Study of materia medica for competitive exams

exam26Dr Remya  L S

Vegetable analogues
Phos –Allium cepa Nat mur  -Ign
Cup met –Ipec Kali sulph -Dulc
Merc –Mez          Kali mur -Puls
Plumb met –Podophyllum
Platina –Valariana
Kali iod –Phytolaca
Mag phos –Cham
Alum –Bry
Sulph –Aloes ,Lyc
Fer met –China

  • Materia medica –Latin word
  • Homoeopathic anti –toxin –Diphtherinum
  • Homeopathic  anti –septic –Pyrogen
  • Chronic of Acon ,Aloes -Sulph
  • Makes the use of catheter unnecessary –Solidago
  • Often replaces the use of catheter –Thlaspi, Sabal ser
  • Eustachian catheter –Merc dulc
  • Aconite of C/c Ds –Alum
  • Aconite venous capillary system –Hamamelis 
  1. Never well since puberty -Puls
  2. Never well since change of life -Lach
  3. Never well since last miscarriage -Sulph
  4. Never well since that burn –Caust 
  • Acridity & Putridity -Kreos
  • A/c idiocy –Hell
  • C/c idiocy-Bar carb 

Well selected remedies fail to act in a/c disease –Sulph
Well selected remedies fail to act in c/c disease – Psor
Lack of vital heat in a/c Ds -Ledum
Lack of vital heat in c/c Ds – Sep

Authoritative works in mm
1)  Fragmenta de viribis medicamentorum postivis -1805 –latin -27 drugs –Leipsic –Hahnemann
2) Materia Medica Pura – 1811-1821 originally by –Hahnemann-“Reine Arznesmittellehre”6  vol. -latin

  • 1st-1811,2nd-1816,3rd-1817,4th-1818,5th-1819,6th-1821
  • Present edn translated by Dr.R.E.Dudgeon with annotations by Dr.Richard Hughes.
  • 2 vol   -1st-37 medicines ;2nd-30 medicines
  • Total -67 medicines
  • Medicines arranged alphabetically.2 grades –Bold[frequently occurring symps] & Ordinary

3) Chronic diseases –their peculiar nature &homoeopathic cure 

  • Originally 4 vol -Hahnemann
  • 1,2,3 vol -1828 ; 4th vol -1830
  • 1st –nature  & theory of c/c ds ; 2nd , 3rd,4th vol –MM part
  • Present C/C Ds -2 vol -1st –theoretical & 2nd –practical parts -48 med. 

4) Guiding symptoms of our MM –by –C.Hering

  • 10 vol -1879-1891,410 medicines
  • Dr.Hering –father of MM

5) Encyclopedia of pure MM –T.F.Allen

  • 12 vol   – 1874-  1039 med
  • 1-10 –MM ;11 &12 –index to MM /Repertory

 6) A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis –R. Hughes & J.P.Dake

  •  4 vol -304 medicines
  • 1st -1886, 2nd -1888, 3rd -1890,4th -1891 

Sources of drugs in Materia Medica

  • Vegetable Kingdom
  • Animal
  • Mineral
  • Nosodes – medicine prepared from diseased products               

Eg:- Psor,Tuber,Variolinum ,Bacill,Ambra     gr,Syphili,Diphth,Malandrinum,Lyssin,Med ,Vaccinum ,Sec cor ,Ustilago[veg nosodes] Nectrialinum –  from Ca trees 

  • Sarcodes –medicine prepared from healthy secretions
        Eg :- Adren,Cholest,Pancreatinum,Thyroidinum
  •  Imponderabilia – medicine   ppd from immaterial objects
        Eg:-X ray, Rad brom,SOL,Mag poli ambo ,M.P.   articus ,M.P.Australis, Electricity 

