Notes on Organon of Medicine & Philosophy – I

books8Notes on Organon of Medicine & Philosophy

Dr Vinu Krishnan, BHMS, MD (Hom)
Medical officer, Govt. Homoeo Dispensary, Koorad, Malappuram.
(Formerly)Lecturer, Nehru Homoeopathic Medical college, New Delhi 

“When we have to do with an Art whose end is the saving of human life any neglect to make ourselves masters of it becomes a crime!”  –    Samuel Hahnemann

At the August venture of the memorable occasion of our Masters Birthday lest we shall remember his words like ‘indolence, love of ease and obstinacy preclude the effective service in the altar of truth’ as inscribed in the first edition of Organon of Medicine, as we are now in the pace of competition between health interventions, in an unhealthy style to reach still a worse health less state, viz. disease in the long run.!

The coming year of 2010, is the 200th golden jubilee year of publication of His greatest work “The Organon of Medicine”, which is the high watermark of Medical philosophy, exceeding all past false confusions, arbitrary assumptions and fruitless arguments of Medicine. The beauty of this work lies not in the fact in slandering the existing system of medicine as preached by some half homoeopaths, but in creating the real, true platform for timeless consensus in the concept of medicine. The assumptions and convictions put forth by Him are a real testimony to the timeless wonders in Medicine. Thanks for his vista vision!

Competitive exams demand a comprehensive knowledge & understanding of the subject from the candidate rather than mere remembering of events & phenomenon. This is my humble attempt to summarize the main features in a concise form for preparation. It is highly recommended that the students should go through the real text books at least once.

Lay out of the subject;

Divided into 5 parts

A)    Organon– Different Editions

  • Aphorisms
  • Foot notes
  • Introduction
  • Appendix

B) Chronic diseases- Different Editions

  • Prefaces
  • Contents
  • Cure part

C) Philosophy       

(1) General-   Logic       

(2) Other writings-

Kent (K) – Observations/2nd prescription/incurable cases/simple substance

Robert(R)-miasmatic cleavage/ concept of miasms/susceptibility/temperaments-

J.H Allen (J) – sycosis/ pseudo psora-

S.Close(S) – posology/ logic of H’pathy

Hughes (H)– selection of similar remedy

Dunham (D)-science of therapeutics /alternation/dose in proving/ use of high  potencies

(3)  Miasms – Psora, Syphilis, sycosis, pseudopsora, comparison, symptoms.

(4) Quotations.

D) Life history of Hahnemann.

E) Lesser writings – Hahnemann

– Boenninghausen


– Kent 

Foot notes:

A journey thru the foot prints of Master- “Kalvarikkurippukal

294- Abuse of positive mesmerism- somnambulism,

–ve mesm—soothing & ventilating, flat, extende hand held parallel about an inch distant. The caution here given is that the pt should not ewar silk

Disadvantages of –ve pass: it is injurious to a delicate person with C/C ailment.

Disadvantages of +ve pass: excessive restlessness, sleepless, anxiety.

293– mesmerism acts H!pathically by production of similar symptoms.

Eg- uterine h`ages, rush of blood to head, sleepless/ anxious

1. Mesm alone can`t cure except the help of H1pathic medicines.

2. A mere gentle mesmeric pass produces uniform harmonious distribution of VF.

3. qualities of mesmer- kind disposition, perfect bodily powers, a very moderate desire for sex.

292 – “Rubbing in”

(291)6th – Baths- LW baths -25-27C +  coffee + rubbing with hands for frozen/ drowned/ suffocated. Useful in hysteric spasms  & infantile convulsions.      Cold baths, 10-6C I  persons cured medically of C/C d`s with deficiency of vital heat acts as a Homoeopathic aid.

(290 )6th  Massage- to C/C, invalid though cured still suffers from loss of V. fluids, weakness of digestion, lack of sleep due to slow convalescence.

Order of massage- limbs, breast and back.

2895th    A pt even destitute of the sense of smell may experience the power by olfaction.

288   FN Duration of medicinal power-“ expiry date”- a globule of 10/20/100 weighing 1 grain impregnated with the 30th potency dried can retain power for 18/20 yrs. Also merits of olfaction discussed here.

287 5th ‘intimately’ discussing the process of trituration. Detailed description can be availed from the preface of ARS & PULS in MM PURA.

2876th powers of magnet, antidote to a too violent  action- appln of a plate of polished Zn.

2865th effects of dilution: only wine & alcohol lose their action by dilution.

2855th  definition of ideal dose- fine sugar globules of size of poppy seed , one of which imbibed with the medicine & put into dispensing vehicle constitutes a medicinal dose- which contains 300th parts of a drop./( 1 single olfaction)

2856th criticism against mineral baths.

Hahnemann defines a H .physician-‘ he never employs for any pt a medicine whose effects on the healthy human has not previously been carefully proven & thus made known to him.’ (aph-20,21)

Sub FN- a true HP never gambles with the life of the sick as in a lottery where the winner is in the ratio of 1 to 500/1000.

