700 Red Line Symptoms from Cowperthwaite’s Materia Medica

books10Rewritten by J W  Hutchison M. D

A very useful tool for students and practitioners to study and remember Homoeopathy Materia Meica


  1. Numbness and tingling in all parts.
  2. Skin dry, burning hot, intense thirst for cold water, red face sometimes changing to pale.
  3. Croupy cough, awakening in first sleep, particularly with children after dry, cold west wind.
  4. Conjunctivitis resulting from exposure to dry, cold winds, from surgical operations or from a foreign body in the eye.
  5. Cannot bear the pain, or to be touched, or to be uncovered.
  6. First stages of inflammatory fevers, before localization, eruption, or exudation has occurred, characterized by great anxiety, and restlessness, often in chilly stages, before febrile symptoms have developed.
  7. Hemoptysis, the blood comes up with an easy hawking, hemming or some coughing, either after mental excitement, after drinking wine, or exposure to dry cold air.
  8. Numbness of the left arm, can scarcely move the head.
  9. Predicts the day she is to die, especially in pregnancy or child-bed.
  10. From rising up the red face turns deadly pale.
  11. Heat with thirst, hard full frequent pulse, anxious impatience, inappeasable, beside himself tossing about with agony.
  12. After a fright with vexation during menses to prevent suppression.
  13. After a violent chill, dry heat and lancinating pain in chest.
  14. Stools like chopped spinach, in summer complaint.
  15. Complaints, especially respiratory, from sudden suppression of perspiration by exposure to cold, especially cold winds.


  1. Dry, uncomfortable feeling in the rectum, as if it were filled with small sticks.
  2. Hemorrhoids like ground nuts, purple, generally blind, with burning; also with aching; lameness and shootings in the back.
  3. Thick, dark, corroding leucorrhoea, with aching and lameness in the back across the sacro-iliac articulations
  4. Constant backache affecting the sacrum and hips, very much aggravated by walking and stooping forward.


  1. A drawn condition, beginning at the alae nasi, and extending to the angle of the mouth, giving the face an expression of great anxiety and pain.
  2. Intolerance of milk, in nursing children, it is forcibly ejected almost as soon as swallowed, then weakness causes drowsiness.
  3. Violent vomiting of curdled milk and cheesy matter.
  4. Spasms during dentition, with clenched thumbs, red face, eyes turned downwards, dilated, staring, immovable pupils, foam at the mouth, teeth set, pulse small, hard, accelerated.
  5. Great weakness, child cannot stand, or hold up its head.


  1. Painfulness and violent burning, shooting pains in spinal column.
  2. Spinal column sensitive to touch.
  3. Sensation as if ants were creeping along the spine.
  4. Violent muscular twitching and jumping, as if caused by a galvanic current.
  5. Burning, Itching and redness of various parts as if frostbitten.
  6. Sensation in various parts as if ice touched or as if ice-cold needles were piercing the skin.


  1. Sexual desire lessened, almost lost, the penis so relaxed that the voluptuous fancies excite no erection; testes cold, swollen, hard, and painful.
  2. Especially useful in premature old age, which arises in young persons from abuse of sexual powers, marked by melancholy, apathy, mental distraction, self contempt, general debility, and frequent loss of spermatic fluid.


  1. Malignant scarlatina and other low adynamic forms of disease, characterized by sudden and extreme prostration, stupor, vomiting and purplish appearance of the skin.


  1. Copious watery discharge from the nose, and watering of the eyes.
  2. Constant sneezing, with profuse acrid coryza; worse when coming into a warm room; better in the open air.


  1. A feeling of weakness in the abdomen, as if diarrhoea would result.
  2. Diarrhoea with want of confidence in the sphincter ani. The rectum seems full of fluid which feels heavy as if it would fall out.
  3. Passing involuntary stools while urging to urinate.
  4. Stools lumpy and watery, or composed of lumps of jelly-like mucus.
  5. Hemorrhoids protrude like a bunch of grapes, with, constant bearing down in the rectum.


  1. Inactivity of the rectum, oven soft stool requires great straining.
  2. No desire for and no ability to pass stool, until there is a large accumulation.
  3. Profuse, transparent, acrid leucorrhoea running down to the feet during the day.


  1. Influenza: acrid, burning coryza, nose stopped up at night, must breathe through the mouth, hoarseness, dry cough, oppressed breathing.
  2. Cholera-like symptoms at commencement of menses.


