Ammonium group (NH4) Homeopathy Medicines

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  • Ammonium is only occasionally taken in and then almost completely synthesized in liver to urea.
  • Only traces of salts escape synthesis and circulate in blood.

Physiological role:

  • Role in phase of excretion.
  • Buffering of urine with a sparing of alkali.
  • Its liberated in decomposition accompanying muscle and nerve activity.
  • This process is irreversible and results in weakening and paralyzing effects of muscles and nerves under the influence of ammonia.
  • Ammonia develops in erythrocytosis.
  • Excess of metabolic end product damage the erythrocytes.
  • Excess of ammonia is expelled through respiratory system, involvement of mucous membrane of respiratory passages is important.

Important remedies:

  • Ammonium Acet.
  • Ammonium Benz.
  • Ammonium Brom.
  • Ammonium Carb.
  • Ammonium Caust
  • Ammonium Iod.
  • Ammonium Mur.
  • Ammonium Phos.
  • Ammonium Picric
  • Ammonium Valer.

Sphere of action:

  • Blood (Scorbutis, Uraemia, Carbonized    blood)
  • Heart
  • Mucous Membrane (Nose, throat, lungs, Larynx )
  • Skin ( Erythema, Scarlatina)
  • Nervous system (Peripheral, Central) 


  • Shows labored croupy breathing. Weak action of heart.
  • Slow manner of reaction/defective power of reaction.
  • Relaxed fibers. Always tired and fatigued, tendency to corpulency
  • Fat/Initially, later Emaciation
  • Bloated/Relaxable Fibres. Corpulence tendency
  • Tired/Fatigued. Slow, defective reaction
  • Hydrogenoid
  • Chilly 

Clinical conditions:
Septic/Scorbutis, Uraemia/carbonized blood, Erythema/Scarlitina, Muscle weakness, Paralysis, Raised BP & Sweat, Bleeding/Ulceration, Cold/sinusitis, Lung Problems, Emphysema, Heart and Stomach, Sciatica, Inflm.of Joints, Contractures.


  • Rancor, Grudge, Resentment, Anger, Aggression, Hate/Critical
  • Close Minded, Reserved, Disappointment, Gloom/Bitterness, Idealism

Antagonized by:

Ver Vir/digitalis, Aconite/cold, Cardiac sedatives

Action favored by:

Heat/Opium/iodine, Valeriana/asafetida, Alcohol


Acidums, Ign, Natrums, Nitricums, Inflm.of of Muscles, Inflm.of of RT Central vasomotor

Collapse, Prolong anesthesia, Ammonia intoxication

Physical features:

  • Desires: Coffee, Alcohol, Sweet, Sour,
  • Aversion: Meat, potato
  • <3hr, lying, Exhaustion
  • Discharge: Acrid, yellow water


  • Disappointment, Accompanied by bitterness and gloom.
  • Darkness or depression of mind.
  • Sullen, dejected.
  • Discontented, thoughts of frustration.
  • Disappointments caused by too much idealism.
  • Believe in envisioning the things as they should be or according to preconceived standards.
  • Overlook negative sides.
  • Over critical, Attempting to live in accordance with their own ideas.
  • Understanding feelings of ammoniums is like taking breath in ammonia, face gets distorted in disgust and starts back in horror.
  • Anger, Aggression,Hate
  • Extreme feeling of dislike.
  • Animosity -This is expressed in morose, ill humored, gloomy, hatred, malicious or suppressed anger.
  • Critics – Leads to cynicism.
  • Sarcastic, Close minded, Keep anger inside. Reserved ness.
  • Restrain their feelings.

General features: 

  • Inflammation of mucus membranes.
  • Inflammation of respiratory passages.
  • Vasomotor collapse
  • Expectorant
  • Act on PNS and CNS producing ammonia intoxication and long maintained muscle weakness.
  • Complete paralysis of lower extremities.
  • Central exciting action on blood pressure and sweat production.
  • Septic and scorbutic states with tendency to bleeding.
  • Desires for coffee, chocolates, sweet, sour, and tobacco.
  • Aversion to meat, potatoes, and alcohol.

General modalities:

  • Aggravation: Bathing, Stretching, Cold,  potatoes, Open air, 3 A.M
  • Amelioration: Lying, Eating

Clinical applications:

  • Biting and caustic nature of complaints.
  • Discharges burning, acrid, yellow, watery, and leads to ulceration.
  • Bright redness, swelling, burning of skin and mucus membranes.
  • Exhaustion
  • Cold, sinusitis, lung troubles, emphysema.
  • Heart troubles, stomach complaints.
  • Sciatica, inflammation of joints, contractures.


  • Antagonized by Verat vir, Digitalis, Aconite, cold.
  • Action favored by heat, opium, iodine, valeriana, asafoetida, and alcohol.

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