Handle Hay fever with homeopathy – Practical approach

Dr Subrata K Banerjea

Treatment methodology in acute stage of hay fever:
The treatment of Hay Fever should be divided into two categories:- (i) Acute stage & (ii) Latest Chronic stage.

Treatment during the acute exacerbation of the Hay Fever (manifested as sneezing, itching, nose, eyes, pallet, etc., profuse coryza, etc.; which are predominant manifestation of Syco-Psora: which is the Surface Miasm, generally pronounced during March to August every year when the pollen count is high). 

Acute stage of hayfever: contaminated drug dependent cases: cases without clarity of symptoms:
During acute stage, we Homoeopath can handle the Hay fever with courage and prescribe the following medicines. As the patient wants immediate relief, so in my long experience, I have used extensively the medicines, which has pronounced action on the main symptoms of hay fever and have the capability of giving the patient instant relief (according to §173–§178, Ref. Organon of Medicine: Treatment of One Sided Diseases with scarcity of symptoms) and gradually the conventional medication is withdrawn [Subrata asks the patient to sip the homoeopathic medicine prescribed on the basis of few available symptoms in those drug-dependant acute hay fever cases, considering the symptomatic similarity of few symptoms in accordance with §173–§178. So when the patient have acute problem and in need of conventional medicine, patient takes the homoeopathic medicine and tries to defer the conventional medicine as much as s/he can.

In this way, a drug dependent patient who used to take conventional medication 8 hourly; can, with the help of homoeopathic medicine now defer the medication to 12 hourly, then 24 hourly and so on. In this way the conventional medication is gradually weaned off]. In such way patient can avoid the use of conventional chemicals (as patients get frustrated of prolonged / regular use of conventional chemicals in this era of organic food; and also suffer from the side-effects etc. I get a disclaimer signed by the patient who wishes to wean off the conventional medicines gradually. I give the entire power and decision in the hand of the patient, so that they can very gradually wean off without much suffering. I like to share the courage with my fellow homoeopaths, so that they can confidently prescribe the indicated acute medicine and handle the attack. Homoeopathy is not complementary medicine but it is an Alternative medicine to the conventional chemicals and we can do this by adopting proper methodology and thereby give fast relief to our patients during their acute suffering, as well.

In drug dependent hay fever cases, when the patient is on anti histamine and other medications; in such cases it is very difficult to get a clear picture of the case. The artificial chronic disease is superimposed on the original natural disease (Aphorism 91, Organon), therefore symptoms are contaminated or suppressed and the patient cannot give a clear picture e.g., sensations, modalities, etc. I select Lesser Known Organopathic Medicines (e.g. Ambrosia, Arundo, Rosa, Linum, etc.) to open histamine – dependant hay fever cases, where there is absence of good totality for polychrest prescribing. In such cases lesser known organopathic medicines have capability to alleviate symptoms to a certain extent, thereby giving the chance to wean off the conventional medication, and experience shows that after 40-50% weaning off; the uncontaminated symptoms of the natural disease surfaces and gives us the proper modalities, sensations etc which will enable for constitutional prescribing.

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