2845th   effect of medicine.

2846th  power of medicines acting upon the infant thru the milk of  the mother/ wet nurse.  Mild antipsorics tt during first pregnancy with sulphur dynamizations.

282 6th ‘more highly dynamized’. Hahn gives 3 exceptions in his advice for administration of medicines,  Need large doses of specific remedies of ever higher & higher degrees of dynamization daily in recently erupted itch, untouched chancre, & fig warts. Also allows ext. appln for fig warts.

2816th – Hahnemann says abt the use of sugar of milk ( placebo) in between admn of medicine.

2805th – Hahn gives eg. From nature for minute powerful things( calorie, light)” like irritating words causing bilious fever, mournful intelligence respecting her son that kills the mother.

A change in the direction given regarding the no. of successions from 10 to 2 against  the former editions.

2806th     -return of old C/O-( Kents observation, no-10)

2766thC/C china malady-  ie giving Peruvian bark & quinine in intermittent fever daily in very large doses.

2736th  Hahn says that substances opposite to each other, united into neutral natrum &  middle salts by chemical affinity in unchangeable proportions should be considered as a single remedy. for eg- natrum sulph.

2716th  -The state should provide free Homoeopathic training& treatment for the rich & poor.

2706th – A new FN- 50 millesimal potency- the most powerful, mildest in action and the most perfected method.

2696th – Hahn says that the prent students of nature & physician cannot have faith in the magical curative powers of minute doses. Also he describes about the friction process, trituration& succession.. eg- magnetic attraction to steel. The difference b/n dilution &potency is also described here.

268 FN –preservation of medicinal substance is described.

267 FN-  ppn according to the nature of substances. Generally equal parts of alcohol+ freshly prepared juice. But for plants containing much mucus/ excess of albumen—double quantity of alcohol is needed.

One physician named Buchholz thanks Russians for this excellent mode of ppn, but really this owns to Hahn.

263 FN- action of aconite is destroyed by vegetable acids. In A/C d’s desire of the pt should be attended.

260  FN-Hahn’s advice regarding regimen &diet.

261 FN –eg- ‘the softest tones of a distant flute to a tender………..noise of the day.’

253  FN- significance of minute dose.

249 every < by the production of new S/O- invariably proves unsuitableness on the part of the medicine only but never indicates that the dose has been too weak.

2496th – A good physician will never be in a position to antidote because- he prescribes in the Smallest possible dose.

2486th – ‘Schein symptome’– Apparent s/o because of excessive medicines.

FN-  40/30/20/15/8/ table spoonfuls of water+ alcohol+ succession.

2466th – New altered but perfected method.{ the name of fifty millisimal scale potency was given by Dr. Pieere Schmidt}

2465th – FN- preface to Boenninghausen’s repertory of Antipsorics- by Hahnemann.

235 FN –Hahn acknowledges Boenninghausen for treating various epidemics.

232 FN – double alternating d’s.

228 FN- Hahn criticize the tortures of the old school to mental cases.

213 FN- state of mind & disposition should be noted.ex- Aco, Bell, Puls, Ignatia.

201- “metastases”

183—use of opium as an intervening remedy (intercurrent remedy) in cases where nerves are benumbed, not permetting pts s/o to be perceived this is removed by opium and in its secondary action the s/o of the d’s become distinctly apparent.

153—Hahn acknowledges Boenninghausen & Jahr.

149– Mongrel sect- a cross breed dog, who assume the name of Honorable H’paths.

143– Paid proving is doubtful& uncertain.

141– best prover physician- advantages-

an incontrovertible fact.

  • -he will be brought to understand his own sensations, mode of thinking, & his disposition.
  • -trained to be a good observer.
  • -obstacles to the knowledge of trith regarding the exact s/o, sensations will be rectified.
  • -each trial is a new inducement for him to investigate the powers of other medicines.
  • -his health will be improved.

125– the vegetables which are not allowed during proving-young green peas, green French beans. (6th edn)- boiled potatoes, carrots.

119– Surrogates eg- As if a mad man should face his way to the workshop of an artisan, and taking his      tools with the uses of which he is not acquainted will ruin the things by his senseless operations.

117- For idiosyncrasy Hahn gives ex- people fainting from smell of roses, mussels, crabs, barbell, sumach etc.

Princess maria porphyroghrita restored her brother emperor Alexius, who suffered from faintings by sprinkling him with rose water.

109-To show the superiority of H’pathy the eg given – It is impossible to draw more than one straight line between 2 given points. “ the first fruits of these labors are available in Fragmenta, mature fruits in MM Pura & more mature in C/C d’s.

108– Mentions about Albrecht von Haller.

104– Rational practioners.

82- the selection of antipsoric medicine is to be conducted carefully.

81- different names of d’s –PSORA

80– Hahn’s efforts for 12 yrs in investigating the thousand headed monster, & employment of Antipsoric medicine.

67– advantages of antipathy

33– power of Belladona in preventing scarlet fever in Koningslutter.

30– first appearance of the term Psora, syphilis,& sycosis.

