Unique rubrics in Synthesis Adonis 2022

Unique rubrics in Synthesis Adonis 2022

Making your clinical practice more reliable and result-oriented

Dr Mansoor Ali KR

  Currently, no other repertory will give you this many useful and versatile rubrics and sub-rubrics making the work of homeopathic doctors easier and more reliable as per the needs of the advances in medical science. 

Synthesis Adonis is the successor of Synthesis Treasure Edition 2009V and is a major step forward, offering the fruits of over 12 years of work by Frederick Schroyens and RADAR team with the integration of the finest classical and contemporary sources

Repertory views have been thoroughly reviewed and completed with the new remedies and authors

  • Number of remedies: 3233
  • Number of symptoms with remedies: 153109
  • Author references: 1599

In all chapters, many pathological rubrics, and new rubrics in contemporary language have been added, suggesting inspiration for remedies in the case of a given pathology.

Online Symptom Notes provide additional explanations for a variety of symptoms

Book version of Adonis is currently not available. Available as a part of RADAR Opus software.

Here we will discuss some unique rubrics from different chapters of Synthesis Adonis 2022

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