Homeopathic Management of Renal Calculi

Dr G K Shangloo,Dr.Sharad Shangloo,Dr.Sunit Shangloo

Abstract of the paper:
This is a very valuable paper in the field of homoeopathy .It help us establish the role of homoeopathy is surgical diseases like Renal stone. It shows us that the removal of the stone if not the solution to the problem either by surgery of lithotripsy is same as plucking up all the fruits from a tree. But in the next season the i.e. after some time the stone will be formed again. . As the stone is not the cause of the root cause of the problem but it is the offshoot of the derangement the vital force.
But, instead with the homoeopathic treatment the stone is not only removed from the body but its reformation chances are also greatly reduced due to proper homoeopathic treatment.

Objective: –
The objective of this paper is to establish the definite and a positive role of homoeopathy in curing renal stones.

Material and Method: –
This research work is done in the general clinical practice in India. In this work the well-proven homoeopathic medicines were used according to the principles of homoeopathy on the individualization basis.

Renal stones a name with which every one here is familiar. So, I will not waste time in telling you the things you already know.i.e how the stones are formed, what is its pathology and pathogenesis etc.
But I will tell you why one should opt for homeopathy in case of renal stones.
We all know that the renal stones are formed due to the defect in the excretory system i.e. supersaturating, physical and chemical factors like initial formation of crystals, reduced effect of normal urinary
Constituents that inhabits crystal growth and aggregation. Prolonged immobilization. Altered solute and colloid.
So, the removal of the stone if not the solution to the problem either by surgery of lithotripsy is same as plucking up all the fruits from a tree. But in the next season the i.e. after some time the stone will be formed again. . As the stone is not the cause of the root cause of the problem but it is the offshoot of the derangement the vital force.

Case Studies.
From the homeopathic point of view the factors leading to its formation are generally syphilitic or sycotic.
Here I will put forth to you two points:

Now the narration of cases:
Case 1
AGE-24 years,Sex- female, Case No.-39-28

The patient came to our research center on 25.5.2001 with the U.S.G report dated 7.5.3001 showing Left renal calculus of 8mm in the lower calyx with mild hydronephrosis.
Symptoms: –
Pain stitching type in the left kidney region with burning in urine
Pain > lying on back
<Urination after, motion
Desires salty things
Increased thirst for cold water even in winters
Mental condition
Increased anger, expressive, irritable, thinks too much, nervous weeps easily
Hot patient
Increased perspiration
Menses early without pain lasts for two days with dark scanty blood with stringy clots
Since 2 years.

Past history week and ill health in the child hood
Father had the history suppressed syphilis
After considering the complete case the medicine was selected to be syphylinum200 two doses at 15 minutes interval along with Berbers vulgaris Q five drops 4 times a day in 1/4th cup of water as a drainage remedy.
The date wise analysis is mentioned in the article printed in the sovouner.
In between there were severe colic, which increased and decreased suddenly and the patient felt better by warmth application and pressure. The single dose of Mangnesia Phos 200 cured that ailment.
Syphylinum as repeated only after ten to 15 days as and when required.
The medicine was continued for the period of four months and the new ultra sound was done on and it suggested a normal study.

Name of the patient- Mr. Qumar Siddiqui
Age-38 years,Sex- Male.Case No.- 236-28
Symptoms: –
U.S.G on 7.2.2001 shows small right renal calculus of 4 mm in the middle calyx.
Mild stitching pain all the time < taking meat and spicy food Evening to whole of night.
>Urination after
Pain in fore head along with pain in renal region and retention of urine.
Had pain in the back since he was caught under a heavy weight 6 to 7 years back which is< sitting and standing and there was no complaint during motion.
Heart burn after eating fatty food > cold drinks, passing flatus, eructation’s.
Forgetful since 3 years after a severe shock due to loss in business.
Nightfall when there is accumulation of flatus in the abdomen.
Bleeding piles summers.
Appetite less
Thirst for cold water with dryness of mouth.
Severe constipation stool hard.
Had past history of malaria and ring worm
Had syphilis 10 years back .All the problems started after that.
Had the family history of Koch’ s and cancer.