26-Hahn gives eg for Therapeutic Law of Nature,

1. In the early dawn the brilliant Jupiter vanishes from the gaze of the beholder by stronger very similar power acting on his optic nerve, the brightness of approaching day.

2. in situations with fetid odors- with snuff.

3. To avoid the piteous cries- by the shrill notes of fife& the roll of noisy drum.

4. To avoid the roar of enemy- by loud boom of the big drum.

5. For mourn & sorrow, – by the account of still greater sorrow

6.  Injurious consequences of too great joy- removed by drinking coffee which produces an excessively joyous state of mind.

7. Condition of Germans.

22– Allopathy

11-Materia pecans- explains dynamic power.

  • – eg Moon & earth.
  • -Moon takes ebb & tide
  • -magnet attracting iron pieces.
  • -small pox getting affected to a child by close contact.
  • -nauseous feeling by the sight of something bad.
  • – Raising of arm by will power & not by any lever.

8-Comment of Hufeland-“ Homoeopathy can remove symptoms, but the disease remains.”

7– Maintaining cause- causa occasionalis.-

Intelligent physician should remove this-

  • . -Removal of strong smelling flowers which causes syncope & hysteria.
  • -Extract the foreign body from cornea.
  • -Loosens the overt tight bandage on a wounded limb.
  • -Putting a ligature on the wounded artery.
  • -To expel belladonna berries causing vomiting.
  • -Extract foreign substances that may have got into the orifices of the body ( nose, gullet, ears, urethera, vagina, rectum)
  • -Crush the vesical calculus.

Open the imperforate anus of the infant.

Old way of tt was a one sided procedure—symptomatic tt, but it was not advisable, b’cause by taking a single symptom & treating by an antagonistic remedy, after a slight alleviation it was rendered worse.

6-The true radical & Rational tt, word “Vital force” comes first, prima causa morbi

1-“Systems”- don’t construct systems regarding the essential nature of vital processes & mode of origin of d’s. Also regarding the phenomenon in d’s & their proximae cause.

Different editions of Organon

Sl.No Year Title Text Introduction Aphorisms& Foot notes Translations Concept
1 1810, Torgau Organon of Rational healing art.4 lines poem of gellert No content /text 43 pgs 271, 76 English- C.E Wheeler
2 1819, Leipsic Organon of healing art. Poem removed, but AUDE SAPERE Contents containing the gist of apho. Was present in 14 pgs. 62 pgs, divided into 3 chapters. 315, 130 numbering was wrong. (318) No English trans.French- Brunnow
3 1824, Koethen Organon of healing art. In 12 pgs. 52 pgs. divided into 3 chapters 319, 146 French- Brunnow, A.L.J Jourdan .Also in Hungarian language.
4 1829, Koethen Organon of healing art 10 pgs 104 pgs, divided into 2 parts.Examples of unintentionl H`pathic cures. 292, 135 Eng- Charles. H. Devrient Theory of Chronic Diseases.
5 1833, Dresden & Leipsic Organon of Medicine 12 pgs 76 pgs, divided into 12 chapters. 294, 159 Eng- Dudgeon, Wesselhoeft, Spanish-L. Pinciano, Leidbeck. Doctrine of vital force.Centesimal potency
6 1842, 1921 Organon of Medicine removed 30 pgs. divided into 12 chapters 291, 224 Eng- W. Boericke Vital principle, 50 millesimal potency


5th edition:

  1. 1.    Translator’s preface- R.E Dudgeon- March 1893- Mentions about the 2 precursors of OM viz An Essay on a new principle for ascertaining the curative powers of drugs hitherto employed & Medicine of Experience. Acknowledges R. Hughes for his help. Cites about the relevance of Appendix section, denoted by the letter “a”.
  1. 2.    Author’s preface to the Ist Edition- Hahn warns – indolence, love of ease, & obstinacy precludes the physician in the way of truth.
  1. 2nd Edition preface– Author’s view of Excisting Medicine.
  2. 3rd Edition preface- speaks of the French Translation by Von Brunnow. In the 2nd & 3rd He makes destructive criticism on existing theories & mode of tt.
  3. 4th Edition preface- ‘vis medicatrix- nature’s self help in d’s’. He makes survey of Allopathy in the first part & instances of involuntary H’pathic cures in the 2nd part.
  4. 5th Edition preface- the 2nd part disappeared, the introduction contained the medicine of authors contemporaries & predecessors.FN- satire against the custom of greek names for d’s.

-solemnly retract 2 early advices, appln of resinous plasters in psoric d’s & electric sparks in paralysis.

3. 6th Edition-

(Translated by W. Boericke) –  Introduction- by James Krauss M.D- 1921 sep-30

H/O of this edition- this was lost twice by destiny first in the war in 1870-71, & second in the military overrunning of Westphalia in 1914-18.

4. Authors preface to 6th Edition– manuscript dated- 28-3-1833, but Hael records it as 1842 Feb. FN is in French.

5. Contents

a) Introduction- Review of therapeutics, Non-Medical person who attempted S/O similarity & some was of the opinion that this was the excellent mode of tt.

b)Text of the Organon. 

