Webinar by Farokh Master on Understanding the rubrics of Mind

Mind symptoms have always been a puzzle. Each person has a unique way of expressing his symptoms of mind and body. During case taking one of your female patient says, “I don’t like the way my husband and kids behave with me.” What is the core emotion in her sentence? Is it sad, depressive, loneliness, anger or anything else? Which is the exact rubric will you find in a homeopathic repertory for the state of her mind?
It is time to clear the confusion and save from the dilemma; Enlightenment Education is hosting a Live Webinar on ‘Understanding the Rubrics of Mind, Delusions and Dreams’ by well renowned Homeopathic practitioner and Teacher Dr. Farokh Master on 6th October, 2017.
Converting the patient language into rubrics has been herculean task for all homoeopaths. Dr. Farokh Master will share his experience of 38 years to make this simple. Most of the global speakers in homoeopathy have been Dr. Farokh Master’s students at one stage or the other stage during their professional homoeopathic education.
The highlights of this webinar are:

  • Once registered you can watch it anytime.
  • You can watch it any number of times and revise your knowledge and get practical guidance to create a wonderful learning experience which can be put into practice immediately.

The topics covered by him would be:

  • Perceiving the human mind.
  • Converting mind symptoms and emotions to rubric language.
  • Deciphering the mind rubrics.
  • Understanding delusions.
  • Understanding dreams.
  • Examples to understand rubrics better.
  • Related cases of Dr. Farokh Master.

The movement you convert patient language into repertory rubrics 75% of your work is being done. So next you hear the patients’ narration of their symptoms it will be easy to convert them into rubrics of mind. Evolve the understanding of the patient by reaching from the symptoms to the expressions and finally interpreting them into language of repertory – rubrics.
When: 6th Oct, 2017
Time: 6:30am IST (GMT +5:30)
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