Ready reference to some objective pointers in materia medica

booksDr Soumya Bhattacharyya

Body temperature

  • Heat or hot feet and cold hands– sep.
  • Heat one  hand coldness of the other –dig. , ip., puls.
  • Heat theigh with cold hands and feet – thuja.
  • Heat theigh with cold back with — sulph
  • Heat one foot with coldness of the other – lyco., puls.
  • Coldness f extremities when exertion or excitement-— lach
  • Coldness  of  olecrenon(elbow)— agar.
  • Coldness of wrist –gels
  • Coldness of hand with hot face arn., stram
  • Coldness of foot during headache –sep
  • Coldness foot one other hot – lyc., puls.
  • Coldness foot pregnancy during – lyc., verat
  • One sided rise of temperature
  • One cheek red and hot other pale and cold — acon., chamo.
  • Face cold one side ,the other hot — cham., ip., acet-ac., acon.,kali-c., lach., mosch., nux-v.,
  • One cheek cold and red ,the other hot and pale— mosch.
  • Heat face nose cold — arn.

Skin impression ,feeling

  • Induration of muscels of forearms– sil
  • Induration of muscels of hand – sulph
  • Induration of muscels of palm– caust.,lyc
  • Induration of muscels ,tendon — caust
  • Induration of muscels of leg – mag.c
  • Induration of muscels of sole – ars.
  • Indurations knotty like ropes – bacill.
  • Indurations like nodes under the skin – calc.
  • Skin hard like callosities — graph.,sep.,ant.c., dulc., ran.b,rhus., sil.
  • Skin parchment likears., chin., lith.,lyc.,sars,sil.
  • Skin peeling of-graph., lach., rhus., sil., sep.
  • Skin thickening withant.c, rhus., sep., ars., calc., dulc., graph., lach., lyc., ran.b 


  • Abusive – anac., bell., hyos., lyss., nux-v., petro., sep.,
  • Abusive without being angry — dulc.
  • Abusive scolds untill faints down – mosch.
  • Affectionate — croc., ign., nat-m., nux-v.,puls.
  • Ambition lost(indolence)
  • Loquacious
  • Apathy
  • Cheerful
  • Intollerene of contradiction — aur., ign., lyc., sep.
  • Cowerdice – gels., lyc.
  • Talks in foreign language — stram.
  • Talks of foreign countries in delirium cann-i.
  • Delusions—fingers cut off – mosch.
  • Delusion that the accompaning person does not become his friend — plat.
  • Hideous faces—ambr., bell., cal., op., tarent.
  • Delusion everything will fail(treatment)—arg-n., aur.
  • Delusionhis room is on fire –strtam.
  • Delusion the world is on fire – hep.
  • Delusion that he will be never happy in his home – aur.
  • Despire of social position – verat.
  • Despire of trifles – graph.
  • Destructiveness – bell., camph., cop., hyos., stram., taran., tub., verat.
  • Destructiveness of clothes – bell., camph., ign., stram., sulph., tarant., verat.
  • Destructiveness and cunning – tarant.
  • Dictatorial – aur., camph., lyc., merc.,
  • Disobedience – am-c., chin., dig., lyc., tarant.
  • Dullness—
  • mental exertion from – anac., cal-p., nat-c., nux-v., sulp.
  • — mortification after – staph
  • — from disagreeable news – cal-p.
  • — of old people – bar-c., ambr.
  • — understands questions after repetitions—caust., phos., sulph., zinc. 
  • Dwells on past disagreable occurrances – ambra., benz-ac., cham., chin., coccu., con., nat-m., plat., sep., sulph.
  • Dwells on past disagreeable occurrances after midnight –rhus-t.
  • Recalls old grievences – glon.
  • Egotism –— cal., lach., pall., plat., sil., sulp.
  • Ailments from egotism –— cal., lyc., pall., sulp.
  • Envy—hostility to other’s good—puls., sulp., lac-c.
  • Jealousy – apis., cal-s., hyos., lach., nux-v., puls., staph.
  • Jealousy – foolish— lach.
  • Fastidious – ars., nux-v.(tub.,carcinosin)
  • Cruelty – anac., plat.
  • No moral feeling — anac., kali-br., laur.
  • Malicious — anac., aur.,cal., cupr., hep., lac-c., lyc., nit-ac., nux-v., stram.
  • Hatered — anac., aur., nat-m
  • Hatred persons who has offended — aur., nat-m
  • Hatred unmoved by apologies –
  • Haughty — caust., hyos., ip., lach., lyc., pall., plat., staph.,stram., sulph., verat.
  • Bad effect after indignation – coloc., staph.
  • Lasciviousness – (lewdness) — hyos., lach., lil-t., orig., phos., pic-ac., plat., staph.
  • Wants to be naked – bell., hyosc., phos., sec., stram.,
  • Wants to be naked in delirium— bell., hyos., phos., sec.
  • Nymphomania(morbid uncontrollable sexual desire ) – grat., hyos., lach., orig., plat., stram.
  • Cannot bear to be looked at –ant-c., ant-t., ars., cham.,chin., cina., iod.
  • Aggravation while narrating her symptoms – cal., puls.
  • Love of power – lyco
  • Precocity – (over early development of mind)—merc.
  • Indifferent –
  •  – lies with eyes closed – sep
  •  – about his recovery—cal
  •  – her children – lyc., phos., sep.
  •  – to his sufferings – hell., op., stram.
  • Indignation — (justified anger caused by injustice.) —ars., cal-p.,coloc., staph.


