Important Rubrics In Kent’s Repertory

Kent2Dr Sanchoo Balachandran


  1. Scolds until the lips are turned blue and eyes starring and she falls down fainting = Abusive
  2. Anxiety on waking from fright full dreams = Mind– anxiety.
  3. Anxiety during convulsions = Anxiety- fits
  4. Must lie down with anguish =Anxiety — lying down
  5. Anxiety on hearing rushing water= Anxiety- noise rushing water.
  6. Anxiety made him to walk rapidly=Anxiety –walking rapidly – rushes him
  7. Disposed to find fault= Censorious critical
  8. Avoids the sight of people = Company aversion to
  9. Crazy feeling on top the head, wild feeling in head, with confusion of ideas. = Concentration
  10. Losses his way in well-known street = Confusion.
  11. Wraps up in fur during summer= Delirium , Roving , Fur.
  12. Imagines others will observe her =Delusions – confusion.
  13. Inaccurate judgment of the distance =Distance.
  14. Under stands questions only after repetitions = Dullness.
  15. Stammers when talking to strangers.- Excitement.
  16. Swallows continues while talking = Excitement.
  17. Child cannot bear to have anyone come to them = Fear approach
  18. Behind him that some one is = Fear.
  19. Confusion that people is observing her= Fear.
  20. Likes cow dung, mud , saliva = Feaceses.
  21. Feeling of isolation = Forsaken.
  22. Grasp genital during spasms = Gestures.
  23. Picks at bed clothes = Gestures.
  24. Unmoved by apologies = Hatred.
  25. Desire to do several thing at a time = Hurry.
  26. Stab his flesh with a knife which he holds = Impulsive.
  27. Do not complain = Indifference.
  28. Complain nothing unless questioned = Indifference.
  29. Must exert self control to prevent shooting himself = Injure.
  30. She will sit and break pins = Insanity.
  31. Dresses in her best clothes = Insanity.
  32. Insist upon saying his prayers at the tail of his horse = Insanity.
  33. Makes useless purchases = Insanity.
  34. Passes his feaces on floor = Insanity.
  35. Crackling of news paper drives him to despair.= Irritability- noise
  36. Takes every thing in bad part = Irritability.
  37. Must restrain herself from self injuring= Loathing of life.
  38. Changing quickly from one subject to another = Loquacity.
  39. Objection to what ever was proposed = Obstinate
  40. Never focus on one matter = Persist in nothing.
  41. Does not recognize the relatives = Rage.
  42. Tries to kill people = Rage.
  43. Pulls hair of bystanders = Rage
  44. Pulls his own hair = Pulls.
  45. Horror of opposite sex = Religious.
  46. Scratches the lime of the wall = Scratches.
  47. Exposes the person = Shameless.
  48. Brain cry = Shirking.
  49. Knocking his head against the wall= Striking.
  50. Rouse with difficulty = Stupefaction.
  51. Thins that the people are talking about her.= Suspicious
  52. Answers correctly when spoken to but delirium and unconsciousness return at once = Unconsciousness
  53. Related rubrics which are other wise not mentioned ( Just to highlight that you can have many more cross reference)
  54. Anticipation=Anxiety –anticipatory an engagement
  55. Anxiety –hypochondria = Sadness
  56. Anxiety—storm during = Fear –storm = Generalities—storm
  57. Company –aversion to strangers =Stranger <
  58. Courageous = Audacity
  59. Delirium well= Irritability= Refuses things asked for.
  60. Abandoned = Forsaken = Delusions – deserted.
  61. Thinks that he is deaf, dump, = Delusions –disease.
  62. Anxiety –salvation = Despair –religion = Doubtful soles welfare of
  63. Desire to be alone = Spoken wants to be let alone
  64. Torpor = Dullness.
  65. Wicked = Moral feeling want of.


