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Advanced Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas
Prof. Vithoulkas’ advanced e-learning course in classical homeopathy from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy Greece, is now available to all Hpathy subscribers with special discounts and/or bonuses.

It is a unique chance to learn homeopathy AT HOME, save money for hotel and travel and study with George Vithoulkas while you sit at home. The program contains all you need to become an excellent homeopath  because you will understand the rules of homeopathy and learn how to apply them. The program is also a chance for every experienced homeopath to deepen the knowledge and learn what until now was only available to those students who travelled to the Greek island Alonissos.

This is a complete distance learning homeopathy course program that can help you establish yourself as a good classical homeopathy practitioner, a program that can give wings to your homeopathic dreams – of studying at the best institute globally,  under the best guide in the world, and of becoming a very fine classical homeopath!

To see the complete details or the course and to register, visit now: http://vithoulkas.hpathy.com/


  1. Please send me details , I am intrested to learn homoeopathy from Dr. Georg vithalkas

  2. sir wanna know, is this diploma course worth and reliable spending 1500 euros… that is approximately 1 lac??

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