West Bengal Homoeopaths can prescribe Allopathy Medicines

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Sad news from West Bengal...After Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh…Westbengal is also on its way to degrade Homoeopathy.

Read this GO…that contain some funny things also.

As per the GO No. HF/)/AYUSH/911/1A-44/2011 dt 6th Feb 2014 by the Ayush Branch of Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal  Ayush doctors can prescribe allopathy medicines.

In 2011, Govt. of West Bengal appointed a committee, the report of the committee was in favor of Allopathy medicine prescription by Ayush Doctors.

Govt. of West Bengal issued the following orders

  1. Ayush doctors may prescribe all the medicines which are included in various National Programmes However they cannot prescribe 22 medicines which are included in National Cancer Programme. 
  2. Ayush doctors cannot prescribe medicines of Ayurved & Allopaths or Ayurved and Homoeopath or Homoeopaths & Allopath simultaneously. 
  3. Specific list of medicines which can be prescribed by AYUSH Doctors will be prepared by the state Govt. and those medicines can be prescribed by Ayush doctors only after prescribed training. 

Download the GO by WB Government

CCH is against inclusion of Allopathy Pharmacology in BHMS Syllabus
The Central Council ratified the minutes of the meeting of Education Committee which have not been discussed elsewhere. In respect of Item No. 5 of the said minutes there has been a long debate wherein the members representing the States of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Punjab, West Bengal, U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Tamilnadu did not agree for the inclusion of allopathic pharmacology in the syllabus of BHMS Course, and the Council with majority decided accordingly
Source: http://www.cchindia.com/minutes-of-cch.htm

Homeopaths can prescribe allopathy in National Programmes – Clinical establishment act
“There was a question raised by a member pointing out that many of the AYUSH doctors are prescribing allopathic medicines which is against the Supreme Court guidelines and same should be included in the minimum standards.

The Chairman pointed out that wherever the AYUSH doctors are working under a National programme, they may  prescribe the medicines given under that programme.
Source : http://clinicalestablishments.nic.in/WriteReadData/280.pdf

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“Ayush doctors cannot prescribe medicines of Ayurved & Allopaths or Ayurved and Homoeopath or Homoeopaths & Allopath simultaneously” – as per the GO. So ultimately they will become allopaths or Homoeopaths!!

Homeopathy in India – started its journey in Calcutta
John Martin Honigberger has learned homoeopathy in Paris in 1835.  He practiced homoeopathy for some years in Calcutta up to 1860. He was called famous “ Cholera doctor”

In Nov. 1851, a Native Homoeopathic Hospital and free dispensary was started at Calcutta under the patronage of the honorable Sir John Hunter Little, Dy. Governor of Bengal and President of the council of India.

Rajendra Lal Dutta (Father of Indian Homoeopathy) was popularly known as Babu Rajen Dutta belongs to a scholar family of Bengal and for sometimes he studied in Calcutta Medical College

Dr. Mahendralal Sirkar helped in establishing homoeopathy in India. He has obtained M.D. degree from Calcutta University. Dr. R. L. Dutta had converted Dr. M. L. Sirkar to homoeopathy. He was basically an allopathic physician, but after reading some books on homoeopathy he got interest in the subject. After seeing the efficacy of homoeopathic medicine with Rajen babu, he became a member of homoeopathic society.

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  2. acording to your notification NO HF/O/AYUSH/650?1A dated 1.09.2117 is true or not,please intimate me via E-mail,thanks with regards,amit ranjan maitra

  3. May I know ghe details of the bridge course under MUHS,nashik needed to prescribe allopathic medicines for a homoeopathic physician???plz let me knw asap.
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