Vegetable kingdom

  • Compositae  -Abrot ,Arnica ,Calendula ,Cham ,Cina ,Eupat.perf ,Taraxacum – Largest vegetable family.
  • Ranunculaceae  -Acon ,Actea rac ,Helleborus ,Puls ,Ranunculus bulb ,Staphy ,Climatis ,Adonis ,Hydrastis
  • Solanaceae  -Bell ,Stram ,Hyos ,Caps ,Tabacum ,Dulc
  • Loganaceae  -Gels ,Nux vom , Ign ,Spig
  • Umbelliferae  -Aethusa cyn ,Cicuta ,Con mac,,Hydrocotyle ,Asafoetida
  • Liliaceae  -Allium cepa ,A. sativa ,Aloes ,Lil tig ,Colch,Sabadilla,Helonias
  • Papaveraceae –Chel ,Opium ,Sang
  • Melanthaceae  -Ver alb ,Ver virid
  • Rubiaceae  -Coffea ,Cinchona ,Ipec
  • Ericaceae  -Kalmia ,Ledum ,Rhodo
  • Leguminaceae –Bapt ,Physostigma, Melilotus
  • Beriberidaceae  -Beriberis ,Caulo, Podo
  • Urticaceae  -Cann ind ,Cann sat
  • Scrophularaceae –Dig ,Euphr
  • Cucurbitaceae  -Bry ,Colocynth
  • Anacardiaceae –Anac ,Rhus
  • Coniferaceae –Sabina ,Thuja
  • Smilaceae –Saras ,Trillium pend
  • Araceae –Arum tri ,Caladium
  • Polygonaceae –Rheum ,Rumex
  • Polygalaceae –Ratanhia
  • Rutaceae –Ruta grav ,Xanthoxyllum
  • Cruciferae –Thlaspi bursa ,Raphanus
  • Lauraceae –Camph
  • Euphorbiaceae –Crot tig ,Acalypha ind
  • Myristicaceae –Nux mosch
  • Lycopodiaceae –Lyc
  • Thymelaceae –Mez
  • Valarianaceae –Valarianum
  • Verbanaceae –Agnus castus
  • Sapindaceae –Aesculus
  • Hypericaceae –Hyper
  • Hamamelidaceae –Hamamelis
  • Iridaceae –Crocus sat ,Iris vers
  • Liniaceae –Coca
  • Menispermiaceae –Cocculus ind
  • Phytolacaceae –Phyt
  • Primulaceae –Cyclamen
  • Labiatae –Collins ,Teucrium
  • Apocynaceae –Apocynum ,Aspidosperma
  • Borraginaceae –Symphytum ,Onosm
  • Lobeliaceae –Lobelia
  • Caprifoliaceae –Sambucus,Vib op
  • Droseraceae –Drosera
  • Equisetaceae –Equis
  • Verbanaceae –Agnus castus
  • Violaceae –Viola tricolor.
  • Aristolochiaceae –Asarum europ
  • Lichen –Sticta pulm


  • Bov ,Agar ,Sec cor 

Animal kingdom

  • All  ‘Lac’ ppns –eg –Lac defl , Lac can ,Lac fel ,Lac vaccinum
  • Moschus ,Mephites,Bufo etc……
  • Crot hor –Rattle snake –Crotalidae
  • Lachesis –Surukuku snake –Ophidae
  • Naja –Cobra –Elapidae
  • Asterias rubens –Star fish -Radiata
  • Murex –A mollusk –muricidae
  • Tarentula hisp  &  -Araneidae
  • Tarentula  cub
  • Cantharis –Cantharidae
  • Spong –Roasted sponge  

Mineral kingdom

  • HgCl 2 –Merc cor
  • Merc –Quick silver As2O3 –Ars –white oxide of Ars
  • HgCl –Merc dulc ,Calomel Bi2O3(OH) -Bism
  • Hg2I2 –Merc Iiod flavus Borax –Biborate of Soda
  • HgI2 –Merc –I Tinctura acris sine Kali -Caust
  • Black oxide –Merc –Hahnemann’s soluble Mercury
  • HF –Flour acid
  • HgSO4 –Merc sul
  • distillation of wood tar -Kreos
  • Al2O3 –Alum Suphuret of lime -Hep
  • Sa2S3 –Ant crud –Sulphide of Antimony
  • Mineral Spring water –Sanicula
  • C3H5(NO2)O3 –Glon ,Nitroglycerine
  • HCl –Mur acid
  • Arsenite of lime –Calc ars
  • Oil of Turpentine –Teribinth
  • Silicic oxide –Sil
  • Coal /Rock oil –Petroleum (anthracite)
  • CH3COOH –Acet acid
  • C7H6O2 –Benz acid
  • H3PO4 –Phos acid
  • C2H2O2 –Ox acid
  • C6H5OH –Carb  acid
  • C6H6O3 –Lact acid
  • C6H2(NO2)3OH –Pic acid


  • Bry –Rhus& Lach –Lyc ,Hepar, Nitr ac
  • Apis –Nat mur Cham –Bell
  • Calend –Hepar,Sal ac
  • Carb veg –Kali carb Puls –K. mur,Sil,
  • Lyc  ;;Colocynth -Merc
  • Lyc –Iod Nitr ac –Ars,Calad
  • Ferrum met –Cinch ,Alum
  • Mag carb –Cham
  • Stan met,Sulph ac -Puls
  • Dulc –Kali sulph,Bar carb
  • Graph –Caust ,Hepar,Lyc
  • Arn –Acon, Hyp ,Rhust
  • Nux vom -Sulph
  • Phos –Ars –isomorphic
  • Ipec –Cup met
  • Psor –Sulph ,Tuber
  • Iod –Rhust,Lyc,Brom
  • Caust –Carb veg ,Petros
  • Petrol -Sep
  • Ant crud –Squilla Aethusa –Calc carb
  • Bar carb –Conium Trillium pend –Calc phos
  • Hepar –Calend Thuja –Med,Sab ,Sil
  • Chel –Bry,Lyc Carb an –Calc carb ,Phos
  • Saras –Merc,Sep    Dros –Nux vom
  • Sil –Thuja ,Sanicula
  • Sep –Nat mur
  • Flour ac –Coca,Sil Zinc met -Ign
  • Rheum –Mag carb
  • Rhust –Bry ,Calc flour
  • Ars –Allium sat,Pyr,Phos,Carbveg
  • Sabina –Thuja
  • Allium cepa-Puls,Phos,Thuja
  • Calc phos –Ruta,Trillium 


