Action of Homeopathic Medicines by Measuring Body Temperature

Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta

An Endeavor to Illustrate an Objective Evidence for the Action of  Homeopathic Medicines by Measuring Physiological Variability in Human   Body Temperature

Homeopathic  medicines of 200c potency are applied orally  to human subjects.

‘Physiological   variability   in   temperature’   from   skin   of  forearm   is   measured   with   the   help   of temperature data logger and water/soil temperature sensor. Temperature readings are taken at an   interval   of   1   second   for   5   minutes.   Time   series   spectral   analysis   is   performed   by   using Statistical processing software. The statistical procedures like Auto Regressive Spectrum (ARS) and     Parametric      prediction     and    reconstruction       (PPR)     are   used    to   study    the   change      in temperature   variability.   There   is   marked   change   in   temperature   variability   before   and   after applied homeopathic medicine.

Key words: Homeopathic medicine, Physiological variability in temperature, temperature data logger, water/soil sensor, AR Spectrum, Parametric Reconstruction and prediction

Aims and objectives:

To show an objective evidence for the action of Homeopathic medicine by measuring  physiological variability in human body temperature.

To draw signature for individual Homeopathic medicines.

To find out a unified method to select homeopathic medicine for diseased individuals.

To introduce objective measures into Homeopathic system of medicine like data loggers and sensors to measure physiological variability for selection of Homeopathic medicine.

Introduction and review:
Homeopathy is a well-described, scientifically based system of approaching health and disease.

“Scientific”     because     the   insights    are   based     on   reproducible     experiments. “Well-described” because from these observations a number of precise basic fundamental rules became evident, first   among   them   the   “similarity   principle.12″But   lack   of   objective   evidence   for   the   action   of Homeopathic medicine bestow an opportunity  for skeptics to comment ridiculously.

Although homeopathy is only 200 years old, it is now practiced in a variety of ways, most of which     bear    little  resemblance to  what    Hahnemann         taught.    In  the   public    mind    the   word “homeopathy” has become so vague that for some it means only an “alternative medicine” and for others a combination of homeopathic medicines that you buy in the health food store, one mixture   for   allergies,   another   for   headache,   etc12.There   by   it   needs   unified   method   to   select similar homeopathic medicine for patients disturbed energy field.

Our earth by virtue of a hidden invisible energy, carries the moon around her in twenty eight days   and   several   hours,   and   the   moon   alternately,   in   definite   fixed   hours   (deducting   certain differences which occur with the full and new moon) raises our northern seas to flood tide and again correspondingly lowers them to ebb.

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