  • furious hep.
  • clapping of hands – bell., stram.
  • as if intoxicated – hyos.,(ant-c)
  • plays with fingers – hyos.
  • stamps on feet – ant-c., stram., verat.
  • Causticum – extreme sympathy for sufferings
  • Ipecac – humour—haughtyness.
  • Hyosciamus – inclination to laugh at everything.
  • Lachesis — frantic loquacity with elevated language.
  • Lycopodium – disposition to be very haughty when sick. Mistrustful does not understand anything one says to them.mild and submissive in otherwise healthy condition.
  • Palladium – greatly inclined to use strong language and violent expressions.fond of good openion of others, wants to be flattered.easily wounded pride.imagines herself neglected.
  • Platinum — pride and self conceit with contempt( vanity, disregard ) for others.evenfor those who are most beloved and respected.he has delusion of senses.feeling as of being too large, and on the contrary all others things and persons seem to be too small and too low. Mania with great pride
  • Staphisagria – illusion as if all surrending objects  were lower and the patient himself much taller than the reality.
  • Stramonium — insanity, delusion of fancies,in which all  surrounding objects appear to be very small and the sufferer himself very large.talking conversations with specters affection of importance.
  • Sulphur – egoistic – dwells on religious or philosophical speculations.mania with a settled idea of having all things in abundance.possessing  beautiful things. Foolish happiness and pride.
  • Veratrum album
  •  amativeness, haughtiness, delirium, madness.
  •  he hunts up other peoples weak side and reproaches(rebukes) them.
  •  never speaks the truth . Erroneous and haughty notions.
  •  things himself distinguished,squanders his money, proud of his positions.
  •  extravagant(spending unnecessary money ) and haughty ideas and action.
  • Arsenic alb —- indignation from disorder , with anxiety and chillyness.dissatisfied and angry  with himself all day, thinks he has not accomplished enough, and reproaches himself bitterly.
  • Staphisagria — great indignation about things done by others or by himself grieves about consequences.
  • Hypochondriasis, apthy,weak memory caused by unmerited insults.
  • Sufferings from pride, envy or chagrin, very sensetive least impression, least word that seems wrong hurts her very much. Ailments from indignation and vexation or subdued displeasure.
  • Calc-phos – inclined to indignation and anger.
  • After vexation depressed,cannot work,walks as if lame, looseness of bowels.involantary sighing.does not want to do what he has to do.
  • Colocynthis — indignation with silent internal grief. Affection from anger with indignation perticularly vomiting diarrhoea and suppression of menses.
  • Extremely irritable and impatient.nothing seems right,gets angry when questioned.becomes offeneded at everything.
  • Anger with indignation and extreme irritability, throws things out of his hand. 


  • Babbling(speaking like a baby)-hyos.
  • Childish –arg-n.
  • Hasty – hep., hyos., lach., merc.
  • Hesitating — nux-m.
  • Monosyllabic — nux-v., ph-ac., sul-ac., thuj.
  • Slow – hell., lach.,
  • Sulky(aloop) — ant-c., caust., con., kali-c., nux-v., plat.
  • Unsympathic — dig.
  • When very sick says well —- apis., arn.


  • Asthma-
  • Bending head backwards ameliorate — cham.,spong., verat.
  • Leaning backwards aggravates— psor
  • Rocking >— kali.c
  • Must rise up and bend head backwards > — hep.
  • Bending forwards < — spig
  • Bending forwards >— ars., kali-c., kali-bi., lach., spong.,
  • Lying while > cal-p., chel., dig., psorin.,
  • > by arms outwards stretched — psorin.
  • Lying on back>— cact., kalm.
  • Shoulders elevated > cact.,
  • On knee elbow > medo.
  • Lying on side< — ars., puls.
    >-  alum
    >- lying on right side – spig.
                               >-  lying on left side – caust.,
  • can only breath when standing – cann-sat.,
  • talking after  < — lach., spong., sulph.
  • talking > –ferr.

