Comparison of rubrics in Kent TPB & BBCR

A comparative study of important rubrics in Kent’s Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica with Therapeutic Pocket book and Boger Boenninghausen’s repertory. 


  1. Anthropophobia   – fear of people
  2. Kryptomania- dishonest, deceit
  3. Defiant- openly or boldly resisting
  4. Execrations- hate coupled with disgust
  5. Ferocity- violently cruel
  6. Frivolous- silly and light minded
  7. Mortification- something causing shame or humiliation
  8. Pensive- thinking deeply or seriously often of sad or melancholy things
  9. Presentiments- feeling of something of an unfortunate or evil nature is about to take place
  10. Profanity- showing disrespect or contempt for sacred things
  11. Punctilious- very careful about every detail of behavior
  12. Pyromania- mania to set things on fire
  13. Skeptical- not easily convinced
  14. Supplication- making humble request
  15. Surly- bad tempered
  16. Tedium ennui- boredom
  17. Siesta- a brief nap or sleep taken after noon meal
  18. Mentagra- barbers itch
  19. Eye teeth- canine
  20. Noma- gangrenous stomatitis
  21. Throat and gullet is given as subchapter of mouth
  22. Gluttony- habit of eating too much beyond capacity
  23. Tart- sour acid taste
  24. Podagra – gout especially of big toe
  25. Ischias antica- sciatica
  26. Algidity- chilly patient
  27. Sphacelus- gangrene
  28. Sudoral fever-  (febris heloides)fever with excessive perspiration

Download the comparative chart :

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