A short Group Study of HALOGEN Family

Dr.Anju Chaudhary

Members of the family

Diathesis  – Scrofulous.

Miasm – Anti Syphilitic, Anti Tubercular, Anti Cancerous.

Constitution  – Lean, thin, emaciated with a typical cachexic look. 


Ailments From :

  • Summer;
  • Warmth. 

Thermal Reaction: Hot.

Tendency  to affect glands.

  • Lymphatic  glands  hypertrophied.
  • Endocrine  glands affected e.g. Iodium – goitre.
  • Bromium –  Toxic goitre. Hypo or hyper functioning of glands.
  • Sexual  glands :- Hypo functioning and atrophy of  ovaries,testes etc.
  • Primary  / Secondary sterility. e.g.:  infantile  uterus  ; azoospermia etc. 

Hollow organs affected:

  • Respiratory tract,
  • Intestines,
  • Uterus,
  • Heart etc.  
  • Tendency to spasms – Spasmodic affections of respiratory tract. 
  • Marked affinity for all mucous membranes. 
  • Also affinity for bones & hair.
  • Bones –  Deformities, tumors, etc.
  • Hair – Hairfall etc. 

Highly acrid discharges : Discharges burn the parts on which they flow Producing


  • then congestion
  • then ulceration
  • then malignancy 
  • Slow onset of disease.
  • Sluggish torpidity.
  • Therefore halogens useful  in chronic diseases. 
  • Highly irritant. Destroy fibrin present in blood, leading to haemorrhages. 

Tendency to pseudo membrane formation. 

Oedematous conditions. esp. cardiac dropsy.


  • < Night,
  • < Heat.

Dr.Anju Chaudhary.  BHMS (Delhi University)

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