Sleep position

  • on abdomen — bell., coloc., stram.,
  • on abdomen with arms under the head — cocc.
  • sleeps with arms over the head — lac-c., med., nux-v., puls.
  • sleeps with arms under the head — nux-v., puls.
  • sleeps with arms on abdomen — cocc., puls.,
  • sleeps with hands flat under occiput— ars., ign.,
  • with hand over the head — lac-c.
  • slleps on knees with face forced into the pillow — med.
  • limbs crossed –— rhod.
  • automatic motions
  • automatic motion of fingers — zinc.
  • —– of toes — opium.
  • —– of  theigh — opium.
  • —– of legs     — hell


  • motion hanging out — lach., sil.
  • —lapping — bufo
  • — side to side — hell., lyco.
  • ring worm — nat-m.
  • ulcer on tongue —
  • —- blue— ars.
  • —- yellow — aloe., cup., hell.,plb.,
  • –ulcer in centre — fl-ac.
  • ——- edges — nit-ac., thuj.
  • ——- under — fl-ac., grap., lyc., galic.


  • cracked—finger— ant-c., nat-m., sil.
  • discoloration
  • — black — ars., graph.
  • — blood setteles underneath — apis.
  • — blue— arg-n., champ., carb-v., nux-v., verat.
  • — dark — morph., ox-ac.
  • — gray — merc-c.,sil.
  • purple — apis., ars.
  • white — cupr., nit-ac.
  • — yellow — con., sep., sil.
  • brittle
  • – finger nails — alum.,ambr.,fl-ac., graph., nit-ac., psor., sil., sulph., thuj.
  • – toe nails — sil., thuj.
  • thick — ant-c., graph., sil., ust.
  • thin nails — op., ars.


  • anxious — acon., aeth., ars., borax., camph., chin-s., lac-c., verat., sulph., lyc.
  • astonished — acon., bell., cann-s., stram.
  • childish — anac., nux-m.
  • cold,distant — puls.
  • confused — aeth., bufo., lyc.,
  • distrtessed — ars., cact.,crot.,iod., nux-m., stram.,
  • foolish — bar-c., bufo., lyc., phos., nux-m., stram.,
  • frightened — acon., stram.,
  • happy— apis., op.,
  • idiotic — agar., cal., lach., laur., lyc.,
  • intoxicated — bufo., gels., lach., nux-v., stram., (ant-c)
  • sickly — ars., cina., lach ., lyc..
  • sleepy — cann-i., nux-m., op.
  • sullen — alum., nux-v
  • wild look (eyes) — bell., lyss., nux-v.,m anac., ars., lach., stram.
  • besotted — bapt.,
  • multiple small warts around nose — caust
  • tip of nose red — bor.,carb-an., lach., sulp., .
  • red lips — sul., tub.,
  • yellow saddle across nose— sep.
  • wings of nose red — sin-n
  • face brownish red in spots — aur

