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KUHS (2)Open access peer reviewed e-journal by Kerala University of health sciences

All homeopaths are requested to submit quality articles

Three Homoeopaths in the prestigious editorial board – Dr Mansoor Ali, Dr Sneha Nambiar & Dr R Valavan

The journal perceives the multidimensional integrants of health promotion and is designed to be a medium for enhancing communication and encouraging dialogue among health care providers of different health systems, specialists in health related social sciences, medical technologists, health administrators and educationists as well as organizations in the health field.

The journal encourages submission of articles based on original studies as well as critical reviews, opinion essays, book reviews, case reports and meeting reports.

All submissions will be peer reviewed.

Journal Sections

  • Editorial
  • Original research articles
  • Special Section on an important health problem: The articles, numbering 5-10, would address diverse aspects of the problem.
  • General Article/ Review: Each issue would have an article concerning either health policy or equity in health or evidence based medicine or health care technology or gender issues or health education or management of health care or ethical issues.
  • A debate on a current issue: Opinions from several experts will be sought and edited to form an interesting commentary on divergent points of view.
  • Selected summaries: abstracts of articles selected from different journals
  • A thumbnail sketch of an institute or organization in the health sector
  • Pictorial commentaries
  • Book Review
  • Correspondence 

Editorial Policies – Read it

  • Health Sciences considers only articles submitted solely to this journal. The authors should ensure that the submitted manuscript or one with similar content under their authorship has not been previously published or considered for publication elsewhere. Publication of an abstract for conference proceedings will not be considered as a prior publication.
  • Each author should have participated adequately in the work and authorship credit should be based only on significant contribution to conception and design or acquisition of data or analysis and interpretation of data or drafting or revising the article. On behalf of all coauthors one of the authors can be assigned as a corresponding author, who acts as a primary correspondent with the editorial office during the submission and review process.
  • Manuscripts reporting data from studies in human or animal should have obtained formal approval from appropriate ethical committees. The details should be explained in the section on methods. Guidelines published by CPCSEA (animal) and ICMR (human) should be followed in experiments.
  • All manuscripts accepted by the editors of Health Sciences for publication will be the copyright of this journal. The authors should agree to transfer copyright and sign a declaration for this purpose.
  • The authors will disclose all conflicts of interest, when an author has financial or personal relationship or affiliations that could influence the authors’ decisions, work or manuscript. Acknowledgement section of the manuscript should include this information. All material and financial support received for research should be duly mentioned in the acknowledgement section.
  • All submitted manuscripts are evaluated by expert reviewers assigned by editors.
  • Manuscripts for publication will be considered on the basis of the following criteria: originality, appropriate and valid study methods, convincing data, significance of results and clarity of writing.
  • Authors should furnish an authorship form with signed statements on authorship responsibility, originality of work, copyright transfer and conflicts of interest if any as per the format provided.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted as an attachment to an email to [email protected]

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