  • Apis -Rhust
  • Nux vom –Zinc met
  • Amm carb –Lach
  • Selenium -Cinchona
  • Carb veg -Kreosote
  • Ranunculus –Staphy ,Sulph
  • Sepia –Lach [Puls –Never altered]
  • Phyt –Merc sol
  • Zinc met –Cham,Nux
  • Arum tr-Caladium 


  • Merc sol –Sil
  • Borax –Acetic ac,vinegar,wine
  • Phos -Caust
  • Coffea –Caust,Canth,Cocculus,Ign
  • Ign –Coffea,Nux,Tab
  • Bar carb -Calc
  • Dulc –Bell,Lach,Acetic ac
  • Lach-Acetic ac,Carb ac
  • Cinch –Dig ,Sel

Antidotes of tobacco abuse are  :

  • Excessive nausea & vomiting –Ipec
  • Bad effects of tobacco chewing –Ars
  • For  gastric complaints  next morning after smoking –Nux vom
  • Palpitation, tobacco heart ,sexual weakness –Phos
  • For annoying hiccough from tobacco chewing –Ign
  • Tobacco toothache –Clem , Plant
  • Neuralgic affections of Rt. Side of the  face ;dyspepsia;c/c nervousness ,esp. in sedentary occupations –Sep
  • For impotence ,spasms,cold sweat from excessive smoking –Lyc
  • Occipital headache & vertigo from excessive use, esp. smoking –Gels
  • Tabacum  potentized (200/1000) to  relieve terrible craving when discontinuing use. 