A Selection from NASH……

  1. “Eruptions oozing out a thick, honey-like fluid. – Graph
  2. Bed feels so hot she cannot lie on it; moves often in search of a cool place; must be uncovered – Opium
  3. “He lies in a stupor or in a stupid sleep, unconscious of all that is going on around him, but when aroused is fully conscious.-
  4. “A narrow, well-defined red streak right through the middle of the tongue.”- Verat-v.
  5. “Affections of any mucous membrane with discharges of tough, stringy, adherent mucus, which can be drawn out into long strings.-
  6. Sufferings in the back aggravated by fatigue.”- Berberis
  7. “An incessant, violent fidgety feeling in the feet or lower limbs; must move them constantly.” – Zinc
  8. The hands chap, crack and bleed, and are all covered with eczema during the winter and get well in summer.- Petr
  9. Child is well one minute and sick the next, and one very characteristic symptom in these cases is, the child is very hot, with red face and semi-stupor, but every little while starts or jumps in sleep as if it might go into spasms.- Bell
  10. Vomiting of large quantities and intense thirst; water is vomited the moment it reaches the stomach; food is retained a little longer – Bismuth
  11. Persons who have never recovered from effects of some previous illness or injury; suppression by Quinine or drugging; typhoid or yellow fever.- Carbo.v
  12. eczema, which is raw, inflamed, and especially worse at the edges of the hair.- Nat.mur
  13. “Nausea, distressing, constant, with almost all complaints, as if from the stomach, with empty eructations, accumulation of much saliva, qualmishness and efforts to vomit,” nothing relieves. – Ip
  14. Constant urging to urinate; goes down on his knees with strain; pain runs down thighs – Pareira brava
  15. One very prominent characteristic in eye troubles for this remedy is a tendency to an accumulation of sticky mucus on the cornea, which is removed by winking. – Euphr.
  16. throbbing headache, seeming to arise from the neck, is very characteristic, and the throbbing is not a mere sensation but is visible in the carotid arteries. – Glon
  17. “Wants bread and butter; meat disagrees, Beer or tea also disagrees.- Ferr
  18. “Patients often pick and bore into the raw surfaces, though doing so gives great pain, and they scream with it but keep up the boring.” – Arum t.
  19. “Awakes out of sleep from a sense of suffocation, with violent, loud cough, great alarm, agitation, anxiety and difficult respiration” is a key-note, and is frequently met in valvular affections. – Spong
  20. diarrhoea of undigested food, and the best indication for it is involuntary stool when emitting flatus – Oleander
  21. “Bad taste in the mouth, especially early in the morning, or nothing tastes good, or no taste at all.” – Puls
  22. “Burning, biting and smarting of the eyes as if from smoke, wants to rub them.”- All- c
  23. “Great coldness of the external surface, with sudden and complete prostration of the vital forces.”- Camph
  24. The convulsions of this remedy are peculiar, in that the eyes turn downward instead of up or sidewise.- Aethusa
  25. Pains appear in small spots, which can be covered by a silver dollar or the point of the finger, especially in the sick headache, which is preceded by blindness.-
  26. Sensation as if every breath would be his last is very characteristic, and occurs not only in dropsical troubles of the chest, but seems also to be a nervous symptom.- Apis
  27. The eyes feel weary and ache as if strained, or they burn like balls of fire.- Ruta
  28. The milk comes up as soon as swallowed, by a great effort, after which the child becomes greatly relaxed and drowsy; or if the milk stays down longer it finally comes up in very sour curds, so large that it would seem almost impossible the child could have ejected them.- Aethusa
  29. the chill began in the small of the back and spread from there up and downward, which is a keynote – Eupatorium
  30. Food lies in the stomach all day and is vomited at night.- Ferr.met
  31. the patient throws himself into all shapes corresponding to his changeable delirium, crosswise, lengthwise, rolled up like a ball, or stiffened out by turns, or, especially, repeatedly jerks up suddenly his head from the pillow.- Stram
  32. the stool partly protruding and then slipping back, as though the general weakness of the patient affected the expulsive power of the rectum, or else the bowels become very persistently loose, especially during dentition or the hot weather of summer. – Sil
  33. There are other remedies for fright, prominent among which are Acon., Opium, Ignatia, Veratrum album,
  34. Corns and callosities on soles, with excessive tenderness; can only walk with pain and suffering.- Ant. c
  35. In any haemorrhages, seeming to be in sympathy with heart trouble, think of Cactus.
  36. “Menses too soon, too profuse, too long lasting, with fiery red face, ringing in the ears (China), flow pale, watery and debilitating.”- Ferrum
  37. Vital forces nearly exhausted, cold surface, especially from knees down to feet; lies motionless, as if dead; breath cold; pulse intermittent, thready; cold sweat on limbs.- Carbo.v
  38. Thick eruptions like pocks, often pustular; as large as a pea.- Ant.t
  39. “After eating: sour taste, pressure in the stomach an hour or two afterward, with hypochondriacal mood, pyrosis, tightness about waist; must loosen clothing confused, cannot use mind two or three hours after a meal, epigastrium bloated, with pressure as from a stone in the stomach.” – Nux vom
  40. “Child `good’ all day; screaming, restless and very troublesome at night”- Jalapa