The boon given by R.E Dudgeon to Homoeopathy,( as per Hughes) denoted by alphabet‘a’ It gives a detailed H/O of origin, growth & progress of the system. Needed explanatory notes are enclosed in square brackets & divided from the text by a line. This section gives a comparative analysis of the changes in various editions of OM with its precursor Medicine of Experience.

INTRODUCTION- Appeared first in the 4th Edition

  1. Mixtures of unknown medicinal substances (allopathy).}
  2. Prescription manuals}                                         -Rational medicine.
  3. Tolle causam.
  4. Specific medicine- whose action is homogenous, which is H’pathic.
  5. True causal medication, eg- pulsatilla.
  6. Dr. Rau- H’pathic cures in Bilious fevers.
  7. FN- -Buffy coat- coagulable lymph in the blood, as the Materia pecans.
  8. Treatment by derivation—following the eg- of nature, ie-resolves fever by perspiration & diuresis, pleurisy by epistaxis, sweat & mucus expectorants.
  9. Imitate Nature.
  10. Treatment by counter irritants- eg- woolen garments to the bare skin, foot baths, nauseants inflicting on the stomach & bowels. FN- ‘Crisis’
  11. Duce naturae– method of obeying the hints of nature so Minister naturae

All these resulted in the << of original d’s.

  1. Stimulating & strengthening system- excitantia, nervina, tonica, confortantia, robortantia.
  2. Alterative remedies (alterantia)- eg- usage of mercury.
  3. Treatment by mixturesBasis- principal remedy, adjuvans– to strengthen the action of first. Corrigens– a pretended corrective remedy.
  4. Blind H’pathic cures-eg- infusion of elder flowers in the cold stage of catarrhal fever.
  5. Isopathy—Mr. M.Lux.
  6. Other intelligent Non-medical persons-  (pre- sentiments of H’pathy)

eg- Manufactures of lackered ware apply to a part scalded with hot varnish a similar burning substance- (spirits of wine)/Fernelius – for burnt part to bring near fire/sydenham—spirit of wine.

18Greek quotation of Hippocrates-‘Through likes disease arises, and though likes being made use of d’s are healed in the sick- through vomiting sickness ceases.’

19.Physicians who felt the truth of H’pathy- Boulduc- purgative property of rhubarb was the cause of its power to allay diarrhea./ Detharding/ Bertholon/ a Danish army Physician, Stahl—mentioned the usage of likes.


1-Physician’s mission / sick/. The term ‘cure’ comes first.

2-cure Highest ideal.

3- Knowledge of Physician/ medicine/choice of remedy/ dose/repetition/ obstacles to Recovery. The word DOSE comes first here.

4- A well preserver of Health.

5- exciting cause, Fundamental cause.

6- unprejudiced observer.

7- maintaining cause

Ap-7 Totality of s/o

App- 18-sole indication is s/o

23- antipathy

31- susceptibility

32- medicine acts unconditionally.

40- complex d’s.

46- Fixed miasm

54- H’pathy

55- allopathy

56- antipathy, FN- isopathy.

63- primary action, secondary action.

72- A/C, C/C d’s definitions.

73- classfn of a/c d’s.

74 –most incurable c/c d’s.

77 – pseudo c/c d’s.

78- proper c/c d’s.

79- syphilis, sycosis.

80- psora.

83-104 case taking

105-145 drug proving

115 –alternating action


135- thoroughly proved medicine

141- physician prover

143- true MM

147- specific remedy

149- expln of H’pathic cure.

150- indisposition.

152-tot- s/o-signficance.

153- strange , singular, uncommon, peculiar

154- H’pathic specific remedy.(147)

157-160- HP < (282)

161 ( 247) Renewed dynamizations- 50 Millesimal potency

163- Accessory s/o of remedy

167- KO-12TH

172- 184- one sided d’s.

173 one sided d’s.

181- Accessory s/o of  original d’s.

186- Role of surgery

210-30 Mental d’s

231-34- intermittent d’s

235-2444- intermittent fevers

245-51- Repetition of doses( mode of using remedies)

248- 6th edition-Schein symptome.

252-56- Signs of improvement.

257- Favorite remedies.

259-61- Diet in C/C d’s

262, 263- diet in A/C d’s

264- Most genuine medicine

267 – ppn from fresh plants.

268- Dry vegetables.

269-271- Dynamization

272- Only one single , simple medicine at a time.

275- Minimum dose.

280- KO-11( old s/o reappear)

281- 6th –placebo- sugar of milk

288- 6th –Mesmerism

289- + mesmerism, -mesmerism

290- Massage

291- Bath 

Name- Chronic diseases their peculiar nature& their Homoeopathic cure.

2 Editions,1828, & 1835.

First translated by Dr.Charles Hempel from German to English. Originally had 5 parts, each part had its own prefaces discussing some general points of interest except the 2n.