  1. Termini of nerves became so irritated & sensitive that some kind of friction was necessary to obtain relief. –Tarentula
  2. Is recommended as  a prophylactic in malarial & African  fevers.-Terebinth
  3. In scrofulosis  where the best chosen remedies  fail to relieve –Theridion
  4. “In rachitis,caries,necrosis ,it apparently goes to the root  of the evil & destroys the cause –Dr.Baruch”-Ther
  5. Theridion follows well after –Calc ,Lyc
  6. Phthisis florida, often effects a cure if given in the early stages of disease -Ther
  7. “On blowing the nose, a pressing pain in the hollow tooth or at the side of it (Culex)”-Boenninghausen –Thuja
  8. Thuja  –    Follows well after –Med,Merc,Nit ac
  9. ——- is preferable for warts on the prepuce -Cinnabaris
  10. ——- to fatten the Pts. Cured with Tub.-Hydrastis
  11. ——  for a/c attacks , congestive  or inflammatory , occurring in tubercular diseases-Bell
  12. When Psor ,Sulph  or the best selected remedy fails to > or permanently  improve –Tub
  13. Follows Psor as a constitutional remedy in hay fever ,asthma -Tub
  14. For the abuse of chamomile tea- Valer
  15. For pain in the heels –Agar ,Caust,Cyclam,Led,Mang,Phyt
  16. Variolinum –Pus from small pox pustule
  17. Often removes bad effects of excessive use of alcohol & tobacco –Ver alb
  18. After Camph in cholera & cholera morbus –Ver alb
  19. After Amm carb ,Carb veg & Bov in dysmenorhea with vomiting  & purging –Ver alb
  20. Should  not be given simply to ‘bring  down the pulse’ or ‘control the heart’s action’ ,but like any other remedy for the totality of the symptoms –Ver vir
  21. Is followed well by Ign ,but not by Nux, which disagrees –Zinc met
  22. When the best selected remedy fails to > or permanently improve  in syphilitic affection –Syphilinum
  23. Fissure in anus & rectum ,prolapse of rectum ; obstinate  cases with a syphilitic history –Syphilinum
  24. Follows well after Arn , for pricking pain & soreness of periosteum  remaining after an injury –Symphytum
  25. In contusion & laceration of soft parts it vies with Calend –Sulph ac
  26. Follows well after Arn with bruised pain ,livid skin & profuse sweat ; after ,Ledum in ecchymosis –Sulph  ac
  27. Ailments from brandy drinking –Sulph ac
  28. ——– 1 part with  3 parts of alcohol , 10- 15 drops , 3 times daily for 3-4 days ,has been successfully used  to subdue the craving for liquor –Hering –Sulph  ac
  29. ——- should not be used before Sulph -Calc
  30. Ailments from abuse of metals generally –Sulph
  31. ——- is the c/c of Acon & follows  it well in pneumonia & other  a/c diseases –Sulph
  32. Menorrhagia, has not well since her last miscarriage “A single dose at new moon”-Lippe -Sulph
  33. Acts best in goiter when given after full moon or when the moon is waning –Lippe –Iod
  34. Should not be given during lying –in period ,except in high potencies –Iod
  35. Will bring on the menses ,when Nat mur ,though apparently indicated ,fails –Kali carb
  36. “Persons suffering from ulceration of lungs  can scarcely get well without this anti-psoric” – Hahnemann- Kali carb
  37. —– is followed well by Ars ,Phos ,Sulph in Ca & disease of a malignant tendency –Kreos
  38. It follows Spig  well in heart disease -Kalm
  39. After  over action, from repeated  doses of Bell in whooping cough –Stram
  40. In metrorrhagia from retained placenta with characteristic delirium ,Sec often acts promptly when ———– has failed –Stram
  41. Cognates – Sulph ,Calc ,Lyc   ;  Sulph ,Saras , Sep
  42. Cognates –  Puls,Colocynth ,Staph ;   Caust,Colocynth ,Staph ;   Puls,Sil,Flor ac
  43. Sulph   –  Compatible – Calc,Lyc ,Puls,Saras, Sep
  44. Stannum follows after —– & followed by Calc,Phos,Sil,Sulph,Tub -Caust
  45. Frequently called after abuse of mercury –Sarasaparilla
  46. It antidotes mental effects of over use of tobacco  ,in Pts.of sedentary habits who suffer from over mental exertion –Sep
  47. Many symps. ,esp. those of head ,heart, & pelvis are < & > by rest & exercise –Sep
  48. Sep should not be alternated with —-Puls
  49. —-  Frequently indicated after –Sil ,Sulph
  50. Itch checked by mercurials / Sulph  often requires –Selenium
  51. Follows well after Calad, Nat,Staph,Phos ac, in sexual weakness -Selenium
  52. Cinnamon in pp h/ge ;it increases labour pains,controls profuse /dangerous flooding ,is always safe ,while —— is always dangerous.— Ergot
  53. Similar to Ars  ,but cold & heat are opposite –Sec cor
  54. Silicia  follows well after –calc, Graph,Hepar,Nitr ac,Phos
  55. Silicia  followed well by –Hepar,flour ac, Sep, Lyc
  56. As a dynamic remedy for narcosis of Opium –Sang
  57. After Bell in scarlatina -Sang
  58. After Arn ,it hasten the curative process in the jts., after Symph , in  injuries of bones –Ruta
  59. —— often quickly > itching & burning of Rhus , the vesicles drying up in a few days –Sepia
  60. Rhus is best antidoted by the ——— – similimum
  61. Follows Bry & Ran bulb well in pleuricy & has cured after Acon & Bry failed  -Sabadilla
  62. After Hepar in furuncle; after Acon & Bry in pleuricy ,when a pressing sensation remains in affected side impending respiration –Abrot
  63. Follows well after Opium in bad effects of fright -Sambucus
  64. Sabina   follows —— in codylomata & sycotic affection -Thuja
  65. May be given after abuse of Magnesia, with/  without rhubarb ,if stools are sour –Rheum
  66. Homoeopathic dynamic anti –septic –Pyr
  67. Ailments from abuse of chamomile, quinine , mercury,tea drinking ,Sulph –Puls
  68. Pts. Anaemic or chlorotic ,who have taken much iron,quinine  & tonics, even years before -Puls
  69. After Arn in traumatic affections of ovaries –Psor
  70. After   Lactic ac in vomiting of pregnancy -,,
  71. Sulph follows — well in mammary cancer –Psor
  72. “Whether derived from purest gold or purest filth ,our gratitude for its excellent service forbids us to inquire or care” – P.B Bell-––Psor
  73.  ——– Removes bad effects of Iodine & excessive use of  table salt –Phos
