Materia Medica Workshop – II

studentssMateria Medica Workshop – II

1. ‘Tuberculinum’ was proved by

(a) Heath (b) Fincke (c) Fincke & Swan (d) Heath & Fincke

2. Medorrhinum is otherwise known as

(b)   Leuticum (b) Pestinum (c) Aviaire (d) Glinicum

3. First nosode introduced to Homoeopathy

(c)    Ambra grisea (b) Psorinum (c) Variolinum (d) Syphilinum

4. ‘Aviare’ is prepared from

(d)   T.B of cattle (b) T.B. of bone tissue (c) T.B. of chicken (d) T.B. of skin

5. Match the following


A. Mutabile (Bach)                 1. Natrum mur

B. Proteus (Bach)                    2. Sepia

C. (Bach)                    3. Pulsatilla

D. faecalis (Bach)                   4. Ars alb

(a)    A – 3, B – 4, C – 1, D – 2             (b) A – 2, B – 1, C – 4, D – 3

(c) A – 2, B – 4, C – 1, D – 3 (d) A – 3, B – 1, C – 4, D – 2

6. “Koumyss” is prepared from

(e)    Ass’s milk (b) Cat’s milk (c) Curd (d) Milk cream

7. Which among the following is a natural Impoderabilia drug

(f)    Electricitas (b) Radium bromide (c) Magnetis poli ambo (d) X-ray

8. Thyroidinum is prepared from the healthy thyroid tissue of which animal

(g)    Man (b) Sheep (c) Pig (d) Mice

9. Hering prepared Lyssin from the saliva of rabid dog by which method

(h)   Trituration of sugar of milk saturated with saliva

(i)     Trituration of cane sugar saturated with saliva

(j)     By potentisation using 1 drop of saliva and 99 drops of alcohol

(k)   By potentisation using 2 drops of saliva and 98 drops of alcohol

10. Dr.Hahnemann proved Ambra grisea in the year

(l)     1827 (b) 1828 (c) 1832 (d) 1833

11. “Sal ammoniac” is the common name of

(a)    Amm carb (b) Amm mur (c) Amm causticum (d) Amm phos

12. Complemenary medicine of “Animal charcoal” is

(a)    Carbo veg (b) Drosera (c) Calc phos (d) Phosphorus

13. Chemical formula of Hepar sulph is

(a)    Ca2S (b) CaS.2H2O (c) CaS2   (d) CaS

14. “Brim stone” is the common name of

(a)    Sulphur (b) Silicia (c) Alumina (d) Calc ars

15. Common name of Petroleum is

(a)    Coal oil

(b)    Coal oil; Anthracite

(c)    Coal oil; Anthracite; Black lead

(d)    Coal oil; Anthracite; Black lead; Wood tar

16. Chemical formula of Mag carb is;

(e)    MgCO(b) MgCO3.H2O (c) MgCO3.2H2O (d) MgCO3.3H2O

17. “Plumbago” is the common name of;

(a)    Graphites (b) Plumb met (c) Glonoine (d) Gun powder

18. Which among the following is prepared from mineral spring water?

(a)    Sanicula

(b)    Sanicula; Wiesbaden

(c)    Sanicula; Wiesbaden; Skukum chuck

(d)    Sanicula; Wiesbaden; Skukum chuck; Selenium

19. Which among the following is a medicine prepared from Organic acid?

(a)    Phos acid (b) Hydrocyanic acid (c) Oxalic acid (d) All of the above

20. “Kreosotum” is a

(a)    Inorganic compound (b) Organic compound (c) Metal (d) Non metal

21. In which medicine is “Desire for apples” present

(a)    Aloes (b) Antim tart (c) Tellurium (d) All of the above

22. Write the correct answer sequence for the following conditions

  • Desire for Oyster
  • Aversion to Oyster
  • Complaints from Oyster

(a)    Lachesis, Nat mur, Lycopodium

(b)   Nat mur, Sepia, Lycopodium

(c)    Lycopodium, Carcinocin, Tarentula Hispana

(d)   Nat mur, Lycopodium, Carcinocin

23. Name the medicine for the symptom “Can’t eat strawberries”

(a)    Mur acid (b) Oxalic acid (c) Acetic acid (d) Phos acid

24. “Cannot bear sight or thought of meat” is the symptom of

(a)    Mag carb (b) Menyanthes (c) Mur acid (d) Lil tig

25. “Aversion to potatoes” is seen in

(a)    Mag carb (b) Medorrhinum (c) Abies can (d) Thuja

26. Match the following

Name of Medicine                               Food Desire

(A) Medorrhinum                                (1) Milk

(B) Sabina                                            (2) Black coffee

(C) Rhus tox                                        (3) Oranges

(D) Moschus                                        (4) Lemonade

(a)    A-3, B-4, C-2, D-1 (b) A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1

(c) A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2 (d) A-4, B-3, C-1, D-2