1st Preface-1828 – Hanm warns against larger doses.

3rd Preface-1837 : Concerning the technical part of H’pathy.— the best possible mode of administering the doses of the medicine to the pts.—A small pellet of one of the highest dynamization of a medicine laid dry upon th tongue/ the moderate smelling of an opened vial where in one / more such pellets are contained, proves itself the smallest and weakest dose with the shortest period of duration in its effects.

In any d’s like A/C, half acute and most acute—pellets only in solution in divided doses. Dissolve in 7/20 table spoonfuls of water without any addition in every 6/4/ or ½ hr. In C/C d’s – a spoonful of soln every 2 days more usually every day, also alcohol/ hard charcoal & sugar for children. Change the dose by shaking every time.

4th Preface-( given in Appendix of OM also)
Inquiry into the process of H’pathic healing:

Expln of modus operandi, physicians repeated the mistakes because they were not satisfied with the expln, limitation of VF.

5th Preface-1838.

Difference between dilution & potencies ( dynamization)—dilutions-aph-269,270 FN.

Problems of first translation:

  1. errors of omission, both in provers & symptoms.( of H’mn, Nenning, & other provers.)
  2. phraseology has been altered. 

2nd translation by L.H Tafel.

Merits of Tafel’s translation-

1.Translated same german word except brust- breast- chest (eng): hals -either throat/neck.

2. Phraseology of Hahn retained.

VOL-I-   order of enlisted items.

A)Translators preface- by L.H Tafel   — 2nd transl. into English, earlier charles empel-1845-46, published by WM. Radde.

Tafel acknowledges—Pemberton Dudley.

B) Preparatory note to MM section- R. Hughes.

C) Editors preface—-by Pemberton Dudley-1896.

D) Author’s preface.

E) List of medicines—27—Agaricus — Kali.carb.


List of medicines—21—Lyco—Zinc.met. 

Nature of Chronic diseases-

According to Hahn the nature of new diseases were –

1. More or less the same with new concomitants.

2. Entirely a new disease.

3. annual increase of same c/o.

Their beginning was promising, continuation less favorable and the out come hopeless

The obstacles to cure in non-venereal pts lie in a former eruption of itch. The eruption of itch suppressed by faulty practice/ one which had disappeared from the skin, followed by same/similar symptoms.

Qualities of PSORA– (Tsorat- a groove/ fault) derived from Hebrew.

Oldest, universal, destructive, misapprehended, hydra headed, infectious.

Occidental psora– those spread around Europe & America.

Malignant erysepalus—leprosy—itch—because the use of cotton & linen shirts by lepers, frequent use of warm baths, exquisite diet, refinement in the mode of living, separation of pts in the hospital.

Consequences of the change of leprosy to itch

Easy to suppress, easy to forget by the sufferers, easy to spread, disappear by themselves, numerous secondary s/o.

Oldest- In Leviticus- 13th chapter, also 21st malignant itch- Garab

Alexandrian translators- Psora agria

Jonathan           – Dry itch

Moses   –              Yalephed

Plato     –           Glykypikron.

Cicero   –           Dulcedo of scabies

Hahn gives 97 observations to show the significance of old skin eruptions being suppressed by wrong methods of tt resulting in various internal d’s.

Development of Psora

  1. Mode of infection- the fluid in each vesicle contains a psoric miasma- if the fluid of each vesicle comes in contact with original skin, the miasma gets entry into the body.
  2. Internal development of psora- As soon as miasm of itch touch the skin it remains no more local. Nothing is seen on the skin during few days.
  3. Manifestation of external ailments—a) primary manifestation of psora.

b) Latent state of psora

c) Secondary manifestations of Psora. 

Latent state of Psora.
When the primary manifestations of psora- vesicular eruption associated with voluptuous itching are not cured by antipsorics, and are suppressed the d’s are driven inward.

S/O of Latent Psora-

  1. Mentally alert, quick ,active
  2. lack of concentration.
  3. anxiety grief& sorrow acts as trigerring factors.
  4. crying>> s/o.
  5. >. Warmth.
  6. frequent one sided H/A with falling of hair.
  7. change of temperament without any cause.
  8.  many fears for children
  9. a sense of bodily heat.

CURE part

SYPHILIS (1493)3 states.

1) Syphilis alone + local S/O (chancre).

2) Syphilis alone _ local S/O (chancre){latent syphilis/ suppressed syphilis}

3) Syphilis + another C/C D`s(psora) +/- locals S/O.

For treatment considering each of the stage separately,

1) Easily curable, b1caus it is a simple state & simple cure. Only one dose of Hg in 14 days.(semi oxide of Hg- ppn-2nd edn of MM PURA, which is the excellent anti syphilitic acco. To H`mn.

As the bubo/chancre disappears by this tt, it is incontrovertibly sure that every trace of internal syphilis was extinguished.

2) Rare case. For tt similar like a dose of above mentioned Hg.

Sign of incomplete cure ( if by local tt)- A discoloured, reddish, red/ blue scar. But if internal tt is given the spot of the chancre cannot be recognized.

