List of antagonistic Homoeopathic remedies

List of antagonistic Homoeopathic remedies 

Dr Tejashree M

Antagonism is hostility that results in active resistance, opposition or contentiousness1.

The English word antagonist comes from Greek word ‘antagonistes’ – “opponent, competitor, villain, enemy, rival” which is derived from anti-(“against”) and agonizesthai (“to contend for a prize”)2.       

Antagonist is a substance that acts against and blocks an action3.

Dr.Hahnemann mentions about antagonistic remedies in $ 61 of  6th edition of Organon of medicine.

$61  “ Had physicians been capable of reflecting on the sad results of the antagonistic employment of medicines, they had long since discovered the grand truth, THAT THE TRUE RADICAL HEALING ART MUST BE FOUND IN THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF SUCH AN ANTIPATHIC TREATMENT OF THE SYMPTOMS OF THE DISEASE; they would have become convinced, that as a medicinal action antagonistic to the symptoms of the disease (an antipathically employed medicine) is followed by only transient relief, and after that is passed by invariable aggravation, the converse of that procedure, the homoeopathic employment of medicine according to the similarity of symptoms, must effect a permanent and perfect cure, if at the same time the opposite of their large doses, the most minute doses, are exhibited. But neither the obvious aggravation that ensued from their antipathic treatment, nor the fact that no physician ever effected a permanent cure of the disease of considerable or of long standing unless some

Homoeopathic medicinal agent was accidentally a chief ingredient in its prescription nor yet the circumstances that all the rapid and perfect cure that nature ever performed($46). Were always effected by supervention upon the old disease of one of a similar character ever thought them during such a long series of century, this truth, the knowledge of which can alone conduce to the benefit of the sick4.

List of  Antagonistic Homoeopathic remedies5 :

  • Acetic acid should not be used or followed with Borax; Causticum; Nux vomica;  Ranunculus bulbous; Sarsaparilla.
  • Ammonium carbonate should not be used or followed with Lachesis.
  • Apis should not be used or followed with Rhus toxicodendron.
  • Belladonna should not be used or followed with Dulcamara.
  • Benzoic acid should not be used with Copaiva.
  • Camphor should not be used with Kali nitricum
  • Cantharis should not be used with Coffea.
  • Carbo veg does not work with Kreosote.
  • Causticum should not be used with Acetic acid; Coffea; Colocynthis; Kali nitricum;        Nux vomica; Phosphorous.
  • Chamomilla should not be used with Zinc.
  • China should not be used with Digitalis; Selenium.
  • Cocculus should not be used with Coffea.
  • Coffea should not be used with Cantharis; Causticum; Cocculus; Colocynthis; Ignatia.
  • Dulcamara should not be used with Belladonna; Lachesis.
  • Ignatia should not be used with Coffea; Nux vomica.
  • Ipecacuanha should not be used with China; Opium.
  • Kali nitricum should not be used with Camphor; Causticum; Ranunculus bulb.
  • Lachesis should not be used with Amm. carb; Dulcamara; Nitric acid; Sepia.
  • Lycopodium should not be used with Nux moschata.
  • Mercurius should not be used with Lachesis; Silicea.
  • Nitric acid should not be used with Lachesis.
  • Nux moschata should not be used with Lycopodium; Nux vomica; Pulsatilla; Rhus toxicodendron; Silicea; Squilla.
  • Nux vomica should not be used with; Causticum; Ignatia; Nux moschata; Zinc.
  • Phosphorous should not be used with Causticum.
  • Pulsatilla should not be used with Nux moschata.
  • Sarsaparilla should not be used with Acetic acid.
  • Selenium should not be used with China.
  • Sepia should not be used with Lachesis.
  • Silicea should not be used with Mercurius; Nux moschata.
  • Sulphur should not be used with Nux moschata
  • Zincum should not be used with Chamomilla; Nux vomica.


  • FARRINGTON  HARVEY.  Antagonistic remedies. Homoeopathy and homoeopathic prescribing. New Delhi; B.Jain publishers(p)Ltd; 1989.P.261          

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  1. every remedy has own symptoms,Nash rejected incompatible thesis.LACHESIS blood destruction make it dark purple sign of septic gangrene type low grade chronic inflammation somewhere reflected as dry red tongue plus during sleep vascular control weak blood rush to head seen as burn heat and pressure vertex when awakes headache when awake flashes heat to face hot perspire mind semi insane rapid talker.sepia is worn out low estrogen levels low vital heat jittery mind only active exercise stimulates muscles vertex is cool.antagonism thesis makes mind of homeopath strangled as cactus band.

  2. NUX Moschata,emotional hysterical aphonia no thirst dry mouth no skin perspire tired drowsy.cimicifuga rheumatic belly of muscles and heals pain.Nux Vomica silences spinal irritation of females masculine habits,acid phos night bone pain.homeopathy is specific science but hidden gem under granite.use this first that later etc is some natural forces prevent you to reach target.

  3. 1. Thank you for this valuable info.
    2. Unfortunately most of us ignore these warnings in our practice. How can we overcome this situation?
    3. Why is it not possible that labels of these remedies shall indicate such warnings on each of these remedies. This can be done by the manufacturers of these remedies.
    4. How and where do we begin?

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