UPSC Homoeopathy Medical Officer Exam paper 2017 with Answer Key

UPSC Homoeopathy Medical Officer Exam paper 2017 with Answer Key

CBRT Held on 1 7 – 12 – 2017(A/N)

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Answer Key to UPSC Homoeopathy MO Exam 2017 

Prepared by Dr Anil K
Author : Crack the Entrance
Chief Medical officer, BR Sur Homoeopathy Medical College. New Delhi

1. C 26.A 51.C 76.C 101.D 126.C
2.B 27.B 52.C 77.B 102.A 127.B
3.B 28.A 53.D 78.B 103.B 128.D
4.C 29.C 54.C 79.A 104.C 129.A
5.C 30.B 55.B 80.D 105.B 130.D
6.C 31.C 56.A 81.D 106.C 131.A
7.A 32.D 57.A 82.D 107.A 132.A
8.B 33.B 58.B 83.A 108.B 133.D
9.D 34.A 59.B 84.D 109.B 134.C
10.D 35.D 60.A 85.B 110.A 135.B
11.A 36.B 61.D 86.C 111.* 136.C
12.C 37.A 62.D 87.A 112.C 137.B
13.C 38.A 63.C 88.B 113.D 138.C
14.C 39.A 64.B 89.D 114.B 139.A
15.D 40.A 65.D 90.D 115.C 140.C
16.D 41.B 66.B 91.B 116.A 141.A
17.A 42.B 67.D 92.B 117.B 142.D
18.B 43.A 68.C 93.C 118.B 143.D
19.C 44.C 69.A 94.C 119.B 144.A
20.C 45.A 70.A 95.C 120.D 145.C
21.B 46.A 71.D 96.C 121.D 146.C
22.B 47.C 72.C 97AB 122.C 147.
23.C 48.B 73.A 98.C 123.C 148.C
24.D 49.C 74.C 99.A 124.A 149.C
25.D 50.D 75.D 100.A 125.A 150.D

111. No correct choice. Correct answer may by Metabolic alkalosis with paradoxical acidurea

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