  1. Sensation as if high wall would fall on him= fall
  2. Vertigo as if sinking down to and fro in the bed = lying
  3. Vertigo > by thinking some thing else = meditating.
  4. Sensation as if there was a barrier between his organs of sense and external objects =stupefaction or suspension of sense.
  5. Vertigo with fainting = syncope with.
  6. Vertigo as if walls of her house fall on her = fall
  7. Vertigo from loss of sleep = watching and loss of sleep.
  8. Corrections
  9. Left, swaying towards and right swaying towards, two rubrics of same type but with opposite charter is given separately but it will of better if they are given under a common rubric — SWAYING


  1. Brain where an ant hill as.if = Alive 
  2. Difficulty in keeping the head erect = Balancing
  3. Sensation as if blood where streamed from below upwards, or with in out wards. = Congestion
  4. Sensation as if head would burst = Fullness
  5. Weakness of head = Hold up the head.
  6. Frontal sinus from chronic coryza = Pain, forehead
  7. Brain feels too far from the skull= Smaller
  8. When to weak to move the body, will roll head from side to side = Restlessness
  9. Sensation as if head is raising from stomach = Stomach.


  1. Sensation as if some thing is hanging over eyes and must wipe away =Eyes— discharge 
  2. Sensation as if sand in the eyes = Eyes -–pain;– pain –burning
  3. Exophthalmoses = Eyes –protrusion
  4. Sensation as if cold air blew= Eyes –coldness
  5. Jaundice = Eyes – yellowness
  6. Color blindness = Vision –color-blindness
  7. Raises the foot unseemly over small objects while walking =Vision –large
  8. Sidewise can only see objects when looking at them =Vision –dim
  9. General < on exerting vision = Vision—exertion
  10. Vanishing of sight = Vision –loss off.
  11. Day light < but desires lamp light = Eyes – photophobia
  12. Pain asif eyes forehead and face concentrate in the tip of the nose = Eye –pain contractive.
  13. Foreign bodies in the eye =Eye –inflammation.


  1. Rupture ear drum = Ear– ulceration tympanum 
  2. Sounds seems confused = Hearing –impaired
  3. Direction sound cannot tell = Hearing –impaired.
  4. All sounds sees far of = Hearing -–impaired – distance
  5. Deafness to human voice = Hearing — impaired-voice the human.


  1. Rodent ulcer = Cancer- noli me tangier on nose 
  2. Cyanosis during asthma or with heart troubles= discoloration bluish
  3. Redness of right side of the face with out heat and paleness of left side with heat = Discoloration– red
  4. Upper lips drawn up exposing teeth = Drawn upper lips
  5. Comedones = Eruption comedones
  6. Butterfly rash = Saddle across the nose
  7. Face varnished as if = Tension
  8. White of an egg dried as if = Tension


  1. Fan like motion of ale nasi= motion 
  2. Mucus membrane destroyed = membrane
  3. Sensation as if she had two nose = double
  4. Compelled to blow nose but no discharge = dryness –blowing nose.
  5. Sudden copious discharges from eyes, nose, and mouth. = Nose discharge –watery.
  6. Honey like discharge from nose = discharge yellow
  7. Yellow saddle = discoloration yellow saddle.
  8. Food goes to posterior nose on swallowing = food
  9. Liquids comes out through nose on swallowing = liquids, as well as in chapter throat – liquids.
  10. Electric spark sensation in the nose = pain electric sparks
  11. Rawness coryza during = pain rawness
  12. Every thing smells too strong = smell acute
  13. Sensitive to odor of cooking food, flowers etc = smell acute– sensitive to
  14. Smell of gas causes vertigo = smell acute — gas causing vertigo
  15. Smell contains rubrics related to the conditions that is, acute, diminished or lost. Where as the rubric odor contain rubrics related to illusions and different types of odor.


  1. Hot tea seems cold = Coldness sensation of, 
  2. Tongue look like burnt tongue = Discoloration, leather; Leather
  3. Cylindrical tongue = Contracture spasmodic
  4. Sand as if from = Dryness sand in it, as if.
  5. Food escapes from the mouth during chewing = Food
  6. Protrudes the tongue in order to cool it = Pain, burning tongue, protrudes.
  7. Fish bone, tongue in root sensation of = Pain fish bone.