  74. Hahneman says: “Acts most beneficially when the Pt suffers from c/c loose stool / diarrhea” -Phos
  75. Cold air > the head & face  symps. But , those of chest ,throat & neck –Phos
  76. ——acts well before or after Cinch in colliquative sweats, diarrhea ,debility :after Nux in faiting after a meal – P hos ac
  77. The skin symps are < in winter ,>in summer ; if suppressed , causes diarrhea -Petrol
  78. When symps correspond , the potencies may antidote bad effects of Opium drugging –Opium
  79. “Persistent diarrhea in those Tted  with large doses  of the drug” –Lippe –Opium
  80. “—— renders the intestines  so sluggish that the most active  purgatives lose their power” –Hering -Opium
  81. In Stram we have suppression ; while in —-,the secretion  is not diminished, the bladder is full but fullness is unrecognised .-Opium
  82. —–should be given on retiring / several hrs. before going to bed ; it acts best during repose of mind &body –Nux vom
  83. ——– antidotes  mercurial inhalation , lead colic , oil of turpentine ,spirituous liquors, & esp.the effects of bad beers –Nux mosch
  84. In intermittent fever —— follows Lach well when the type changes .-Nat mur
  85. Probably no remedy in the MM presents  a more valuable pathogenesis in symp of the throat / one that will better repay a careful study –Lac can
  86. For the bad effects of drunkars in people with light hair ,blue eyes ,florid complexion ,corpulent, Lob bears the same relation that —– does to  persons of the opposite temperament. – Nux vom
  87. Bad effects of onions , bread, wine,spirituous liquors ,tobacco smoking & chewing –Lyc
  88. It is rarely advisable to begin the Tt.of a c/c  disease with Lyc unless clearly indicated ,it is better to give first another anti –psoric—Lyc
  89. The burning feet of Sulph &restless fidgety legs  & feet of Zinc are both found at the same time in —– -Med
  90. Ailments from sugar, insect stings,vapors of Ars /Cu –Merc
  91. For bad effects of large doses  / too frequent repetition of Merc –Mez
  92. When it acts well it produces a profuse, watery diarrhea  withb  great > to the Pt. ;it is as imp. as   Ars  in hydrothorax –Merc sulph
  93. Epidemic occurring in Jan & Feb often call for –Mez
  94. Cures muscular weakness following  excessive use of Opium & tobacco –Mur ac
  95. In vertigo & headache be very persistent / prostration be prolonged after  Natrum ——— > -Nux
  96. Should never be given during fever paroxysm –Nat mur
  97. Can’t often be repeated in c/c disease without an intercurrent , called for by the symps –Nat mur
  98. Relieves ailments  resulting from abuse  of mercury , esp. if there be erythrism ;bad effects of repeated doses of Dig –Nit  ac
  99. In wounds where formerly Acon & Arn were given alternately ——  cures –Hyper
  100. There are more Ign Persons in N .America than Nux vom Pts. –Hering
  101. Often curative after Eugenia jam in acne –Kali brom
  102. —– often cures lasciviousness  when Hyos fails – Phos
  103. Follows Bell well in deafness after apoplexy –Hyos
  104. Complementary to Calend in injuries to soft parts –Hepar
  105.  ——–antidotes  bad effects of mercury & other metals ,iodine, iodide of potash ,cod liver oil; renders Pts.less susceptible to atm. changes & cold air –Hepar
  106. Bad effects of Ign are antidoted by –Puls
  107. Is followed well by Ars in influenza,chills,croup,debility,cholera infantum ;by Ant tart in foreign bodies in larynx –Ipec
  108. After Canth / Carb ac has removed the scrapings , in dysentery –Kali bich
  109. After Iod in croup when hoarse  cough ,with tough membrane , general weakness  & coldness are present;  Calc in a/c /c/c nasal catarrh –Kali bich
  110. —- Follows Kali bich well in catarrhal affections & skin diseases –Ant tart
  111. Unless indicated by exciting cause, is nearly always  injurious in 1st  stages of typhoid fever -Acon
  112. Rarely indicated in fevers which bring out eruption –Acon
  113. Complementary to Coffea in fever sleeplessness, intolerance to pain; to Arn in Traumatism; to Sulph  in all cases.-Acon
  114. ——— Should not be given simply to control the fever , never alternated for that purpose .If it be  a case requiring —–  will cure the case.- Acon
  115. ——antidotes Carb ac.-Cider vinegar
  116. It antidotes anaesthetic vapors; fumes of charcoal & gas ;Opium & Stram-Acetic acid
  117. Follows well after Cinch in H/ge ;after Dig in dropsy –Acetic acid
  118. It < the symps of Arn, Bell,  lach ,Merc; esp. the  headache from Bell –Acetic acid
  119. Hahnemann says “Whenever —– is chosen homoeopathically ,you must ,above all ,observe the moral symps, & be careful that it closely resembles them; the anguish of mind & body;the restlessness; the disquiet not to be allayed.” -Acon
  120. The more profuse the flow the greater will  be the suffering –Actea racemosa
  121. After Collins has improved in piles , ——- often cures –Aesculus
  122. Useful after Nux & Sulph  have improved , but failed to cure piles –Aesculus
  123. Calad & Selen follow well after ——–in weakness of sexual organs or impotence –Agnus castus
  124. “Efficacious when feet rubbed sore” –Dioscorides –Allium cepa
  125. Allium cepa-    Compatible  before –Calc ,Sil in polypus
  126. Like Sulph in many c/c diseases with abdominal plethora & congestion of portal circulation ;develops suppressed eruptions –Aloes
  127. —– is  one of the chief antidotes for lead poisoning ;painter’s colic ; ailments from lead –Alumina
  128.  ,, follows- Bry ,Lach,sulph
  129. It antidotes poisoning with Rhus & stings of insects  -Amm carb
  130. Often palliative in incurable cases ; very imp. as regards euthanasia –Amyl nit
  131. Puerperal convulsions immediately after delivery –Amyl nit
  132. Acts promptly by inhalation ;resuscitates persons sinking under anesthetics –Amyl nit
  133. Profound & repeated yawning – Amyl nit ,Kali carb
  134. Crude drug chiefly palliative ;must be repeated as Pt. becomes accustomed to it; is curative in the stronger higher potencies – Amyl nit
