1.5 lakh people affected from viral fever in North Kerala

Lakhs of people in five districts of Kerala, especially the northern regions, are suffering from viral fever mainly caused by mosquito bite during monsoon season.

Nearly, ten people have died so far in these regions. According to the health reports, more than 1.5 lakh people in five regions are affected in just few days and the government is taking all necessary steps to check the spread of the disease.

Special camps have been arranged and extra doctors have been deputed to these regions. The severely affected districts of Kerala are Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayand, Kannur and Kasaragod. Many cases of Dengue fever, Chikunguniya, and Hepatitis have also been reported. The symptoms differ as per the region and the doctors say that this can be attributed as mosquito borne communicable diseases or viral fever with severe body pain.

Dr. Abdul Samad, Superintendent of District Hospitalin Malapuram, said “after monsoon the number of people affected from fever is fast increasing specially in June and July. Compared to last month, 100 times increase has been reported, it is not a usual viral fever, the afflicted are showing symptoms of heavy pain and swelling with rashes.”

“We can attribute that its chikangunnya and like viral diseases which is spreading in these regions,” he said.

Till July 28, the number of patients had crossed 11 lakh starting from January this year.
Hundreds of people afflicted with fever and acute joint pains, belong mostly from hilly hamlets and tribal areas throng in huge numbers to nearby hospitals for faster relief. Patients’ complain of headache and joint pain and have not experienced such fever earlier.

“Whole body in under severe pain. Many part of body have swollen and become red. I cannot stand and walk so my children helped me to the hospital. Doctor says that after medication it will be all right. I never experienced such pain,” said Ansuma Bevi, a patient at the Malappuram Hospital. The district administration has moved into crisis management mode and has ordered to distribute free ration for families whose breadwinner have fallen sick.

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  1. First Get Rid Of Those Dogs. Then Dengue And Chikungunya Will Go Away.

    Dengue Fever is a Zoonosis, a disease occurring primarily in mammalian animals that can be transmitted to humans. The viruses responsible for this disease survive in nature as infections in animals; human infection is not necessary for their survival. Dengue Fever is an Arboviral infection, the viruses being transmitted by arthropod vectors such as ticks. House dogs and street dogs are the common Animal Reservoir Hosts to these viruses, as almost all of these animals are tick-affected. The recent outbreaks of Dengue Fever in Kerala were exclusively caused by the millions of dogs roaming the streets and in the houses. Otherwise the healthy and clean people of Kerala would not have succumbed this much easily to this disease and this much frequently too. Actually, reports from Kerala indicate that the State has been in the grip of dog-transmitted diseases for long. Hundreds of people there are daily admitted to hospitals following severe group attacks by dogs in the streets.

    The recent outbreaks of Dengue Fever rendered health services helpless, claimed hundreds of human lives and incapacitated tens of thousands more. Everyone talked about mosquitoes, stagnant pools, dirty canals and the like, but no one admitted the possibility of these diseases being spread from dogs, lest it would be commented as trivial. With this many dogs on the loose in streets and houses, there may occur yet another outbreak of Dengue and Congo Fevers in Kerala which would be fatal. The health authorities and dog lovers know this but they fear revealing this for fear of retaliation from amorous dog lovers. Chikungunya is a viral disease closely similar to Dengue fever that recently swept through Africa, Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Europe and America. As the African name denotes, it causes a contorted and stooped appearance and may take years and decades for the patient to get a slight relief. Full recovery is never. There is no treatment or vaccine available for this disease. Victims are incapacitated and cannot work or earn a living for many years. The destructing power of this virus is such that it is considered as an ideal agent for future biological weapons and warfare.

    Chikungunya is an Arboviral infection which need an animal reservoir host for the virus to survive and thrive in nature. It will need an animal reservoir host or a primate other than men to reside in and multiply for a time. Usually they are monkeys and dogs. Outbreaks of this disease happened very recently and very frequently too. Nothing especially happened in the environmental conditions of the world which was why world health authorities could not predict the coming of this disease. What they could not see clearly and take into account was the number of dogs increasing inconceivably everywhere. Or even if they knew, they were forced to remain silent about it, knowing well the iron hand of dog-lovers, many of whom the dignitaries who design and govern the modern world. Assuming all things in the environment remained the same, and also given that the number of some available animal host increased in the world considerably lately so as to cause repeated massive outbreaks of this disease, we are forced to believe that it was only the number of dogs in the world that increased lately, due to nations one after another blindly passing laws banning the killing of dogs. Even W.H.O. articles on Chikungunya carefully remain vague about the role of the abundance of dogs in bringing about this disease which is sweeping through almost all continents. Some get a few minutes’ pleasure from dogs and the world pays too high a price for the pleasure to be justified.

    Also note that the orthodox Hindu Brahmins of India never allow dogs anywhere near their home, temple or compound. They consider dogs entering those places a profane act and breach of sanctity and cleanliness. Where does all the drop-out hair of a house-dog go except to the digestive and respiratory systems of the occupants of the house? There are hundreds of other diseases spread by pet animals including dogs. Nipah Virus, Lyme disease, Chagas disease, Q fever, Brucellosis, Diphyllobothriasis, Ehrlichiosis, Pasteurellosis, Rickettsiae, Rhinosporidiosis, Ringworm Salmonellosis, Strongyloidiasis, Yersiniosis, Leptospirosis, Leishmaniasis, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Echinococcosis, Coenuruses cerebralis. Coccidioido mycosis and Giardiasis-theirs is a long list. The spreading of these diseases among humans could have been totally avoided, had human society broken ties with dogs. Anyone who wish to read more about the real story behind these killer diseases consuming millions of human lives may visit the site: https://sites.google.com/site/dogdocumentsinternational/english/

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