  41. there is a feeling of fullness, dryness, and sticking as if the rectum was full of sticks.- Aesc
  42. Then the spine is very irritable, sensitive to touch, yet relieved by hard pressure, with weakness of the limbs, fluttering of the heart, even half paralyzed extremities.- Nat.mur
  43. The remarkable hunger relieved by eating, with progressive emaciation, is the first in importance.- Iod
  44. Great thirst, but water disagrees, causing pain, or is immediately thrown off; sinking feeling at pit of stomach- Apoc
  45. Crampy pain in sciatic nerve, from hip down posterior portion of thigh; amel. from hard pressure and from heat; agg. in repose, driving patient desperate.- Coloc
  46. “Walking slowly about relieves.”- Ferr
  47. Osteitis or caries with this exceeding sensitiveness to contact – Asaf
  48. Moaning and sliding down in the bed from excessive weakness; lower jaw fallen, tongue dry, leathery and shrunken to a third of its natural size, and paralyzed; pulse weak and intermittent. –
  49. Fall dysenteries when the days are warm and nights cold; stools shreddy and bloody, like scrapings. Colch
  50. After taking cold the neck gets stiff, back painful, and limbs lame, or the throat gets sore and quinsy results, with stiff tongue and jaws; the tongue may even become paralyzed. – Dulc.
  51. One of the most characteristic symptoms is found in the tongue, especially in diseases of a typhoid type; namely, puts the tongue out with great difficulty; it is very dry; trembles and catches under lower teeth.- Lachesis
  52. This feeling of fullness seems to be a sort of general characteristic of, but is especially prominent in the pelvic cavity. These symptoms are often found in conjunction with other affections besides hæmorrhoids, such as uterine displacements, and inflammations; and some very bad forms of leucorrhoea have been promptly cured by this remedy.- AEsculus
  53. Diarrhoea preceded by colic, only in the day-time.- phos
  54. great remedies for arthritic troubles with the urinary symptoms.- Benzoic acid and Berberis
  55. Bad teeth and gums “from way back,” foetid corrosive discharges; great debility and haemorrhagic tendency, should always call to mind this remedy. – Kreos
  56. The symptom that led to the prescription was that the pain, itching and burning were all greatly aggravated in the warmth of the bed and at night.- Merc.sol
  57. “extreme aversion to tobacco smoke- Ign
  58. Restlessness, anguish, great prostration; pale with blue rings around the eyes; surface covered with sweat, but it is warm sweat.- Bismuth
  59. Under stool and rectum occur some very characteristic symptoms also, for instance: Stools profuse, watery, pouring away as from a hydrant, with lumps of white mucus, like grains of tallow.- Phos
  60. Hunger for oxygen, decarbonized blood; cries, “fan me, fan me hard!” – Carbo.veg
  61. Violent itching over the body, without any visible eruption; jaundice; white stools.- Dolichos
  62. We will now take up what I call the trio of restless remedies, viz: Aconite, Arsenicum and Rhus toxicodendron.
  63. “Bowels feel sore as if they had been bruised, or as if he had taken cathartics; undigested, painless stools at night, or while eating or drinking.”- Ferrum
  64. The gastric troubles of this remedy are often accompanied with a burning of tongue, throat, oesophagus and stomach, and, if diarrhoea is present, with burning of the anus.- Iris
  65. Regurgitations or eructations, or vomiting of food at night that has stayed in the stomach all day; undigested painless diarrhoea.- Ferr. met
  66. When the child nurses the pain radiates all over the body.- Phyto
  67. “Catamenia too late and scanty, or suppressed, particularly by getting feet wet,” and “Painful menstruation with great restlessness, tossing in every possible direction.” and we have already mentioned the changeable characteristics in the flow of the menses, viz., they stop, and flow, stop and flow again, etc – Puls
  68. Tendency to painful cramps, with all pains.- Coloc
  69. Pain in right pectoral region; cough with expectoration of an offensive, herby taste.- Borx
  70. benign suppurations are inclined to become ichorous, the swellings to become schirrous in character. –
  71. The gums are very painful, swell, look dark-red or blue, and the teeth decay almost as soon as they are born – Kreos
  72. Cough with inability to raise the mucus, it must be swallowed; but the most characteristic symptom all through the cough and chest symptoms is the sensation of soreness and rawness accompanying them.- Caust.
  73. The center of action of this remarkable remedy is in the liver, and its most characteristic symptom is a fixed pain (dull or sharp) under the lower inner angle of the right shoulder blade.- Chelidonium
  74. It has a very characteristic indication for its administration, viz.: “Great and sudden desire to urinate,” children stand and jump right up and down from pain and urging.- Petros
  75. “Symptoms ever changing, ailments affecting one organ, then another, the lungs, brain, kidneys, liver, stomach, nervous system—- beginning suddenly, ceasing suddenly.”- Tuber
  76. “wandering pains shift rapidly from one part to another, also with swelling and redness of the joints.” – Puls.
  77. a very characteristic symptom in the Aloe diarrhoea is “Great rumbling in the abdomen just before stool,” and the feeling of weight in the rectum, but is also felt through the whole pelvis and abdomen.- Aloe
  78. Frequent urging to urinate, scanty; urine sometimes thick, foetid, viscid, jelly-like.- Coloc
  79. “Headache as if a nail were driven out through the side of the head relieved by lying on it”.- Ign
