Dr Amarsinh Nikam felicitated with “founding father of homeopathic hospitals”

In the function, the Guru of Team Mission Homeopathy, Dr Amarsinh Dattatray Nikam, who has been curing incurable diseases by homeopathy, for the last 26 years through Aditya Homeopathy Hospital was felicitated with the title of “a founding father of homeopathic hospitals”

The first homeopathic hospital was set by Dr Amarsinh Nikam in Asia in 1995. Several gross pathological ailments were cured by Dr Nikam by homeopathy. His experience and the remedies suggested by him in his books “Thermal, Miasm and Vital Force-30 Potency” to cure the serious heart diseases, brain tumor, Liver failure, paralysis, pneumonia and other chronic diseases, serve as a guide to the homeopathic doctors.

Besides running a homeopathic hospital, he provides guidance to cure serious ailments through homeopathy by organizing seminars, lectures and workshops. The homeopathic doctors from India and abroad visit his “Aditya Hospital” for studies.

Dr Samuel Hahnemann from Germany is the father of Homeopathic science. After following all the theories propounded by Dr Hahnemann and carry out studies in OPD for 14 years, Dr Nikam set up a four-bedded homeopathic hospital at Pimpri in Pune in 1995. The hospital has been expanded into 100 bedded hospital in the last 5-6 years.

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Minister Sripad Yeso Naik and Dr D Y Patil were present. In the last 40 years Dr Nikam Sir has cured several Chronic diseases and has given the patients a new lease of life and infused them with vitality in the last 40 years.