  135. Anac follows well after – Lyc ,Puls
  136. Anacardium  follows & is followed well by- Plat
  137. When Ars / best selected remedies fail to > the burning pain of carbuncle / malignant ulceration -Anthracinum
  138. —— in the terrible pains of Ca , carbuncle,/ erysipelas when Ars / Anthr fail to > -Euphorbinum
  139. Ant crud- follows well after –Puls,Merc ,Sulph
  140. When lungs seems to fail, Pt  becomes sleepy , cough declines /ceases  ; it supplants Ipec –Ant tart
  141. For bad effects of vaccination when Thuja fails & Sil not indicated – Ant tart
  142. Before Sil in dyspnea from foreign  bodies in the larynx / trachea ;Puls in suppressed gonorrhea ; Tereb  from damp basements –
  143. In spring & autumn ,when damp weather commences ,coughs of children get worse -,,
  144. Children not easily impressed when Ant tart  seems indicated in coughs require –Hepar
  145. Has cured scarlatina albuminuria after  Canth, Dig, Hell. failed –Apis
  146. —– has cured bad cases of general dropsy  after  Apis, Apoc, & Dig failed –Haynes –Blatta  orientalis
  147. ——— for bad effects of cauterizing with nitrate of silver –Arg nit
  148. Coffea increase nervous headache-,,
  149. Boys complaints after using tobacco –Arg nit, Ars ,Ver
  150. The 200 /1M potency in watery  solution as a topical application in ophthalmia neonatarum has > when crude  silver nitrate has failed –Arg nit
  151. In ailments from spirituous liquors / from charcoal vapors  -Arn ,Amm carb ,Bov
  152. Arn –  follows well after –Acon ,Apis, Ham, Ipec ,Ver
  153. Arnica is followed well by – Sulph ac
  154. Ailments from chewing tobacco , alcoholism , sea bathing , sausage poisoning, dissecting wounds & anthrax poison , stings of venomous insects –Ars
  155. Useful  after  Hepar &  Nit ac  in dry, hoarse , croupy  cough ; after  Caust  &
  156. Hepar in morning hoarseness & deafness & in scarlatina –Arum tr
  157. Over sensitiveness  nerves , scratching of linen / silk ,crackling of paper is unbearable -Asarum
  158. Cold air / cold water very pleasant to the eyes ; sunshine , light, & wind intolerable,
  159. Aurum follows & is followed well by  ——- -Syphilinum
  160. When Arn has been improperly given / too frequently rptd in typhod /typhus -Bapt
  161. After Bar carb ,—– will often eradicate the constitutional tendency to quinsy -Psor
  162. Useful after  Colch fails in gout ; after abuse of suppression of gonorrhea –Benz ac
  163. Enuresis after  Nitr has failed -,,
  164. Benz ac –Incompatible –Wine , which <   urinary ,gouty, & rheumatic affections.
  165. Borax –           ,,          -Acetic ac , wine ,vinegar
  166. When Rhus seems indicated , but fails to cure , in c/c urticaria –Bov
  167. —— antidotes , effects of local application of tar, suffocation from gas -Bov
  168. Hard goiter cured after Iod failed -Brom
  169. “The chief distinction b/w Brom  & Iod is  the former cures blue –eyed  & the latter  the black eyed Pts” –Hering .
  170. —- has cured in croup after failure of Iod ,Phos, Hepar, Spong; esp. in relapses after Iod –Brom
  171. Destroys craving for tobacco-Calad
  172. Was 1st used as a tobacco antidote –Coca
  173. Prevents caries of teeth –Coca
  174. Follows well after Conium in lymphatic , psoric /tubercular persons –Calc ars
  175. Calc acts best before –Lyc,Nux, Phos ,Sil
  176.      ,,  follows  -Nitr ac, Puls, Sulph ( esp. if the pupils dilated ) ; is followed by , Kali bich in nasal catarrh
  177. “Calc must not be used before  Nitr ac  & Sulph ;may produce unnecessary complications”- Hahnemann
  178. In children it may be often rptd , in aged people  should not be rptd ; esp. if the 1st dose benefited , it will  usually do harm –Calc carb
  179. Calc phos –acts best before – Iod, Psor, Sanic,Sulph
  180. Calc Phos acts after – Ars, Iod, Tub
  181. The burning pain & intolerable urging to urinate  is the red strand of this remedy -Canth
  182. Acts  as well in potency as in Q ,applied locally ,&  may be administered internally at the same time- Calend
  183. ———– is almost specific for clean ,surgical cuts / lacerated wounds , to prevent excessive suppuration -Calend
  184. In all case of loss of soft  parts when union can’t be effected by means of adhesive plaster – Calend
  185. All sequelae of measles -Camph
  186. —–  antidotes nearly every veg. medicine ; also tobacco, fruits containing prussic acid , poisonous mushrooms ; should not be allowed in the sick room in its crude form –Camph
  187. “All our progress as school depends on the right view of the symps obtained by proving with Camph &——-Opium”-Hering
  188. Cina follows well in intermittent fever -Caps
  189. The constricting ,burning , smarting pains differentiate from Apis & Bell -Caps
  190. —— is useful after bad effects from spoiled fish & decayed veg .-Carb an
  191. Want of susceptibility to well selected remedies –Carb veg,Opium ,Valar
  192. The potencies are made with alcohol –Carb ac
  193. Similar to labor pains of Puls , but mental condition opposite -Caulo
  194. Sep , “moth patches” & reflex symps from uterine  irregularities -,,
  195. ———– antidotes paralysis from lead poisoning ,bad effects of holding type in mouth of compositors  & abuse of Merc /Sulph in scabies -Caust
  196. Caust  -Incompatible –Phos, coffea,acids
  197. Mental calmness contra indicate ——- – Cham
  198. In cases spoiled by the use of Opium /morphine in complaints of children -Cham
  199. Complementary –Bell in diseases of children ,cranial nerves ; Cham ,abd. Nerves
  200. —— antidotes abuse of Bry  esp. in hepatic complaints -Chel
  201. Ars ,Lyc & Sulph follow well & will often be required to complete cure -Chel
  202. In pertussis after Dros has > the severe  symps –Cina
  203. Has cured aphonia from exposure when Acon,Phos & Spong had failed -Cina
  204. Is frequently to be thought of in children ,as an epidemic remedy ,when adults require other drugs –Cina
  205. —— sometimes cures in worm effections when Cina seems indicated ,but fails – Santonine
