An ENT case managed with Homoeopathy

Prof (Dr) Shobhan Bose

Human body has some special sense organs and systems. They are Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tongue and Skin. Their special works are to see, to smell, to hear, to taste and to feel or sense. Eyes care by ophthalmologist; they treat normally suffering from eyes. Skin care by a dermatologist, normally they treat skin disease. ENT and mouth care specialist are treated several disorders of ear, nose and throat and mouth also. ENT specialist treats their patient by medicine or by surgery according to the merit of the case.

Some common ENT sufferings are

  • Ear infection (Otitis Media), 
  • Hearing problems, deafness, hearing problems in children’s etc.
  • Nose injury, nose bleeding, nose disorders, smelling disorders, nasal polyp, nasal septum defect, nasal cancer and common rhinitis etc. 
  • Throat infection, throat disorders, throat cancer, esophagus disorders, tonsillitis, cough, pharyngitis and many other disorders. 

Be a homoeopath I am not a so-called specialist or surgeon of any sense organ because we treat the patient not the disease. Some time patient got relief from the suffering of sense organ diseases and can avoid surgical treatment by our Homoeopathic medicine. I discuss below such a case treated by me.   

A patient came to me for treatment of his ear. At that time he was under treatment of an ENT specialist.

 I told him to complete your treatment at first, then if yours suffering not reduced after completing treatment, I take your case.

He stayed beside my flat. But I was not got time to take his case because his job time (2PM – 12 PM) was not matched with my time (8AM – 4PM). He left home at 1PM return home from his job at midnight approximate (1AM-2AM).  After that, he took some refreshment and dinner then at 3AM he goes to bed for sleep.  I left my home in morning at 7AM and return back in the evening at 6PM. He was in deep sleep when I left my home and he was not present in home when I came back at evening in home. So meet with him in the working day was difficult for me. I took his case on Sunday because this day was an off day both of us.

He was suffering a problem of the left external ear. He had swelling in the left outer ear ( Pinna ), no redness, without pain and burning sensation in touch or edematous like condition. He felt pain given pressure on the swelling part. There was no history of injury or insect bite or contact any allergen or corrosive agent. He could not notice his swelling himself, it noticed by his colleague at his working place. He said to me in the morning he fills nothing about also the ear and no problems in hearing. He did not know how it occurs. His external auditory canal almost covered by swelling. Other complains – he was suffering fungal infection from two years in the buttock. He was also suffering in skin irruption on face. Skin irruption of face continued two years. He treated by a dermatologist for above that infection. He takes allopathic medicine for skin irruption and fungal infection as well as an ointment for external use for the same suffering. He was in gastritis, blotting in the middle abdomen, loss appetite due to sleep disturbance at night. No history of another suffering.   

 Name – A

  • Age –34 years                           Sex – Male
  • Address – Dheradun ,             Cast- Hindu
  • Nationality- Indian                  Occupation –Service 
  • Education – BSC, MBA           Marital status-Unmarried
  • Height – 5’4 ft                          Weight- 68 kg 
  • BP– 120/80 mm/hg                 Pulse- 75/m
  • Temperature-97oF                  Respiratory rate –17/m

CVS  -N/A                                  CNS –N/A 

GIT – Gastritis, blotting middle abdomen,     Appetite – Less

Thirst – Normal                        Tongue – Moist

Stool- Not satisfactory            Urine – Normal

Sleep – Less                                Dream – N/A

P/H-   Skin irruption                 F/H- Gastric complain

Aggravation – Sleep disturbance at night                

Amelioration-Sound sleep, mental rest from work

Lab diagnosis –

Blood for- TLC, DLC, ESR, HB%, Blood Sugar (Fasting and PP ) are in normal range.

Urine for– R/E in normal range.

Selection of medicine-

I selected NUX VOMICA 30 TDS for two days.

Follow up

1st Follow up

My first prescription was Nux  Vom  30  TDS for2 days.
After two days he came again for treatment at that time his fungal infection of the buttock, that suffering was continued two years, that was clear by 

Nux Vom 30 in two days. Due to the unexpected result of Nux Vom 30, I prescribed again Nux  V 30 TDS for next 5 days.

2nd Follow up
After five days he came, at that time his infection of the face was relief about 20% and swelling ear no such relief. Due to improvement, I repeated Nux V 30 TDS for 7 days.

3rd Follow up
 After seven days he came again, his face infection 30% relief and swelling of ear about 20% relief. I repeated Nux V 30 for 7 days.

4th Follow up
After 7 days his face infection more relief and ear about 30% relief. I continued Nux V 30 for 7 days.

5th Follow up
After 7 days his face infection 60% relief and swelling of ear near about 45% improved. So I continued Nux 30 for next 7 days. 

6th Follow up
After 7 days he meets me again, at that time his face infection was 80 % and ear swelling about 60 % improved.I repeated Nux V 30 for 7 days.

7th Follow up
After 7 days he came again, at that time his face almost clear and ear swelling about 70% better.  Same medicine continued for 7 days.

8th Follow up
After 7 days we meet again, at that time ear swelling no more improve. So I increased the power of the same medicine for better result. Nux V 200 BD for 7 days.

9th Follow up
After 7 days he came again, at that time ear swelling improved about 80% ,I prescribe same medicine Nux Vom 200 one OD and placebo for 15 days. Some available pictures of improvement are given.

The suffering of the patient almost improved by Nux Vomica. Nux Vom 30 clear his more than two years old fungal infection and infection of face.


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Prof. (Dr.) Shobhan Bose
N.H.M.C.H & R.C. Agra