  80. Colic pain begins at umbilicus and radiates to all parts of the body, even extremities.- Dios
  81. great quantities of ropy mucus in the urine.- Chimaphila umbellate
  82. The gums break down, become spongy, bleed on touching or sucking them or become retracted from the teeth, lower incisors, and are painfully sensitive or sore on chewing or even pressing the teeth hard together.- Carbo.v
  83. Palpitation; day or night; worse when walking and lying on left side; approach of menses – Cact
  84. “Catamenia a few days before time, and rather too copious, or keeping on several days longer with complaints at the onset, which remain until after it is over.” – Nux vom
  85. Old suppurating, bluish colored  offensive buboes.
  86. haemorrhages from the pelvic organs, is the marked violent irritation of the rectum and bladder. Erigeron
  87. A very common and troublesome symptom found in connection with troubles of the genital organs, both male and female, is backache, which is very peculiar, in that it is always worse at night in bed and in the morning before rising. – Staph
  88. Periodical affections, especially every other day.- China
  89. Aconite has burning in internal parts in acute inflammatory affections in their first stage, with the characteristic fear and restlessness.
  90. Cough with profuse, thick, green, salty expectoration, from deep down, as if from mid-sternum, with pain through to back; great weakness and night sweats.- Kali.iod
  91. after the stage of effusion has set in or even later when this stage is passed and the results of the inflammatory process are to be gotten rid of; like the enlargement of the joints in rheumatism, exudations into serous sacs, pleura, meningeal membranes, peritoneum, etc.- Sulph
  92. alternating with or sometimes even in conjunction with the pains numbness, tingling, or formication.- Acon
  93. “Debility and other complaints after loss of blood or other fluids, particularly by nursing or salivation, bleeding, cupping, etc., or whites, seminal emissions, etc.”- China
  94. This burning of the alimentary canal is very characteristic of this drug.- Iris
  95. As if legs were floating in the air. – Sticta
  96. “Lively fancies, full of plans for the future.” – Coff
  97. No remedy has more decided action upon the anus, and one very characteristic symptom is, “great pain after passage of stool, even soft stool. –
  98. But they soon found that however useful it might be in some cases of inflammatory fever, it was of no use in typhoids.-Acon
  99. “Full of wind; flatulence with eructations all pressing upward, but none downward. – Asaf.
  100. Canine hunger, alternates with complete loss of appetite. – Ferr.met
  101. One of the characteristic symptoms is the constant backache of such a nature that the patient feels all the time that the back and legs must give out.- Kali carb
  102. Blood decomposed, sediment like charred straw.- Lach.
  103. Colic, which might be styled “habitual colic,”  in scrawny, ugly, pot-bellied children, and especially if they suffer much with their teeth, which turn black, with tender, spongy gums, which are sensitive and painful. – Staph
  104. “Very easily frightened, shrieks about imaginary appearances; cannot bear to be touched; starts when touched ever so lightly, especially on the feet.”- Kali.c
  105. Constant dull backache, affecting sacrum and hips, much aggravated by walking or stooping. – Aesc
  106. Constipation; faeces slender, long, dry, tough like dog stools. – Phos
  107. The patient sits down to the table very hungry, but the first few mouthfuls fill him right up and he feels distressingly full; in a Pickwickian sense “too full for utterance.” Lyc
  108. It is especially indicated if in addition to the thirst, voracious hunger and profuse urine loaded with sugar there are rheumatic pains in the joints. –
  109. Cough during chill in intermittents is a characteristic – Rhus-t
  110. Excruciating pain, running from nipple to scapula; of same side when child nurses.- Crot.t
  111. It is one of our best remedies in menorrhagia, when there is “severe pain in the back, down the thighs and through the hips, with heavy pressing down,”- Cimc
  112. cough, with stitching pain through left lung just below left nipple.- Rumex
  113. “Ears, face, nose, toes and skin in general are affected with a redness, itching and burning as if from being frozen.”- Agar
  114. “Mania with desire to cut and tear things, especially clothes with lewdness and lascivious talk, religious or amorous.”- veratrum album
  115. “Skin has a dirty dingy look, as if the patient never washed, and the body has a filthy smell even after a bath.”- Psor
  116. “Sudden and rapid sinking of vital force; to complete prostration; cold sweat, especially upon the face and forehead; cold breath; face hippocratic; nose pointed and cold, a picture of general collapse – veratrum album.
  117. Deafness is prominent, and is peculiar, in that it is especially deafness to the human voice,- Phos
  118. Dunham writes: “Aconite is never to be given first to subdue the fever and then some other remedy ‘to meet the case’ never to be alternated with other drugs for the purpose, as is often alleged, of ‘controlling the fever’.
  119. Eczema capitis, cracks, exudes and wets the hair, strong urine like cat’s urine. – Viola-o
  120. convulsions during dentition or worms if Cina does not help.- Cicuta
  121. Feels as if floating in the air – Valer
  122. Dementia senilis; fears imaginary things, being poisoned, etc.; sees persons and things that are not present; foolish laughter.- Hyos