  • Water brash = Eructation, water brash 
  • Nausea, severe = Deadly nausea
  • Vomiting of postnasal discharge = Vomiting ,drawing catarrhal plugs from posterior nares
  • Itching with nausea, must scratch until he vomits = Vomiting itching


  1. Sensation as if diarrhea would come = Diarrhea 
  2. Accumulation of fat = Fat


  1. Dyspnoea due to diseased condition of distant parts = Difficult –diseased condition 
  2. Pulmonary edema = Difficult edema pulmonary
  3. Cannot breath due to pain = Impeded
  4. Chenye stroke breathing = Irregular.
  5. Sawing respiration = Rough, sawing


  1. Sensation as if hot water poured into the lungs =Heat-water. 
  2. Sensation as if hot water poured into the abdomen from the chest = Heat – water.
  3. Sensation as if boiling water was poured into the chest = Water.


  1. Drops things from hand = Awkwardness –hand 
  2. Knocks against things = Awkwardness—lower limbs
  3. Stumbling while walking = Awkwardness—lower limbs
  4. Clubbing = Knobby finger ends
  5. Offensive smell of the feet with out perspiration = Odor
  6. Right sided paralysis = Paralysis –Hemiplegia
  7. Rat feels running up the legs = Rat.
  8. Nephrotic syndrome related to this particular chapter = Swelling albuminuria, in.


  1. Dreams of that he was accused wrongfully of crime = Dreams –crime. 
  2. Dreams of Sick people = Dreams –Disease
  3. Dreams of, being smeared with human excrement/about dirty linen =
  4. Dreams –disgusting
  5. Dreams stabbed his antagonist with a knife.= Dreams Knives
  6. Dreams that he is unable to find his way home = Dreams unsuccessful
  7. Dreams that the child is bathing in boiling water = Dreams water.

Chill,Fever, Perspiration

  1. Chill due to indigestion or gastric in origin = Disordered, eating indiscremation in. 
  2. Coldness in bones blood vessels during chill = Internal
  3. Chill never at night = Night.
  4. Warm air feels cold during chill = Air warm.
  5. Fever delirium = Burning –furious; Dry; Intense.
  6. Absence of any stage is given the chapter Heat as there respective rubrics.
  7. Chill then sweat with out intervening heat – Fever– Succession of stages.
  8. Perspiration alternating with chilliness = Fever Succession of stages.
  9. Driving him out of bed during fever = Bed
  10. Perspiration all over the body except face = perspiration—Face
  11. Perspiration increases the coldness of the body = Cold
  12. In this particular chapter’s the Breakfast aggravation is given under Eating in general
  13. In the chapter’s fever and perspiration the aggravation in walking in open air is given under the rubric Walking, where as in the Chill chapter it is given under the Air.
  14. Wants to be quiet in any stage of the fever = Fever –motion – wants.


  1. Prickly heat = Eruption –vesicular – sudamina 
  2. Warmth of the skin with out fever = Heat with out fever.
  3. Decubitious Ulcer = Sore.
  4. Ulcers with Maggots = Ulcers discharging.
  5. Fistula = Ulcers fistula


  1. Every other evening =Evening 
  2. Sunset till sunrise = Evening
  3. Twilight = Evening
  4. Seashore = Air
  5. Gangrene = Blackness, inflammation internal
  6. Heat and cold = Cold
  7. Eating fast, satiety to.
  8. Foods dry food, raw, vegetables, etc.
  9. Sensation as if warm water poured over one, as if= Heat
  10. Blows, falls, bruise injures
  11. When too much medicine has produced an over sensitive state and remedies fail to act = irritability.
  12. Lie down before the dinner must = lassitude.
  13. Will not lie down sit up in bed = Lie.
  14. Gently stroking = Rubbing.
  15. Smoking when breaking off = Tobacco.
  16. Pain vanishes on touch and appears elsewhere = Touch.
  17. One is cold and stiff on approaching a stove = Warm.
  18. Cold becoming after putting hand out of bed = Cold– cold becoming
  19. Painful sensation of crawling though whole body if he knocks against any part = Formication.
  20. Sensation of small foreign bodies in glands = Indurations
  21. Sexual excitement < = Generalities — sexual excitement,
  22. Sliding down in bed due to paralysis — Weakness – paralysis



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