Will homeopathy be the next victim of Big Pharma’s greed?

Medicine mafiyaHomeopathy is the kind of medical treatment that gives Big Pharma executives nightmares.

It’s cheap and easy to find. It has a 200-year track record of delivering results without side effects.

Now, after years of homeopathy nipping at Big Pharma’s heels – and its margins – the drug companies and the FDA are getting ready to bite back.

No, these meetings were held to see whether the FDA should dramatically increase the number of regulatory hoops homeopathic medicines should jump through before they end up on store shelves. These meetings are part of a process by which the FDA will decide whether to bankrupt the industry and take away your access to homeopathic medicines.

The FDA says that when it last looked, homeopathy was a “multi-million dollar industry.” Now it’s grown to be a “multi-billion dollar” one.

At the two-day meetings, the FDA even invited an anti-homeopathy group and a professor who is an outspoken critic of the medicines to speak. You can bet the drug companies are behind the scenes pushing for these new requirements – and they’re pushing hard.

Big Pharma is even lining up its allies in the medical community to spread the same old, tired nonsense about homeopathy. You know, about how the heavily diluted plant and mineral ingredients in homeopathic remedies can’t possibly be effective.

Read more at :  https://hsionline.com/2015/05/05/enforcement-on-homeopathy/

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  1. Homoeopathy is Medicina futura , the reaction of Big Pharma is natural for their survival, from few ears the Homoeopathic pharmaceuticals is getting eroded by following the Allopathic way of making patents for making fast money, Be Cautious. Homoeopaths

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