Are the so called High potencies really so high

Chandran Nambiar K C
If the process of dilution is done strictly as per directions given by Samuel Hahnemann, 99 ml alcohol/water mixture has to be thrown away to get 1 ml of 1c potency, which is used as the back potency for 2c stage of potentization. That means, to prepare 1ml of DM potency we will have to throw away 999999.999 litres of water/ alcohol mixture.

Do you believe one lac litres of ethyl alcohol is thrown away by the manufactures while preparing 1 ml of homeopathic medicine in DM potency?

If you claim that this is not thrown away but kept as various potencies, can you imagine the size of storage facilities required for each drug? Please remember, we have around 1000 drugs in homeopathy, which means 1000000000 litres of wastage of ethyl alcohol-water mixture! And also calculate the time, energy utensils, bottles and labor required for handling all this! Do you believe all this happening?

Every manufacturer claim
that they use back potencies, and hence no wastage of alcohol happens. But somebody in the line has to do the job of raising 30c into 199c, 200c into 999c, 1m into 9999c and so on. If those people do it genuinely as per Hahnemannian method, they will have to bear all these wastage, and the cost of back potencies will be unimaginably high!

In the present atmosphere of profit-oriented pharmaceutical business managed by professional business administrators, we cannot be so naïve to believe that the manufacturers of homeopathic medicines would be so much dedicated to the philosophy of Hahnemann to bear such huge holes in their money bags. Remember, these same people are flooding the market with all sorts of unethical patented mixtures in the name of homeopathy, and bribing the homeopaths to market them, in their greed to amass wealth. How can we expect them to be so much sincere in the service of homeopathy only while preparing potencies?

How much pathetic is the situation since there exist no any scientific mechanism to verify the exact identity and potency of a drug other than to trust the labels on the bottles! If somebody make an error knowingly or unknowingly in sticking a label to a stock bottle of back potency, can you imagine the consequences that will continue to haunt generations of homeopaths to come? We have to be consoled that potentized homeo medicines cannot kill human beings.

Believe it or not,if you closely monitor what is happening behind the walls of commercial homeopathic manufacturing units, you will lose all your trust in our ‘very high’ potencies. I had personally discussed with some retired supervisers and managers of certain famous production units, and they confessed some bitter truth. After 30c, most units do not carry on potentization strictly as Hahnemann directed. A few additional shakes is given to 30c and marked as 199c, which is used as the back potency for 200c. Again with few additional shakes, and 200c becomes 999c used as back potency for 1m. Over all, we can see that practically, in most cases, the difference between 30c and DM potency is only a four to ten stage dilution and a few additional shakes!. Finished! And we call it ‘ultra-high’ potencies!. Only consolation is that 30c is enough for optimum molecular imprinting to happen, and our drugs will work if used as similimum, since they contain ‘molecular imprints’, and that is enough. This shows that the difference between 30c and CM or DM is very narrow. Our talk about ‘very high’ dilution is practically meaningless. Most homeopaths and manufacturers will not tolerate my statement, because that may undermine the ‘sand hills’ of fame they have built in the name of ‘high potencies’.

Most homeopaths believe that administration of incorrect remedies and potencies may harm the patients. If that were the case, homeopaths would have been the greatest criminals in human history!

They would have already harmed the whole human race by the time being through wrong prescriptions.

Even you and me make many many wrong prescriptions everyday, believing that we are making correct prescriptions.
Can anybody deny it with a sincere heart?


  1. Really a thought provoking article. Homeopaths must not be like ostriches hiding their heads inside sand-heap. They must be the lovers & keeper of truths in every generations.

    Thank you Chandran Nambiar K C.

  2. In this commercial world anything can happen.Whatever it may be we are using the potencies and geting the results satisfactorily.Thanks to the author for the information.We should not wholly depend on old methodology and do reserch further to refine the methodology with nano technology to face the other practioners in various pathies.Our qualified practioners are seen prescribing allopathic medicines then Homeopathy.

  3. Sir,
    If anybody says the truth nobody like him.
    So only he wants to be for the time being.
    That is why nobody is caring about these matters.
    Any how all wants cure, or satisfaction. For that nowadays Homoeopathy is better than any other treatment.
    Thank u for such thinking, revealing with frankness.
    Be happy with it, nobody would care it, if care it they also become in the list of such and such.
    Thank u once more,
    Dr Parameswaran Pillai

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