Identification of Homeopathic Medicines – A New Method

Dr Devendra Kumar
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Homeopathy is the most admired system of medicine after the conventional system of medicine in the world, due to lack of  substantiation in the present day scientific world it is not getting  reputation, to a great extent it has to get.

In the present study it was attempted to show the verifiable data to  the action of Homeopathic medicines.

This work is not a complete work; this is only my observation,  which I am presenting in front of considerate intelligence. I hope that it  will certainly provoke a thought in an enthusiastic mind.

This work shows the way through which one can substantiate the  action of Homeopathic medicine.

This work presents an experimental study to identify the  Homeopathic Medicines without label and to select accurate Homeopathic Medicine to a patient at a given time.

The method of selection of Homeopathic Medicine based on  symptoms, given by Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, in the 18th  century is used in the present century. This is useful but obtaining same  set of symptoms at a given time by any given two expert Homeopaths in  the field is controversial, ultimately the two physicians will select two  medicines for a single patient at the same time based on their knowledge.

But in the present study, there is no scope for second opinion.  According to this method of selection of medicine, the indicated medicine  will be same at a given time wherever around the globe. The method is  based on the natural phenomenon, which is related to biorhythms.

Present day what happens u see there is only one medicine to be  indicated to a patient according to symptoms but old method of selection  leading to selection of 10 medicines by 10 experts, it is difficult to select  medicine. Observation of effect of homeopathic potencies on the living  subjects leading to the present method of selection and identification of

homeopathic medicines. Using this method it enabled to Identify  Homeopathic Medicine without label, by giving a single dose of  Homeopathic Potency to a person.

This method also makes possible to write a computer program,  which can monitor the indicated medicine to a patient with in 10 mits or  less. This work leading into the Revolution in the field of medicine by  showing the material evidence to the immaterial Homeopathic Potencies.

Review of literature:
With the aim to draw a valuable conclusion through discussion to  the central concept the following entities are scanned from various  locations.

Time of aggravation – Homeopathy:
Chronobiology is the study of the temporal characteristics of  biological phenomena, thus leading to an objective description of biologic  time structure. Biologic time structure, in turn, can be defined as the  sum of nonrandom, and thus predictable, temporal aspects of organismic  behavior, including bioperiodicity and developmental changes, among others. It characterizes species, groups of organisms, and individuals as  well as their subdivisions: organ systems, organs, tissues, cells, and  intracellular elements (including ultramicroscopic structures). Rhythmic  changes can be demonstrated at all these levels of organization, and they  can be considered objectively as a fundamental property of living matter. 

Time of aggravation of Homeopathic remedies: 

  •  Ars —– 1-2 a. m. and 1-2 p. m.
  •  Kali Carb —– 2-4 a. m.
  •  Calc. —– 3 a. m.
  •  Sulphur —– 3-5 a. m.
  •  Nux Vom. —– 4-5 a. m.
  •  Arn., Hep., Nux Vom. —– 6 a. m.
  •  Bov., Bry., Eupat., Pod. —– 7 a. m.
  •  Eupat., Pod. —– 7-9 a. m. (Fever)
  •  Nat. Mur., Stann. —– 9-10-11 a. m.
  •  Chin. S., Nat. Mur. —– 10-11 a. m.
  •  Cactus, Bapt., Nat. Mur., Nux, Sulph. —– 11 a. m. 

Homeopathic prescriptions are guided by several factors – the  symptoms, the timing of those symptoms, and any changes in character  which might accompany the symptoms.

It is interesting that an anti-histamine remains in the body for up  to 17 hours if taken at 7.00 am. Taken at 7.00p.m. it stays for only seven  hours. Hayfever and other allergies typically are worse at this time. One  homeopathic remedy for this is pulsatilla, which, constitutionally, is  suitable for shy, gentle and eager to please types. Sepia, (made from  cuttlefish ink) also treats allergies but here the personality is indifferent,  snappy and irritable. The allergies treated by sepia are worse in the  morning.

