Homoeopathy in the year 2050

Nowadays, Homeopathy shows a confusing picture for our daily practice. This is  due  to  a  series  of  circumstances  that  might  cause  confusion  in  prescribing  a  remedy even  for  a  skilled  professional,  and  more  often  for  young  homeopaths.

If  this  is  our  current situation, what will be the challenges to a colleague in 2050?
Let’s analyze some  aspects of the Homeopathy and try to imagine what will happen in the next 40 years.

Since the days of Hahnemann to the present, the inclusion of items or remedies in the rubrics already known to Repertories has been increasing, initially in a gradual way, but in the last thirty years very fast.

These inclusions are due to symptoms treated in clinical practice, but also to new  provings.

Take  for  instance  the  development  in  the  repertoires  of  four  symptoms,  as previously reported, and their projections to the year 2050:

Download the full report : www.similima.com/pdf/homeopathy-2050.pdf


  1. The whole study is based on the selection or confusion in arriving at a similimum.
    At present the easiest thing in Homeopathic is selecting the first prescription.
    The study need to be based on SECOND PRESCRIPTION we should never try to ignore the 12 observations, and ORGANON these would make us strong confident, and make Homoeopathic futura medicine

  2. It is quite interesting.Some kind of training required for interpretation both in it and also radionics for practice in Homeopathy.The Indian distributors address if given will make us to contact them for further details.

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