3) Most difficult.
Spurious syphilis (pseudo syphilis- England)/ Bastard syphilis— syphilis+ developed psora- no physician ever cured this— A monster of double diseases + irrational medicines in large doses.

FN- Hepar sulph is good than sulphur.

Rule for tt:

1)    remove all hurt ful influences.

2)    Nourishing & strengthening diet.

3)    First give antipsoric similar to the case, then give Hg medicine to act for 3,5,7 wks, as long as improvement lasts.

4)    If some S/O remain which can’t be designated as psoric/ syphilitic, so a repetition of the similar process, then again Hg in another potency.

5)    Confirmation is by the return of the healthy color & entire disappearance of discolorn found in the scar.

SYCOSIS (1809-1814) Fig wart d’s,

warts—-dry, soft, spongy, fetid fluid (herring brine odor).—coxcomb/cauliflower appearance-Brassica botrytes.


1.)   Sycosis alone:Internal use of Thuja 30th  (MM Pura part-v) after 15,20,30,40 days alternating with a small dose of Nitric acid 30th.

2) Sycosis +developed psora:

Antipsoric tt: then Sycotic remedy as above.

3) Sycosis+ Developed Psora + Syphilis:

Antipsoric, then antisycotic, + Hg remedy.


Cure is only possible if the original eruption of itch is still present. 

Diet & regimen:

1. Mode of living:

Only labors that interfere with the health of healthy persons should be avoided. Those in sedentary work—walking in open air should be advised. Good music allowed. no cards playing, banish intercourse if it is physically/psychically injurious, control frequent riding & driving. Use of domestic remedies, perfumes, etc….avoided.

2. Diet:

The lower lass need no strict limitations.

Drinks: no coffee, if addictions are upto 30 yrs, advice to suddenly deprive & if it is beyond 30 it is better to propose to discontinue it gradually& every day to drink some what less.

No Chinese tea, beer, whiskey, brandy but wine is allowed.

3. Food;

Acid fruits in small qty, sweet fruits—in moderate qty. all dishes containing citric acid should be avoided in nervous& abdominal ailments.

Don’t take young chickens, eggs, veal,…. In ladies with scanty menses avoid saffron & cinnamon, cloves, pepper, ginger.

As per master ideal food-–beef +good wheat bread +cow’s milk+ fresh butter, little salt. No smoked meats, springling chopped raw herbs on soups. Fish without sauces prepared by boiling is allowed.

Other hindrances to the cure of C/C D’s:

Excessive hard ships, laboring, unsatisfied hunger & poverty, sudden death of a son to a tender mother, uninterrupted grief & vexation, mineral baths, mistreated by allopathy, cases where medicinal S/O are more, seduced by wicked passions, gambling etc.., suppressed sexual instinct.

How to use the remedies / “The cautions”.

  1. Only by antipsorics medicines.
  2. Allow the medicine, its dose, its potency to complete its action.
  3. Never interrupt with an intervening remedy.
  4. if different S/O occur after the administration of the medicine, interrupt the action ( if they are having that much intensity)- sign—selection was wrong, check by antidote.
  5. if HP <, no concern.
  6. if original S/O are << ed, -sign—dose was too large even though correct medicine. Mngt of this case by 16/18/20/ days with an antidote/ antipsorics medicine in a very moderate dose. The same medicine can be used again but in a far smaller dose & in a much more highly potentized form.

Mistakes of physician:

  1. 1.    Considering the dose as too small.
  2. 2.    Wrong choice of the remedy.
  3. 3.    Hastiness not allowing each dose to act its full time.

When to repeat the medicine?

  1. When the dose of a well selected remedy has made some beginning towards an improvement, but its action stops quickly. Then give it in a different degree of potency. 

Difference between 5th & 6th editions of OM:

1 1833 Manuscript-1842, but published in1921
2 294 aph 292
3 Transltd by R.E Dudgeon W. Boericke
4 Centesimal scale 50 millesimal scale
5 Vital force Vital principle
6 3 principal methods of TT.-Alopath, Anti, H’pathy.: 4th– isopathy in FN 2 principal methods of TT.-Alopathy, Anti, H’pathy.: 3rd – isopathy in FN
7 Only infrequent repetition Frequent/ daily repetition, but every time with changed potencies.
8 No ext. appln Ext.appln of same remedy to healthy parts/ appln of tincture to extra vital old growths.
9 Non- medicinal measures-Animal magnetism. (mesmerism) Magnetism, electricity, galvanism, massage, baths—both luke warm & cold.
10Additions New paragraphs to Ap-265, 269, New Foot notes-(16)-11,,60,74,75,78,229,249,269,271,272,273,276282,284,285,288
11Wholly rewritten Ap-29,52-56,148-149,238,246-248,270-273,280-288.
12Partially rewritten Ap-276,279
13Completely omitted Ap-245, 291, 292, /  but with new notes -284,287-289, ,

Lesser ritings of Hahnemann

  1. 1.    Friend of health, Vol I-1792, Vol-II- 1795

Vol- I:

Voice of a warm friend of his fellow creatures,

1.Bite of mad dogs;

Erroneous notions-

1. confidence for specifics, eg- May-worm electuary.