Time and space effect:
Two distinct views exist on the meaning of time. One view is that  time is part of the fundamental structure of the universe, a dimension in  which events occur in sequence. This is the realist view, to which Sir  Isaac Newton subscribed, in which time itself is something that can be  measured.

Water Molecule theory of Brian:
Using newly developed infrared analytical methods, there has been  considerable study of molecular clusters in a variety of liquids. Some of  this research, using FT-ICR spectra (Jongma, 1998) confirms the existence of stable molecule clusters in water using technologies  involving surface impact. In other words, they demonstrated creation of  water clusters, using sudden adiabatic expansion to create plasma-like  conditions. These conditions will be shown later to be akin to the  cavitation conditions created by succussion.

Experimental verification: (Original work)
Materials and methods: Apparently healthy persons are selected and given medicine of 6 to 9  pills, freshly medicated. No of subjects taken for each medicine are very  less. Readings of temperature were taken with the help of clinical  thermometer after one hour of medicine administration.

Readings of temperature were noted at an interval of one hour from  9am to 6pm. Persons were instructed to avoid spicy food and very hot  cold food. Avoid taking any kind of food or drink before 15 mits of noting  temperature.

Experiments were started in 2002 November, since then experimented  on family members, people around home with their consent and PG  students in JSPS Homeopathic medical college, Hyderabad.

Temperature data logger by onset computers and software prepared  by greenline was used later, which can permits to take readings of  temperature at an interval of 1 sec. Readings were taken at an interval of  1 mit for ½hour in the night from 8.00pm to 8.30 after synchronizing the  system clock with the website There is no reason in selecting that time, it is the available time for me in Hyderabad.

Medicine after administration acts on Bio -clock control area in  the brain parenchyma and setting the clock according to the time of  medicine. Medicine will have own impression and that impression  transmits to the living organism, now the control mechanisms in living  being are under the control of medicine and fluctuate according to the  medicinal memory.

The process of potentization might have generating electromagnetic  energy, which might carry the information of the basic substance.

The Homeopathic dilutions will have a kind of network of bonds, as  they produced variations in temperature around the clock.

The electromagnetic field around person is subjects to the  electromagnetic field around the earth. So the fluctuations in  physiological parameters in the living being are related with time in tern  the rotation of earth.

It was observed constant fluctuations in physiological parameters  in the human body and living beings, around the clock, month and year.  Those fluctuations are looking to be irregular with time but they are  regular at a given time.Fluctuation in temperature, blood pressure,  pulse, urine quantity, activity of mind, weight of body or any biochemical  values in 24 hrs (around clock) eg –Hb%, wbc, Creatine levels etc.

Wide extensive research is needed in these lines to identify the  Homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic medicines if identified in this way it is possible to  write a computer programme. By which it is easy to identify similar  medicine for patient in a short time, as soon as patient is connected to  device the required medicine at that time would be monitored.

It opines that the solution of medicine contains certain kind of  bonds specific to medicines as for Brian theory of water molecule  clusters. This network of bonds may be similar to the graphs that  obtained from above experiments.

There is a possibility that if a drop of a medicine separated from its  vicinity, the separated drop may also show the same network as if the  whole solution likes an amoeba producing from another amoeba in  vegetative reproduction.

Structure of hydrocarbons should be studied. Procedures to  identify the bonds in between hydrogen atom and carbon atom are need.

The procedure to measure the bond strength should be studied. The  procedures to measure Bond energy are needed.

The procedure to identify alcohol by volumetric analysis is helpful.

If it is possible to measure bond energy in homeopathic dilutions then it enables to design a test of identifying different medicines. Alcohol will  show various colors at various energy levels.


  • This work is helpful to identify the homeopathic medicine among  many samples.
  • It is possible to select similar medicine for a patient at a given time.
  • Relation ship of remedied can be explained with this work.
  • This study may lead to identification of Homeopathic Medicines  without proving.

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