  123. blood stagnates in the capillaries, causing blueness, coldness and ecchymoses; the patient so weak he cannot breathe without being constantly fanned.- Carbo.v
  124. “Violent degree of dyspnoea, with wheezing and great weight and anxiety about the praecordia.”- Ip
  125. dysentery where the stools have by some other remedy changed from an appearance “like scrapings” to the jelly-like form.-
  126. Great fullness and weight in whole abdomen, with feeling of weight in rectum and haemorrhoids protruding like a bunch of grapes; amel. by cold water applied. – Aloe
  127. He is cold, or, as Hering puts it, there is “want of vital warmth, even when taking exercise.” – Sil.
  128. The grand central characteristic of this remedy is found in the urine, which is scanty, of a dark brown color (like French brandy), the urinous odor being highly intensified. –
  129. Hering’s card expresses it thus: “Styes, nodosities, chalaza on eyelids, one after another, sometimes ulcerating.”- Staph
  130. “Uncomfortable distention of the abdomen, with a wish to belch up, or a sensation as if the abdomen were packed full, not in the least relieved by eructation.” – China
  131. Sometimes stool can only be passed by bearing down with the abdominal muscles – Mag.mur
  132. If the case still progresses unfavorably there is an appearance of sunkenness in the face with linea nasalis, which is a surface of pearly whiteness on the upper lip, bounded by a distinct line from the outer nasal orifice to the angles of the mouth. – This last symptom is more characteristic of AEthusa than any other remedy.
  133. Insecurity of rectum; rectum feels full of heavy fluid, which will fall out, and does, if he does not go to stool immediately.- Aloe
  134. It has a peculiar symptom of the throat, the food swallowed comes up immediately as if it had never reached the stomach- Phos
  135. The vomiting is often of the ropy character, and here also, as in nose, mouth and throat, we may have formed “round ulcers.-
  136. It has constant and frequent sneezing, with profuse acrid discharge, which burns and corrodes the nose and upper lip, and it is worse in the evening and indoors and better in open air.- All-c
  137. Especially adapted to persons inclined to obesity; particularly females who delay menstruation.- Graph
  138. 174.Burning. Ars., Canth., Caps., Phos., Sul. ac.
  139. 174.Coldness (sensation). Calc. ost., Ars. alb., Cistus, Helod.
  140. 174.Coldness (objective). Camph., Sec., Verat., Helod.
  141. 174.Fullness (sensation). Aesc hip., Chin., Lyc.
  142. 174.Emptiness (sensation). Cocc., Phos., Sep.
  143. 174.Bearing-down. Bell., Lil. t., Sep., etc.
  144. 174.Bruised soreness. Arn., Bapt., Eup perf., Pyr., Ruta.
  145. 174.Constriction. Cact., Coloc., Anac.
  146. 174.Prostration or weariness. Gels., Pic. ac., Phos. ac.
  147. 174.Numbness. Acon., Cham., Plat., Rhus t.
  148. 174.Erratic pains. Lac c., Puls., Tub.
  149. 174.Sensitiveness to pain. Acon., Cham., Coff.
  150. 174.Sensitive to touch. Chin., Hep., Lach.
  151. 174.Bone pains. Aur., Asaf., Eup. perf., Merc.
  152. 174.Sticking or stitching pains. Bry., Kali., Squil.
  153. 174.Pulsation or throbbing. Bell., Glon., Melil.
  154. 174.Haemorrhages (passive). Ham., Sec., Crot-h., Elaps.
  155. 174.Haemorrhages (active). Ferr. p., Ip., Phos.
  156. 174.Emaciation. Iod., Nat. m., Lyc., Sars., etc.
  157. 174.Leucophlegmasia. Calc. ost., Graph., Caps.
  158. 174.Constitutions (psoric). Sulph., Psor., etc.
  159. 174.Constitutions (sycotic). Thuj, Nit. a., Med., etc.
  160. 174.Constitutions (syphilitic). Merc., Iodide potassium, Syph., etc.
  161. 174.Blue swellings. Lach., Puls., Tarant. C.
  162. Vertigo on turning the head, Con., Calc., Kali c.
  163.  – – – moving the head, Bry., Calc., Con.
  164.  – – – looking up, Puls, Sil.
  165.  – – – looking down, Phos., Spig., Sulph.
  166.  – – from odor of flowers, Nux v., Phos.
  167.  – – on watching, or loss of sleep, Cocc., Nux.
  168.  – – – the least noise, Ther.
  169.  – – while walking, Nat.m. , Nux-v., Phos., Puls.
  170.  – – – studying, Nat.m.
  171.  – – – or after eating, Grat., Nux v., Puls.
  172.  – – as if whirling, Bry., Con., Cycl., Puls.
  173.  – – – the bed turned, Con.
  174.  – – with fainting, Nux v.
  175.  – – – staggering, Arg.n. , Gels., Nux v., Phos.
  176.  – – – dimness of sight, Cycl., Gels., Nux v.
  177.  – – when rising from seat, Bry., Phos.
  178.  – – – – – stooping, Bell.
  179.  – – – – – bed, Bry., Chel., Cocc.
  180.  – – – stooping, Bell., Nux-v., Puls., Sulph.
  181.  – – – ascending, Calc.
  182.  – – – descending, Bor., Ferr.
  183.  – – – lying, Con.
  184.  – – must lie down, Bry., Cocc., Phos., Puls.
  185.  – – occipital, Gels., Sil., Petr.
  186.  – – after sleep, Lach.
  187.  – – – suppressed menses, Cycl., Puls.
  1. Fiery, excited temperament, thin, irritable, choleric persons, with dark hair, and those who have made prolonged mental exertions, or those of sedentary habits.- Nux vom.
  2. Suffocative; feels as if every breath would be his last, especially in dropsical conditions or hot stage of intermittents. – Apis
  3. Prolapsus from atony, enervated by indolence and luxury; worn out with hard work, mental or physical; muscles burn and ache; so tired cannot sleep – Helon
  4. It is also a remedy of first importance for twitchings, from simple twitching in face, eyelids (especially) and extremities, to severe cases of chorea. – Agar
  5. Loose cough, with badly smelling sputa; the breath and sputa smelling badly to the patient himself.- Sang
  6. Menses every two weeks, lasting a week and very profuse. – trill.
  7. Opium and Stramonium have painlessness oftener than pain.