  206. Useful in bad effects from excessive tea drinking / abuse of chamomile tea , when h/ge results –Cinch
  207. Physical exertion ,even much walking brings on abscess in some part , but generally Rt. ear –Carb acid –R.T .Cooper
  208. Small boils in any part of the body ; esp. n external auditory canal –Picric acid
  209. Cinch –   Follows well – Calc phos in hydrocephaloid
  210. Has cured umbilical hernia  with obstinate constipation , after Nux failed -Cocculus
  211. When fever assumes a slow ,sneaking nervous form , with vertigo ; with disposition to anger -Cocculus
  212. Often cures dropsy after Apis & Ars fail -Colch
  213. Has cured colic after Col & Nux had failed -Collinsonia
  214. In heart Ds complicating with haemorrhoids  consult ——— when Cac, dig & other remedies fail -Collins
  215. Rt . sided sciatica -Gnaphalium
  216. The ‘Balm of Gilead’ for diseases of old maids & women during & after climacteric –Con mac
  217. Con mac is followed well by ——- in tumors of mammae with threatening malignancy -Psor
  218. Pts . requiring ——– often improve from wine / stimulants , though persons susceptible to it can’t take alcoholic stimulants when in health –Con mac
  219. Psor Pt. will not iprove while taking –Coffee
  220. In Lach , skin is cold &  clammy ; in Crotalus ——– -cold & dry.
  221.  —— antidotes  the direct action of Dig & increases the anxiety -Cinch
  222. Often  > the constant distressing night cough in T.B -Dros
  223. Hahnemann says –MM Pura –“ 1 single dose  of the 30th  potency is sufficient to cure entirely  epidemic whooping cough. The cure takes place surely b/w 7 & 8 days. Never give a 2nd dose immediately after  the 1st ; it would not only prevent  the good effect of the former , but would be injurious”. -Dros
  224. Eup per is followed well by –Nat mur,Sep
  225. ——– is the nearest analogue , having free sweat, but pains keep Pt. quiet ; while
  226. Eup has scanty sweat & pains make Pt. restless -Bry
  227. Should never be given in syphilis ; always < the condition –Fer met
  228. Follows well after Ars in ascites of drunkards ; after Kali carb in hip Ds ; after
  229. Coffea , Staph in sensitive teeth ; after Phos ac in Diabetes ; after Spong in goiter –Flour acid
  230. After Calc in obesity of young women with large amount of unhealthy adipose tissue ; follows Sulph well in skin affections ; after Sep in gushing leucorrhea -Graph
  231. Hearing confused ,can’t tell  from what  direction the sound comes –Carb an
  232. Want of breath in athletics ,shortness of breath in oldage –Coca
  233. Dyspnea ,Pt. can breath only by standing –Cann sat
  234. Great weakness & loss of  breath on going upstairs –Calc ,Iod ,Amm carb
  235. Dyspnea can inhale ,but no power to exhale –Samb ,Med
  236. Least thing coming near nose interfere with breathing –Lach
  237. All irritating things –salt ,wine ,pepper etc .produces cough –Alum
  238. Cough during pregnancy –Con mac ,Kali brom ,Apocynum ,Caust,Nux mosch
  239. Violent cough in spasmodic paroxysms with eructations –Ambra gr
  240. Laughing excites cough –Arg met ,Stan met ,Dros ,Phos
  241. With every cough there escapes a vol . of pungent ,foetid air –Caps
  242. Lumps of mucus fly from the mouth during cough –Chel ,Kali carb ,Badiago
  243. Cough only during daytime –Euphr ,Fer met ,Staphy
  244. Cough only during   night – Petroleum
  245. Cough returns every winter – Psor
  246. Cough deep , & hollow  like coughing in a barrel – Med
  247. Cough  has a gurgling sound as if water  was poured  from the bottle –Cup met
  248. Cough on going from warm to cold air –Phos [Cold to warm air –Bry ]
  249. Dyspnea >lying down –Kali bich [X Ars ,Grind ,Lach ,Aral]
  250. Expectoration profuse  like egg white  -Stan met
  251. Expectoration salty –Stan met ,Kali iod ,Phos ,Sep ,Ambra
  252. Expectoration bitter –Nux vom ,Puls
  253. Cough < undressing –Hepar ,Rumex
  254. Saliva tough , ropy  viscid & froathy in mouth  & throat with constant spitting –Lyssin ,Hydrastis
  255. Cough in single paroxysm –Calc carb
  256.          ,,           2       ,,        -Merc sol ,Puls
  257.          ,,           3       ,,        -Stan met,Cup met
  258. Heart trubles from reflex symp. Of uterus / ovaries –Actea rac
  259. Sensn as if heart is suspended by a thread –Lach ,Kali carb
  260. Palpitation <least physical exertion –Iod ,Dig
  261. Palpitation    <  ,,      mental    ,,        – Lith carb,Calc ars
  262. Palpitation   violent while lying on Lt. side –Tab (> lying on Rt. Side) ,Lac can
  263. Sensn of coldness abt . the heart –Petr, Carb an ,Nat mur ,Kali mur
  264. Hypertrophy of heart from gymnastics in  growing boys  –Brom
  265. Hypertrophy of heart calesthenics in young girls –Caust
  266. Angina pectoris ,intense throbbing of the heart  & carotids –Bell ,Glon ,Amyl nit
  267. Irritating ,dry sympathetic cough of organic heart disease –Naja , Spong
  268. Pulse increases suddenly & decreases gradually below normal  -Ver virid
  269. Menstrual irregularities & irritable heart –Lil tig
  270. Can’t walk in uneven ground –Lil tig
  271. Afraid of sharp,pointed things –Spig
  272. Pin mania –Sil
  273. Naturally of sweet disposition , now in the borderland of insanity –Tub
  274. Can’t get asleep unless the legs are crossed –Rhod
  275. Can’t sleep lying on back –Acetic acid ,Amm carb
  276. Feels > while lying on back –Ars
  277. C/C blue condn; every thing seems so dark;that it can grow no darker –Lac can  ,Lyc ,Puls
  278. “———– is chiefly successful with persons of an ardent character ; of an  irritable , impatient temperament, disposed to anger, spite/ deception” –Hahnemann –Nux vom
  279. Pain in Lt. floating ribs -Theridion
  280. Aversion to sweets & ice creams –Rad. bromide
  281. Aversion to sweets  – Graphites
  282. Sensation of thoracic constriction  & anguish –Adrenalin
  283. Thirsty in dropsy ;thirstless in fever –Acetic acid
  284. Nausea > eating –Lith carb
  285. Epidemic spleen diseases of cattle, horses & sheep –Anthracinum 