27. Select the medicine, which does not have the symptom “Aversion to milk”

(a)    Belladonna (b) Sabal serrulata (c) Ferrum phos (d) Carbo veg

28. Which medicine has diarrhoea after eating eggs

(a)    Ferr phos (b) Chinn ars (c) Mag carb (d) Onosmodium

29. Select the medicine from the symptoms given below

  • Desire for lemonades
  • Aversion to meat especially pork
  • Diarrhoea after coffee

(a)    Pulsatilla (b) Fluoric acid (c) Cyclamen (d) Ignatia

30. Match the following

Name of Medicine                               Complaints from

(A) Sepia                                             (1) Tea

(B) Alumina                                         (2) Cabbage

(C) Cinchona                                       (3) Boiled milk

(D) Petroleum                                      (4) Potatoes

(a)    A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2            (b) A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1

(c)  A-3, B-4, C-2, D-1            (d) A-4, B-3, C-1, D-2

31. According to E.B.Nash analogue remedy of Pulsatilla is

(a)    Kali mur (b) Kali sulph (c) Both (d) None

32. Which among the following sequence of cognate remedies is correct

(a)    Causticum -> Staphysagria -> Colocynth

(b)    Ignatia -> Sepia -> Natrum mur

(c)    Ars alb -> Thuja -> Tarentula

(d)    Sulphur -> Sepia -> Sarsaparilla

33. Vegetable Mercury is

(a)    Phytolacca (b) Podophyllum (c) Both (d) None

34. “Turpethum” is the synonym of

(a)    Mag sulph (b) Calc sulph (c) Nat sulph (d) Merc sulph

35. Trio of Climacteric remedies (E.B.Nash)

(a)    Lach, Sepia, Sulphur

(b)    Sulphur, Sang can, Graphites

(c)    Lachesis, Sulphur, Sang can

(d)    Lachesis, Sang can, Sepia

36. Acute complementary medicine of Calc phos is

(a)    Psorinum (b) Bacillinum (c) Syphilinum (d) Medorrhinum

37. Chronic complementary medicine of Bryonia is

(a)    Rhus tox (b) Calc carb (c) Medorrhinum (d) Nat mur

38. Acute complementary medicine of Sepia is

(a)    Nux vom (b) Sulphur (c) Puls (d) Lachesis

39. One among the following is an inimical medicine of Allium cepa

(a)    Allium sativa (b) Aloes (c) Squilla (d) Sarsaparilla

40. Complementary medicine of Camphor

(a)    Kali nit (b) Cantharis (c) Coffea (d) All of the above

41. Name the medicine, which is not an inimical to Sepia

(a)    Bryonia (b) Lachesis (c) Pulsatilla (d) Sabadilla

42. This medicine is complementary to Carbo veg in stitches in the heart

(a)    Kali carb (b) Drosera (c) Phosphorus (d) All of the above

43. Complementary medicine of Carbo animalis

(a)    Calc carb (b) Kali carb (c) Mag carb (d) Calc phos

44. Which medicine follows Lyco in indigestion?

(a)    Chelidonium (b) Pulsatilla (c) Iodum (d) Hydrastis

45. According to W.Boericke, Calc carb is inimical to which medicine

(a)    Rhus tox (b) Dulcamara (c) Bryonia alb (d) Tuberculinum

46. In which condition Merc sol is complementary to Colocynth

(a)    Colic (b) Dysentery (c) Diarrhea (d) Headache

47. “For impotence, spasms, cold sweat from excessive smoking” indicated medicine is

(a)    Phosphorus (b) Lycopodium (c) Selenium (d) Sanicula

48. This medicine causes aversion to tobacco

(a)    Nux vom (b) Plantago (c) Both of the above (d) None of the above

49. Which medicine follows well after Ars alb in ascites of drunkards (Ascites from Gin drinkers liver)

(a)    Fluoric acid (b) Acetic acid (c) Hydrocyanic acid (d) Picric acid

50. “Never be alternated with Sepia” – Medicine is

(a)    Lachesis (b) Ignatia (c) Pulsatilla (d) Zinc met

ANSWERS: (Workshop – 2)
1(c), 2(d), 3(a), 4(c), 5(d), 6(a), 7(c), 8(b), 9(a), 10(a), 11(a), 12(c), 13(d), 14(a), 15(b), 16(d), 17(a), 18(c), 19(c), 20(b), 21(d), 22(a), 23(b), 24(c), 25(d), 26(c), 27(b), 28(b), 29(c), 30(a), 31(b), 32(c), 33(c), 34(d), 35(a), 36(b), 37(d), 38(a), 39(d), 40(b), 41(d), 42(a), 43(d), 44(d), 45(c), 46(b), 47(b), 48(b), 49(a), 50(c)

Dr.Jithesh.T.K, B.H.M.S, M.D (Hom)
Medical Officer, Directorate of I.S.M & H, Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi
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