Involvement of ISM&H in National Health Programmes

8.1.1. The National Health Policy of 1983 envisages integration of ISM & H with the modem system  of medicine.

8.1.2. The Department has prepared a capsule containing basic concepts and fundamentals of ISM&H  for   incorporation   in   MBBS   curricula.   This   has   been   forwarded   to   Medical   Council   of  India  for  appropriate further action.

8.1.3.   The  Department    is  exploring  the  areas  of  actual  involvement   in  the National  Health Programme through ISM & H.

8.2. ISM & Homoeopathy component in Central Government Health Scheme

8.2.1. India has a rich heritage by way of its ancient systems of medicine such as Ayurveda, Siddha,  Unani, Yoga & Naturopathy. These systems of medicines and its practices are well accepted by the  Community and have their own areas of strength. Medicines are easily available and prepared from  locally available resources, economical, and comparatively safe from side effects. Because of this fact  the   Central   Government   Health   Scheme,   introduced   in   1954   with   only   Allopathic   dispensaries   has  introduced ISM & H component in its net work.

Indian Systems of medicine in Reproductive and Child Health  Programme (RCH).

8.4.1.   Considering   that   about   half   of   the   population   according   to   some   estimates   depends   on   the  Indian    Systems    of  Medicine    for  Health   Care,   the  Reproductive     &   Child   Health   for  the  whole population   of   the   country   cannot   be   assured   without   involving   the   Indian   Systems   in   a   large   and  meaningful   manner.   The   Ayurveda   and   Unani   Systems   in   this   regard   are   particularly   important.

About 5 Lac practitioners of these disciplines mostly in the non-governmental sector are spread out in  different parts of the country. These systems have the additional advantage that a large proportion of  their practitioners are located in the rural areas where the reach of the modem system is weakest. The  Indian Systems are know to have many efficacious practices and remedies for a number of conditions  of   women   and   children.   These   systems   generally   do   not   have   any   side   effects.   Steps   have   been  initiated for introducing Ayurvedic/Unani drugs, which are efficacious and safe in RCH programmes.

7 drugs of Ayurveda and Unani have been introduced in RCH programme. There are three specific  programmes on ISM which will be implemented under the RCH Programme.

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