17.1. 2001- the medicine, which came out after the complete repertorisation of the case, was Medorrihnum 200 single dose once a week alternated with Lycopodium 200 single dose the next week. In this case also Berberis vulgaris Q was given as a drainage remedy. Five drops four times a day.

The process was continued just for 2 months and the patient reported that he had felt something passing in the urine. So, The Ultrasound was advised which was done on 31.1.2002 and there was no trace of either stone or hydronephrosis

Now I would like to show you few of our memorable cases in cured by us in quick view.
Firstly, I would like you to take note of case of
Mr.Ram Lal:- I t is the case of largest stone which is cured by us in our research center and the most complicated one too. A stone of 30 MM and an irregular growth of 35m*65mm were found
After our treatment neither stone nor growth was there.
2] Mr. Kamaldeep’s Case. A stone of 9.6mm in the middle calyx and a stone of 6.5mm in upper part of left ureter.
After our treatment no stone or hydronephrosis was seen.
3] Mr.Lakshman’s case
A stone of 8mm in the lower end of ureter with hydronephrosis of left kidney.
After our treatment no stone was found.
4] The last case was Mr.Rupesh Singh.
Stone of 8mm in the Right kidney with hydronephrosis.
Complete cure after our treatment.

In this case the well-proven homoeopathic medicines were selected for the individual patients on the basis of smptomatic analysis.
The patients were advised not to take raw onion or garlic.
They were advised to take plenty of water and not to have tomato, leafy vegetables or raw calcium in crude form.

How to prescribe for the patient:
Rare uncommon Peculiar Symptoms

No. Of Patients entered- 291
No. Of patients who followed the protocol-206
No. Of patients which improved-180
No. Of patients with complete dissolution of Stone-128
NO. Of patients whose size reduced but no dissolution-52
Success rate Cure-62.13%
Rate of Response to Homoeopathy-87.33%

Discussion and Conclusions.
Now I will take few moments of yours and would like to share with you few tips that I had learnt from my father who is an internationally renowned homeopath and is still serving the humanity by curing in curable cases.

There are few tips in dealing with renal stone cases
The treatment of renal stone is generally done in two phases. They are as follows: –
1] Management of acute stage i.e. renal pain
2] Medicine selected on the totality of symptoms, which not only removes the stone but also stops its reformation.
Generally both the phases of treatment are intermingled together. But in some cases where there is acute pain and retention of urine then the medicine is selected on the basis of symptoms presented by the patient
In this acute stage and medicines like Magnesia phos, belladonna, Causticum , and Cantharis are given as and when required.
The symptoms on which the above mentioned medicines are prescribed
Cantharis: The guiding symptoms, which lead to its prescription, are burning
Emotional stress and suppressed emotions are one of the factors which play an important role in renal stone formation .So, the medicine Staphysagria when the patient has suppressed anger and Ignatia when he has intense or prolonged grief.
Another thing which may be helpful in curing cases of renal stones when the well selected remedy fails is the repeated suppression of eruptions on the body generally on the groins which one had suffered in the past and had been removed by external application of ointments or use of allopathic drugs
The medicine Graphite’s if the eruptions were with wet and sticky discharge and Sulphur if they are dry.
History of syphilis or gonorrhea in the patient or in the history of on the patient’s family demands Syphilinum as an intercurrent remedy.
Hence we conclude that homoeopathy has got an important role to play in dealing with renal stone cases.

Dr.G.K.Shangloo,Dr.Sharad Shangloo,Dr.Sunit Shangloo
Meera Shangloo Homeopathic Research,70/59, Rani Mandi,Allahabad.
Web-http://www.meerashangloohomeopathic.com.E-mail [email protected]


  1. Sir, my mother age 59 yrs ,report of USG is found 9.5 mm renal calculi in lower calyx of right renal,with mild hydroneprosis, is it qure by homeopathy .pls advise me. Thanx Sajal.

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