Everything First in Kerala on Homoeopathy

teach6Prepared by Dr. Ravi M. Nair
In the field of Homoeopathy, its development in health care, education, research and popularity among the masses, Kerala can blissfully boast of a series of Firsts in India that can be uniquely observed in the following :

1. The first State (erstwhile Travancore) to recognise Homoeopathy officially as an authenticated and approved system of medicine in 1928.
2. The first State in establishing a Homoeopathic Dispensary in the public sector (1957).
3. The first State to adopt a policy to promote Homoeopathy on par with other systems of medicine viz., Allopathy and Ayurveda by starting one Homoeopathic dispensary each in every Panchayat (1968).
4. The first State to start ESI dispensaries and hospital in Homoeopathy under a Homoeopath as its Dy. Director.
5. The first State to establish Homoeopathic Clinics in the State Secretariat and Legislator Complex
6. The first State to introduce Homoeopathy in Prisons
7. The first State to provide health care facilities through Homoeopathy to the Pilgrims – Haj, Shabari Mala etc..
8. The first State in establishing a 50 bedded Homoeopathic Hospital in the public sector (1960).
9. The first State to establish Hospitals in all its Districts
10. The only State to have the maximum number of Hospital beds.
11. The only State to have the maximum number of Para Medical staff in the field of Homoeopathy
12. The first State in forming separate Directorate for Homoeopathy with a Homoeopath as the Director (1973).
13. The first State to have District Medical Officer in all its Districts
14. The first State to start a Homoeopathic Pharmacy (manufacturing unit) under co-operative sector shared by the State Govt. (1974).
15. The first State in providing clinical facilities in Govt. Homoeo Hospitals for giving training to students of Homoeopathy (1960).
16. The first State in establishing Degree College in Homoeopathy (1975).
17. The first State to admit Students in degree courses through Common Entrance Examination

18. The first State to fix the minimum qualification for teachers as a degree or its equivalent in Homoeopathic degree colleges – 1983.
19. The only State where the external degrees – BHMS & MD (Hom) are not recognised for the teaching profession.
20. The first State to form separate Faculty of Homoeopathy with Board of Studies in all the three general Universities. (1976 – 1984).
21. The first State to start regular P.G. course in Homoeopathy (1990 – 1991)
22. The first and the only one State in India to set up a P.G. Board of Studies in the University of Kerala for Homoeopathy (1995).
23. The first State to separate homoeopathic education from the Dept. of Homoeopathic health services (1981).
24. The first State to grant stipend to internees in Homoeopathy and to give parity in internship allowance / P.G. allowance with that of allopathy and ayurveda students.
25. The first State to implement the direct payment system to all employees of the private Homoeopathic Medical Colleges on par with their counterparts in Govt. Colleges (in 1995)
26. The first State to sanction the AICTE scale of pay to the teaching faculty of homoeopathic medical colleges in 1997.
27. The first State to wind up Diploma course in Homoeopathy (1989)
28. The first State giving all the service benefits with full salary to the Teachers during the entire period of higher studies in Homoeopathy(1992)
29. The only State to have a Homoeopath as the Controller of Exams of the Health University- KUHS
30. The first and the only State having a Central Research Institute in Homoeopathy under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India.
31. The first and the only State having a Mental Hospital in Homoeopathy
32. The first State to form an Epidemic Control Cell (RAECH) at State level in Homoeopathy (2005)
33. The first State to undertake School Health Programme ‘Jyothirgamaya’ in Homoeopathy
34. The only State to face stiff antagonism from the other Systems of Medicine
35. The only State which Celebrated Bi-centenary of Homoeopathy (1990-96) for popularising it
36. The only State to conduct enormous number of CME programmes
37. The only State having active Organisations in different fields of Homoeopathy

38. The first state to start Gender based health care under Homoeopathy.
39. People can locate the nearest homeo dispensary through department of homeopathy website
40. First state in which all 5 homeopathy Colleges are Govt. aided

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