Guide lines for CHME in Kerala

teacher8Guide lines for Conducting and Approving Continuing Homeopathic Medical Education (CHME) in Kerala
Approved by the Council of Homeopathic Medicine. Govt. of Kerala

I. Now medical science just as any other branch of science is growing very fast than ever before. Here continuing Medical Education turns to a felt need to update the knowledge of practicing doctors. Imparting new knowledge and skills evolved through years in medicine to the profession in a systemic manner is possible only through Continuing Education Programme. And also practicing medicine without improving the efficiency becomes a very difficult task to individual doctors. So C.H.M.E. is highly essential in Homeopathy.

II.  Keeping in this view it is decided that a Registered Practitioner shall undergo 30 hours of C.H.M.E. Programme within a time frame consecutive 5 years to renew the registration in the Travancore-Cochin Homoeopathic Medical Council.  Anyhow attendance of C.H.M.E. is not necessary for those practitioners who have attained  the age of 65 years and above.]

III. Organizations/Institutions competent to conduct  CHME
To regulate and standardize the programme and to avoid exploitation by non—accredited agencies it is decided that the programs conducted by the following Organisations/Institutions are accredited by the Travancore-Cochin Council of Homoeopathic Medicine to impart CH.M.E.

1. Programmes organized/sponsored /funded by Department of Ayush, Government of Indi a.

2. Programmes organized/sponsored by CCRH, Government of India.

3. Programmes organized/sponsored by CCH, New Delhi.

4. Programmes organized/sponsored by H&FWD, Government of Kerala.

5. Programmes organized/sponsored by Department of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kcrala.

6. Programmes  organized/sponsored by Homeopathic Medical Colleges in the State

7. Programmes organized/sponsored/funded by Medical or other Universities in the State.

8. Programmes conducted by Homoeopathic Professional Organisations of qualified doctors in the State or National Organization having functional slate branch such as institution of Homeopaths of  Kerala (IHK) and Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA).

9.Programmes conducted by competent institutions in the State such as Sree Chithira Center for Medical Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Regional Cancer Center (R.C.C.), Thiruvananthapuram. Rajeev Gandhi Institute of  Bio Medical Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Institute of Management in Kerala. Government of Kerala (Programmes dealing with medicine in general or homeopathy in particular) or any other institution/Agency found to be  competent by the Medical Council at each time.

10. Programmes organized or supported by RAECH, Department of Homoeopathy. Government of Kerala.

11. Programmes organized by KGOA, Arogya kendram. Thiruvanathapuram

IV. The institution / Organisation which organize CHME should inform the Travancore – Cochin Medical Council of Homeopathic Medicine sufficiently early to get appropriate sanction from the council. Any one or more of the council members should attend, supervise and monitor the CHME programme.

V. Time Frame
1. Any residential workshop for one day should be counted as 10 hours CHME.

2. A full day programme from 9.30 A.M. to 4.30 PM with one hour lunch break would be counted as 5 hours CHME or other wise 6 hours continuous programs within an agreeable time frame.

3. Half day programme  from 10 AM. to 1.30 PM with a half an hour break would  be counted as 3 hours CHME  or other wise 3 hours continuous programme within an agreeable time frame.

4. Any programme starts from 9.30 AM to 11.30 A.M. would be counted 2 hours CHME or other wise 2 hours continuous programme within an agreeable time frame.

5. Any Organisation/ Institution in the accredited list could conduct such full day, half day or 2 hours programs as State level, Zonal level or District level.  But any two such programs within one year of each organization would be counted as CHME for renewal of registration.

VI. Certificates
To renew the registration, a registered medical practitioner of Homoeopathy should submit the certificates for 30 hours CHME within 5 years obtained from any one or more of the accredited institution /Organisation which have the approval of the Travancore-Council of  Homoeopathic Medicine.

I. Tue certificate should contain the subjects along with the name and signature of the faculty/faculties. If a group of faculties presenting one subject, the name and signature of prime facility alone is necessary. If the subjects are different, subject wise name and signature of the different faculties shall be included in the certificate.

2. Certificate should have the name and signature of the President and General Secretary or name and signature of any other person delegated by the Organisation/ Institution.

3. Time frame and duration along with date and  venue should be noted at the top of the certificate.

VII. The Institution/Organisation should furnish a list of participants/delegates with their signature and Travancore—Cochin Medical Council Registration number to the Council  immediately alter conclusion of the CHME programme.

VIII. Financial assistance from the Council for CHME programme should be limited to one time grant in a year to Homoeo Medical Colleges and Department of  Homoeopathy subject to availability of fund and decision by the Council.

Travancore Cochin Council for Homeopathic Medicine
Govt. of Kerala
Date : 28.02.2008

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