Abrotanum  -Southernwood  Bapt – wild indigo
Aconite –Monkshood Collinsonia –stone root
 Actea racemosa –Cimicifuga ,Black cohoshCaulophyllum –Blue cohoshActia spicata –Bane berry Kalm–mountain laurel                                                     Crocus sat –saffronColch –Meadow saffronLedum –Marsh tea
Abies Canadensis –Hemlock spruceAbies nigra –Black spruce Dros –sundewTaraxacum -dandelion
Arnica –Leoperd’s bane                                                    Hyos –Henbane                                                                  Rheum–rhubarb                                          Colocynth–sqirtingcucumber Liltig–tiger lily  Apis –poison of honey bee
Bell –Deadly night shade Rumex –yellow dock Rhododendron–snowrose Melilotus –sweet cloverDulc –Bitter sweetMenyanthus –Buck bean
Cicuta –water hemlockCon mac –poison hemlock Lobelia inflata  -Indian tobaccoApocynum ,Cann ind –Indian HempCann sat –Hemp
Lyco –club moss /wolf’s foot; Arum triphyllum –Indian turnip
Anac –Marking nut Caladium –American arum
Nux vom –poison nutRhus–pioson oak& Ign –St .Ignatius ;
Nuxmos –nutmegSang –blood rootSpigelia –pink root Hyper –St. John’s wort               Staphy –stavestcreDios –Wild yam
 Phyt –poke rootHydrastis –orange root /golden sealAsarum europ –European snake root Physostigma –calaber bean Opium –poppy
China –Peruvianbark Sambucus -elder Sanicula –mineral spring water
Aethusa–fool’sparsley Petrosel-parsley Ranunculus–buttercup Agaricus –toad stool
Calend –mariegold Podo –May apple /Veg. Mercury Bovista –puff ball
Gels–yellowjasmineStram –thorn apple Trillium–Wakerobin Sec cor –ergot /spurred rye
Puls–windflower/anemone /weather cock Hamam –Witch hazel Thalaspi/Capsella–shepherd’spurse Ustilago –corn smut
Helleborus–ChristmasroseEquis –scouring rush Cina–wormseed Canth – Spanish flies
Cactus –night blooming cereusVeralb–Whitehellebore Symph -comfrey Helonius–unicornplant
Ver virid –American ,, /green hellebore Theridion–orangespider Tarent hisp –Spanish spider
Millefolium –yarrowThuja –arbor vitae/ tree of life / white cidarSaras –wild liquorice

Spong –roasted Lachesis –Surukuku snake poison

Caps–cayeneepepper Tarent cuben –Cuban ,,Tarent hisp –Spanish spider,,  cubensis –Cuban  ,,

Sulph –Brimstone

Naja –cobra Coca –Divine plant of Incas                   Mygale –Black Cuban spider
Asterias rubens -starfishSepia –cuttle fishMurex –Purple fish Oxalic acid –sorrel acidPicric cacid -trinitrophenol


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