University of Calicut quashed External MD

steth2Academic Council of University of Calicut today quashed External MD

A real blow on the face of External MD people
Academic Council of University of Calicut today unanimously quashed Faculty of Homoeopathy’s decision to equalize external MD with Regular MD of Homoeopathy and rejected the panel of examiners’ that has Dr Abdurahiman as the only PG examiner from Kerala. Ordered  to conduct the examination with previous panel.

With great surprise and utter disspointment, we have very recently learned that the Faculty of Homoeopathy of Calicut University in its very recent meeting has resolved to equalize regular PG degree and external PG degree in Homoeopathy. More than 90% members are ExternalMD holders in this faculty!!.The presence of only one teacher from Calicut University (Dr CT Anilakumari) who retires this month.All other members are from other Universities.

Academic council warned and criticized Homoeopathy Dean for these type of recommendations.

These issue was raised in a memorandum to Vice Chancellor of Calicut University  dated 19/06/2010 by the Post Graduate Teachers Association in Homoeopathy Kerala – AKHPTA and PG students.

The examination panel which was decided upon last month by this Faculty has included only Dr Abdurahman as the only examiner from Kerala State in Practice of Medicine & Pharmacy, him being an Organon of Medicine based academic expert. The rest all are from other states and this was an explicit discriminatory step from the Faculty disproving its intentions.

Since it is the time phase to nominate the new member to Central Council of Homoeopathy from Calicut University, we request  VC  to select one from the newly constituted Faculty of Homoeopathy who has at least 3 year academic service and has the efficiency to carry out the right mandates of the University at the Council with a greater academic insight and ability to foresee the future in Homoeopathic academic scenario.

Download Calicut University decision on External MD

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