Carcinosinum – A brief Study

Sujit K R Sharma

Cancer is that dreaded phenomenon which has haunted mankind since a long time.Thanks to homoeopathy which has extracted the curative principles from the obnoxious products of this disorder.

Carcinosinum or carcinosin is a cancer nosode of a very deep acting nature and its efficacy is also at par excellence.Carcinosin has shown its efficacy by helping some the difficult & stubborn cases. Although, many practioners have admitted the marvelous results obtained by carcinosin but the available text of it is not much extensive.

The credit for bringing carcinosin into lime light goes to Dr. W. lees Templeton & Dr. Donald M. Foubister.

Dr. Templeton was the dean of the faculty of homoeopathy and director of provings at Royal London Homoeopthic Hospital. He carried out a proving of carcinosin in around 1952-53 by dividing provers into two groups. Group- I ,consisted 4 provers & 4 controls,Group-II consisted 5 provers & 4 controls.The drug was proved in 30 and 200 potencies.

Dr. Foubister was physician in charge of children’s department at the same institute. He observed two children born to a mother who was suffering from carcinoma of breast. Both these children shared similar characteristics like café-au-lait appearance,blue sclerotics,numerous moles over body and both suffered from insomnia.So,out  of curiosity foubister investigated 200 cases in his OPD,  of kids with similar appearance for a history of cancer & found that there was a strong family history of cancer, diabetes mellitus and tuberculosis.

The report of Templeton’s proving & the results of Foubister’s clinical findings were published in the british homoeopathic journal in April 1954.vol.43,i.e in the same issue.

The original source of carcinosin preparation is not known but some authors suggests, it was a preparation from carcinoma of the breast, of which most of the symptomatology is procured.

So, the symptomatology of carcinosin can be divided into:(i) Symptoms of proving-by dr. templeton (ii) Clinical symptoms-most of the symptoms available today are clinical symptoms.

Prescribing criteria for carcinosin can be summarized as follows:

  • Café-au-lait appearance(coffee with milk appearance)
  • Numerous moles all over the body
  • Blue sclerotic (bluishness of sclera)
  • Tendency to insomnia
  • A family history of cancer, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis
  • Absence of any of the childhood diseases is a strong keynote.
  • When there is a partial indication of two or many more medicines but no one is covering the full case.
  • There can be a desire or aversion for salt ,milk egg , fat, fruits
  • There can be a marked aggravation or amelioration  at seaside OR from hot or cold
  • Genu pectoral position during sleep
  • Aggravation from undressing(cough,skin)
  • Amelioration after a short sleep

To explain the contrasting modalities ,desires & aversions of carcinosin frank w. gruber has explained a cycle of carcinosin which demonstrates how the modalities,desires & aversions changes as the patient passes from one phase to another of this cycle. I found this cycle interesting & informative.

Regarding its indication in case of cancer, according to dr. Foubister the farther a case is from actual cancer, the more closer it is to carcinosin.

So, this nosode has got a lot of potential & a lot more virtues to be discovered by extensive provings & clinical verifications. Despite this, carcinosin is gaining its importance day by day in the armamentarium of more and more homoeopaths.

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