  8. pain beginning in the back and going around to loins and to uterus, ending in cramps there, is the most remarkable indication. – Viburnum.o
  9. Prolapsus, worse during stool, so weak she drops into a chair instead of sitting down – Stann.met
  10. Small unsatisfactory quantity passed at a time, or bloody urine.- Canth
  11. Palpitation is so violent as often to be visible to the eye through the clothes, shaking the whole chest, and the sounds are often audible several inches away.
  12. Periosteal rheumatism, where the pains are especially worse in wet weather, sometimes finds a remedy in –  Phytolacca.
  13. Solid stool, passing (in large balls) away involuntarily and unnoticed.- Aloe
  14. It has quite a reputation for arresting paroxysms of epilepsy and resuscitating patients sinking under anesthetics.- Amyl.n
  15. Head rolling from side to side on the pillow, with screams; great stupidity or soporous sleep; greedy drinking of water; wrinkled forehead with cold sweat; motion of jaws, as chewing something; dilated pupils, and often cannot be made to see or hear, or be made to sense anything at all; continual motion of one arm and leg, while the other lies as if paralyzed; urine scanty or entirely suppressed, sometimes sediment like coffee grounds.- Hell
  16. Slugs and clinkers form in the nose, which form again and again after removal.-
  17. Stools loose, blackish, smelling like carrion, or no stool or urine.- Stram.
  18. Sometimes this jelly-like mucus (Kali bich) comes in great masses, or “gobs”, and drops out of the rectum almost unnoticed. – Aloe
  19. Stools involuntarily oozing from a constantly open anus, or dysenteric stools with wide-open anus and great tenesmus.- Phos
  20. Atony; stools passed with great difficulty, even when soft; urine flows slowly, must wait for it, then drops vertically down without force.- Hepar
  21. the child smells sour all over despite the greatest care in regard to cleanliness., Rheum, Hepar and Magnesia
  22. The chills were very violent and were followed by intense fever with great loquacity.- Podo
  23. “Wrist-drop” paralysis of the extensor muscles. – Plumbum.m
  24. The constitution, temperament and age of the patient are of great importance, for it is particularly adapted to feeble, thin, scrawny, cachectic women of lax muscular fibre, subject to passive haemorrhages from all outlets of the body; also old, decrepit persons – Sec.cor
  25. Great accumulation of mucus in the air passages, with coarse rattling with inability to expectorate; impending paralysis of lungs. – Ant t.
  26. Pains in the long bones, especially the tibia, are sometimes greatly relieved by this remedy.- Mez
  27. spasms or convulsions, and is especially adapted to spasmodic affections originating in mental causes, as after fright, punishment of children or other strong emotions.- Ign
  28. ulcers are “deep as if cut with a punch, edges regular. –
  29. She is always better if she can get her mind off herself; dragging weakness in sacral region; various displacements of womb, but more especially prolapsus; pain in the back with lameness, stiffness and weight, and heat or burning in lumbar region; back feels tired and weak; continual consciousness of a womb, it is so sore and tender – Helon
  30. distinct consciousness of a heart – Pyrogen
  31. One symptom of this remedy that has proved to be a valuable keynote for its administration is: “sensation of coldness in the back, between the shoulders.” – Ammonium muriaticum
  32. One side paralyzed, the other convulsed. – Stram
  33. Rheumatic troubles, which are agg. in fall or spring, when the air is full of melting snow. Calc- p
  34. When dropping off to sleep the breath stops, the patient awakens catching for it, with a gasp, cannot get to sleep on this account. – Grindelia
  35. The attacks come on suddenly in the night; child turns blue, gasps for breath and seems as if almost dying. – Sambu
  36. Very sad, hopeless, despondent; “bluest of the blue.” – Psor.
  37. Cramping pains. Cupr., Coloc., Mag. p..

1) Kent J.T., Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica,    Enriched   Indian Edition Prepared from Sixth American Edition. Edited By Dr Kent.C.L. B.Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi-110055. Reprint ed. 2001.


  1. ASAFOETIDA,hypersensitive hysterical types are affected by every impression thus prone to secretions by irritation tissues if suppressed like diarrhoea expectoration etc further complicates,KEY note is intraocular inflammations numb pain left forehead due to venous stasis fetid flatus,best is be thick skinned why react to impressions,thus bald headed is best no comb no hair oil required,all pathies end result disgusting if cause not handled.

  2. healthy person when irritated,blood rushes to head sweating on forehead will also be warm or hot belladona types.weary person as after acute diseases haemorrhages etc lacks metabolic heat production capability so when irritated bad mood will have cold clammy forehead sweat,CHIN ARSENIC 30c is wonder drug to pump vital heat production and provide adrenal gland strength,wants worm food gastralgia after hard food even nausea,gushing hot tears but forehead sweat cold,best tonic for anemic personality who cannot bear even minor external irritating factors.Kent says remedy for worn out by day night continuous anxiety.if it is wonder drug kent language can be understood by fifth pass why common man is not helped,i got answer one english chap writer natural forces if against you they will not allow to catch right path.

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