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Maharashtra Homoeopathy MD Admission 2012-13

Eligibility :  a candidate who have complete internship on or before  15-04-2012 are eligible for apgh-cet – 2012. The   Competent   Authority   appointed   by   Pravesh   Niyantran   Smiti   to   conduct APGH-CET for seeking admission to M.D. (Hom) course. […]

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Golden Advice from Dr Kent

Dr Sayeed Ahmad Experienced homœopathic observers know very well that the burning, stinging, enlarged glands, infiltration, hardness of the part, weakness, loss of flesh in a scirrhus of a mamma will not lead to a […]

Homeopathy Articles

Homoeopaths Stop Look Proceed

Dr S K Vashisht The days have gone when Homoeopaths were asked to create public awareness ,for being recognized. OUR ELDERS had laid a strong foundation with their sincere efforts and sacrifices, they nurtured us […]