AYUSH doctors can prescribe 68 allopathic medicines

medicines2BHOPAL: Indian medicine practitioners would soon be allowed to prescribe 68 allopathic medicines in emergencies, said Central Council of Indian medicine (CCIM) president Dr VP Tyayi. However, he said for the moment the relaxation is only for practitioners working in rural areas under the national rural health mission (NRHM).

CCIM president said that they would crackdown on colleges not abiding by the regulations laid down by the Government of India and against the council.

Speaking about Rani Dulaiya Ayurveda college in Bhopal he said, “We are going to recommend legal action against Rani Dulaiya Ayurveda college. They would be issued notices for violating the admission process,” he added.

CCIM is the regulatory body that frames syllabi and recommends affiliation to colleges teaching Ayurveda, Unanai, Siddha and Homeopathy.[Source]


  1. The last line is wrong.
    CCIM is the national regulatory body of Indian Systems of Medicine which include Ayuved, Unani & Siddha.
    CCH is an another national regulatory body for Homoeopathic System of Medicine.

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