500 Single Best MCQs and AMC handbook of Multiple Choice Questions in Medicines

This book helps to test your knowledge and aims to provide a question and answer format that closely follows the curriculum for PG Entrance/PSC/UPSC etc. It reflects the clinical scenarios that medical students will encounter when they first start as doctors and also face in Finals. It follows the single best answer format; a format of questioning that is more like real life. The authors have given comprehensive and informative answers, as well as reasons for the choice of the correct answer. It is very readable. 

It is also refreshing to see that the authors have combined together to write this text from a wide range and level of knowledge – from a final year medical student to a professor. They will all remember what Finals entailed, from the sheer anxiety to the excitement of getting the knowledge of medicine into focus. I am sure this book will be useful and enjoyable. 

Download link for 500 Single Best MCQs in Medicines

Australian Medical Council – Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions
This will assess the competence at the graduate and post graduate level
Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5xGXSxfbasTVGROZFYyYldGX3M/view 

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