A case of scalds managed with LM potency


In these lockdown days, almost every homoeopath really busy with covid19 homeoprophylaxis camps and activities…

When I was in such busy activities, got an urgent phone call from a patient, with a lot of panics and anxieties, sir, my infant unknowingly entered her hand in hottest boiling sambar (south Indian dish) her whole hand fully boiled sir, full of baggy blisters,  please save her hand sir, and so….

I was 5 kms outside the town in covid19 homeoprophylaxis camp…

I asked them to go to my clinic immediately, and requested our junior doctors by phone, to take case…

As I reached my clinic at the earliest, While I entered into my clinic many of that family members gathered as a small crowd, and parents of that child weeping like anything and child also crying loudly, that baby not allowed me to touch her hand, even when I looked at her hand she cries more and more, (check image1st row)

While I looked at case note of junior doctors, they mentioned

Some rubrics and remedies


Fear of being touched
Fear of suffering

aconite, stramonium, arnica, chamomilla..Etc

Finally we prescribed.CANTHARIS in LM0/1 every 3minutes each time after 10strong succussions…* (administered through feeding bottle)

Within few mins after some Suckling’s of medicinal solutions, she stopped crying and started sleeping in her mothers hand…(check image 2 row)

First, we started LM 1 with aqueous solutions for every 3-5 minutes ,( *each time after 10strong succussions )

Within a short time, baby stopped crying and we noticed burning get reduced.

Then slowly extended interval between doses…

As first one ended, we went to further higher as master mentioned in 246-248.

Further dosage, we increased up to lm0/5 with ever-increasing doses… (As per 246)

She recovered completely without single scar…( check image 3rd row)

No external applications used

Master Hahnemann mentioned LM potencies as a highly perfected methodology of his invention @246,270fn(G)

We can make more rapid gentle permanent healing through *Hahnemann’s new methodology (infinitesimal dilutions)*

Because here , in such acute cases , we can repeat n number of slightly heightened doses until cure

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