2. If the dog died shortly it may commu nicated rabies & if died afterwards not communicated.

3.Sympathetic hydrophobia-FN.

He concludes by saying that prevention is not by any internal medicine.

2.visitor of the sick.

only Dr. & nurse are allowed.

some times habit may protect for eg. Chimney sweeper, glass blowers, fisher man, scotch miner. against infection in epidemic d’s.

For exhalation in cellars- fresh slaked lime, for vapors of quick silver- liver of sulphur. To clean prisons it should be aired before the visit of the physician. Healthy air by simple fumigation with vinegar and juniper berries.

  1. 4.    old woman’s philosophy:

giving brandy to confined women, for swollen cervical gland tying a man’s stocking around the neck.

5. Things that spoil air:

Excessive smell of flowers, sleeping in green fruit stores, in dining room where warm food were served, in store room. Large thick leaved trees too close to sleeping room is not good, but allowed at 10-12 ft.

6. There is good even in hurtful things;

eg- of tailors, joiners, cabinet makers. Persons have become wiser and better by d’s, or have grown healthier by calamity, misery & hunger and have become more useful members of society.

7.An occasional purgative can do no harm:

only in excessive overloading of stomach in delicate persons & those affected with C/C d’s.

II –Part

  1. 1.    Plans for eradicating a malignant fever( a letter to the police)—

      the directions include—isolation, separate hospital, bed with straw mattress,nurses for every 4/5 pts, guards, sentry box, spotting of cases, remuneration for spotting of cases, aired room for consulatation, disposal of night stools, burial of corpse, white wash of the sick room & scrub the floor, for prevention of epidemics rag gatherers should be checked,,,,etc..

2. Medicine of experience-1805

Medicine is a science of experience, its object is to eradicate the d’s by means of remedies. The knowledge of remedies, of d’s & their employment constitute medicine.

A few d’s that always arise from one & the same cause—Miasmatic maladies, having a peculiar character. for eg- hydrophobia,/venereal d’s, plague of levant, yellow fever, small pox, cow pox- These arise from always a same contagious principle, always the same cause, accept some accidental circumstances and they need distinctive appellations.

Hahn gives 2 maxims of experience. (precursors of law of similars & h’pathy)

1. If 2 abnormal irritations (dissimilar), then the weaker will be suppressed for some time by the stronger –eg- measles & small pox.

2.If similar, the weaker together with its effects will be completely extinguished 7 annhilated by the stronger.—eg- small pox & cow pox.

3. Indications for the Homoeopathic employment of remedies in ordinary practice(1807)-

In this essay the word H’pathy was first used by Hahnemann.

4. Aesculapius in the balance-1805.

Hahn criticizes the old school concept of healing the sick. In a FN he gives the idea of TT by mixtures, like Basis, (fundamental medicine), a corrective (some thing added in order to correct the faults of the basis, an adjuvant (an auxiliary substance to support the weakness of the basis, and an excipient(a substance that supplies the form & the vehicle.

5.Cure & prevention of scarlet fever-(1801)– the idea of prophylaxis was first glimpsed in this essay.

6. Spirit of the H’Pathic doctrine of Medicine (1813)- this essay paved the way for the spread of the system in USA.

7.Medical historical dissertation of the Helleborism of Ancients.(1812)- this essay quoting from 8 different languages showing the depth of knowledge of the master was submitted to the dean , Von Rossenmuller of Leipzig University on behalf of Hahnemann`s attempt to start post-graduate lectures there. Here he compares the old concept of Purgation & difference b/n green 7 black Hellebore (veratrum album).

8. Not a bene on my Reviewers (1817)- this essay written in an emotional style against the criticism raised by the old school paved Dr. Herring to convert to H’pathy.

9. Essay on a new principle for ascertaining the curative powers of drugs with a few glances at those hitherto employed(1796)

10. Are the obstacles to certainty7 simplicity in practical medicine insurmountable?(1797).

11. On the effects of coffee, from original observations(1803)

12. Examination of the sources of the ordinary Materia Medica(1817).

13. Appeal to the thinking philanthropists respecting the mode of propagation of the Asiatic cholera (1831)

14. On the impregnation of the globules with the medicine (1829)

      In this essay in FN- Hahn. Suggests his dose as of the size of a poppy seed to the weight of 300(introd. To Aco, Bell in MMP) to the grain/ 300 are moistened by 1 drop of alcohol. Those for olfaction he states to be of the size of a mustard seed.



If the story fails to make tears for a listener the fault lies not with the story , but with the teller…!

