhus tox.
  5. Trio of Pain: Aconite, Coffea, Chamomilla.
  6. Trio of Flatulence: Carbo veg, China, Lycopodium.
  7. Trio of Burns: Sulfur, Arsenicum album, Phosphorous.
  8. Trio of Condylomata: Thuja, Staphysagria, Nitric acid.
  9. Trio of Offensiveness: Kreosote, Merc sol, Baptisia.
  10. Trio of Cholera: Veratrum alb, Arsenic alb, Camphor.
  11. Trio of Sleepiness: Ant tart, Gelsimium, Nux mos.
  12. Trio of Offensive Urine: Benzoic acid, Nitric acid, Sepia.
  13. Trio of Homoeopathic Last Aid: Carbo veg, Arsenic alb, Muriatic acid.
  14. Trio of Paralysis: Causticum, Rhus tox, Sepia.
  15. Trio of Ptosis: Causticum, Gelsimium, Sepia.
  16. Trio of Prostration: Carbo veg, Arsenic alb, Muriatic acid.
  17. Trio of Hyper- aesthesia: Plumbum, China,Capsicum.
  18. Trio of Chronic Rheumatism: Causticum, Rhus tox, Sulphur.
  19. Trio of Warts: Causticum, Thuja, Dulcamara.
  20. Trio of Delirium: Belladonna, Hyoscyamus, Stramonium.
  21. Trio of Convulsions: Cuprum met, Cicuta virosa, Causticum.
  22. Trio of Liver Remedies: Chelidonim, Aur Mur, Leptandra Virginica.
  23. Trio of Anti-Scrofulous Remedies: Baryta Carb, Iodium, Bromium.
  24. Trio of Diarrhoea: Gambogia, Gratiola, Oleander.


  1. VERATRUM alb,agitated conscience forces one to rub his forehead,grandmothers used to tell fortune is written on forehead so rubs feeling of misfortune,green color painful urine,go to a homeopath do not wait for cholera or be busy.very pale urine numbness hand feet is kali phos give proper rest to mind.

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