Dr. Christian Frederick Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843)

In the spring of 1755, April 10th before midnight, on thursday a second son was born to Christian Gottfried and Johanna Christian Hahnemann of Meissen in south east Germany The house in which Samuel were born was purchased for 437talers

ECK-HAUS—corner house of 3 stories.


lEarly days       (1755-1771)

lStudent days   (1771-79)

lFirst practices  (1779-89)

lTravel years    (1789-93)

lWandering yrs (93-1805)

lLeipzig               (1811-20)

lLife in kothen  (21-1835)

lLast days in paris(35-1843)

Samuel attended Town elementary school of Meissen in 1767, July 20.Later he was admitted to the Prince’s Grammar  School in 1771 Easter.Magister Johan Muller, taught him Latin, Greek, & German and had a particular influence in his studies.

To Leipzig
At his 20th birthday, he left to Leipzig, to study medicine at the(1775) university of Leipzig.He took classes for German and French and under took translations from Greek & English into German He entered the hospital of the brothers of Mercy in Leopoldstadt to work with Dr. Von Quarin.To complete his formal studies He went to the university of Erlangen, in the spring of 1779.

He submitted his final thesis entitled “Summary of the conditions of cramp according to cause and cure with an appendix of a list of vegetable & mineral remedies.Awarded doctor of medicine on 10th August 1779.

First practices(1779-1789)

In the small mining town of Hettstedt in the summer of 1780, on the river wipper near Lauchstadt.His First Medical essay was published in two parts in the journal, Kreb`s  Medical observations in which he described the out break of catarrhal fever in the district of Quenstadt

First original medical essay was published in Leipzig in 1784, titled ‘Directions for curing old sores and ulcers’.(192 pages)

Hahn translated 5 major works of chemistry between 1785 &1789, which amounted no less than 1780 pages. His chemical works were published in ‘Crell`s Chemical Annals’

Medical works

On poisoning by Arsenic- its treatment & forensic detection.(Leipzig-1786).

Instrutions for surgeons on veneral diseases.(1789).

Klockenbring incident

Hahn succesfully treated the mental upset of Herr friedrich Klockenbring with Homoeopathic medicine contrary to the existing custom of treating lunatics without compassion.( got 1000 talers)about 400$

Within 20 yrs 20 places…?

lDessau-Gommern-Leipzig-Dresden-Leipzg-Stooteritz=Georgenthal-Molshleben-Mulhausen-Pyrmont-Wolfen buttel-Brunswick-Koningslutter-Hamburg-Altona-St.jurgen-Molln-Machern-Eilenburg-Wittenburg-Dessau.

In 1810 the greatest work- “The Organon of Medicine was published.Arnold of Dresden published the first edition, which ran into 5 vols during hahn`s life.Was translated into 11 languages all over the world. (English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch,Polish, Russian, Danish, Sweedish, Greek & Malayalam.)

Works (1805-1811)

  • 19 books & Essays.
  • 1806-Substitutes for cinchona
  • 1806-What are poisons, what are Medicines ?
  • 1808-Substitutes for Foreign Drugs.
  • 1807- Indications for the Homoeopathic Employment for of Medicines in ordinary practice( word Homoeopathy used for the first time)
  • 1811- Materia Medica pura 

Post graduate course on Homoeopathy
In june 1812 he took consent from the dean of Leipzig university to start PG lectures on study of Hom`pathy, by submitting a dessertation of the “ Historical aspects of treatment and cure with white hellebore, quoting from 8 different Languages.

Chronic diseases
In 1828 he published his last major work “chronic diseases”.John Ernst Stapf became his intimate friend & disciple, and he participated in proving of 32 medicines.Stapf published the periodical  ‘Archive for the Homoeopathic science of healing’.

Jubilee-celebration of Doctorate

On August 1829, the 50th celebration of Hahn`s doctorate was celebrated by his Friend and colleagues.A bust of Hahn by Dietrich and an oil painting by Schoppe adorned the function.

Leipzig Hospital

The Leipzig Homoeopathic Hospital with 20 beds was opened on 22nd January 1833 , at No. 1, Glockenstrasse, purchased with the funds collected from Hahnemann`s doctorate celebration.Dr .Moritz Muller as director & Dr. Hartmann & Dr.Hartlaub were appointed as physicians.

Last Days in Paris (1835-43)

  • •Melanie arrived in Kothen in 1834.
  • •She married Hahn and they left to Paris and settled in No. 26 Rue de Milan.
  • •On 10th April 1835 he was elected as honorary member of the North American Academy of Homoeopathy at Allen Town. 

A few days after his 88th B`day he got a bronchial catarrh and by  2nd july 1843 he died.Dr. Jahr issued the death certificate.But Melanie kept the news secret, and after 9 days he was buried in a public cemetry in Montmartre on July 11.

In 1898 the authorities in Paris sanctioned the removal of the remains of Hahnemann from his forlorn grave to the renowned cemetry of Pere Lachaise.

Vibrant grave…!

In the midnight when fragrance of  blooming flowers blend with the moonlight which dances in exuberance,  slight vibrancy of  the holy grave can reach the heart of the sympathizer.

“APOORVA VAIDYAN”-Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yadi lists Hahnemann among the order of Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, Buddha,….calling him as APOORVA VAIDYAN….!

…………continued in Part II

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