  1. Influenza; acrid, watery coryza, corroding the lips sore throat, hoarseness with rawness and burning in the larynx; dry tickling cough.
  2. Constipation, stool hard and crumbling, requiring great effort to expel.
  3. During menses a bloody discharge from the bowels.
  4. Cannot walk erect on account of a pain as from a sprain in the groins.


  1. Great weakness of memory.
  2. Feels as though he had two wills, one commanding to do what the other forbids
  3. Dull pressing, or penetrating pain, as from a plug in different parts.


  1. Child fretful and peevish, cannot bear to be touched or looked at.
  2. The child is delirious, drowsy, with nausea, red, hot face, irregular pulse and feverish heat, cries when washed or bathed.
  3. Sore, cracked and crusty nostrils, and corners of mouth.
  4. Decayed teeth ache generally worse at night, touching tooth with tongue causes pain, as if the nerve were torn.
  5. Stomach out of order, belching with the taste of food, nausea, and hard Tools, tongue coated thick white.
  6. Stools often liquid, containing portions of solid food.
  7. Alternate diarrhoea and constipation of old persons.
  8. Crushed fingernails grows in splits, and like warts with horny spots.
  9. Complaints After bathing, particularly in cold water.


  1. Child lies in torpor; delirium; sudden shrilling cries; squinting; grinding teeth; boring head in pillow; one side twitching, the other paralyzed; head wet from sweating; urine scanty, milky.
  2. Redness and swelling, with stinging burning pain in the eyes, eyelids, ears, face, lips, tongue, throat, anus, testicles.
  3. Very busy, restless; changing kind of work, with awkwardness; breaking things.
  4. Enlargement of right ovary, with pain in pectoral region, and cough.
  5. Burning, stinging pains like bee stings, occurring occasionally.
  6. Great soreness when touched on pit of stomach, under the ribs, on the abdomen.
  7. Absence of thirst, with scanty urination.
  8. Oedema, or dropsy, without thirst.
  9. Skin usually white, almost transparent. (With ovarian dropsy.)
  10. Stinging and burning pains in the face, throat urethra, ovaries, piles, tumors, panaritium, carbuncles, indurations, schirrhus, open cancers, etc.


  1. In all varieties of dropsy, both idiopathic and secondary, especially when dependent upon disease of the liver.


  1. Viscid gray, jelly-like mucous in pharynx, easily hawked up; only in the morning.
  2. Throat feels sore during expiration and coughing’ not on swallowing.   


  1. Sensation of expansion of the body, especially of the face and head, with feeling as if bones of skull separated.
  2. Purulent ophthalmia, with intense pains which are better in the open air.
  3. Intensely pink or scarlet red, profuse mucopurulent discharge.
  4. Canthi red as blood, the caruncula swollen standing out like a lump of red flesh, clusters of intensely red vessels extend from inner canthus to cornea.
  5. Bloody, mucous stools, with masses of epithelium connected by muco-lymph, severe bearing down in the hypogastrium, advanced dysentery with suspected ulceration.
  6. Prolapsus uteri, with ulceration of the os or cervix.


  1. The head Alone or face alone, hot, the body cool.
  2. Stitches in chest left side, worse from a dry cough, worse from motion, better from external pressure.
  3. Uneasiness in the painful parts, has to change position frequently, every place seems to be too hard.
  4. All parts on which he lies ache as if sore.
  5. Bad effects from mechanical injuries, falls, bruises and contusions.
  6. Eructations tasting like rotten eggs.
  7. Typhoid fever with greatest indifference, stupor, falls asleep while answering questions, putrid breath, red spots like suggillations on the body.


  1. Dread of death when alone, or on going to bed; great restlessness and utter prostration.
  2. Unquenchable, burning thirst, drinks often, but little at a time; water disagrees.
  3. Disordered stomach after eating fruit or ice cream.
  4. Violent burning pains in stomach and abdomen with intolerable anguish.
  5. Black stools, thin and watery, with great prostration.
  6. Oppression of breathing, prostration and other ailments from walking fast, or ascending a height.
  7. Burning pains, especially in inner organs, skin and ulcers, relieved by heat.
  8. Bran-like, dry, scaly eruptions, with itching and burning, the latter increased by scratching, followed by bleeding.
  9. Suffering worse after midnight.
  10. Poisoning from decayed or morbid animal matter, by innoculation, inhalation or swallowing.   


  1. Discharge of burning, ichorus fluid from the nose, excoriating the nostrils and upper lip; corners of mouth sore, cracked and bleeding.


  1. Sensation of a ball rising in the throat obliging frequent swallowing to keep it down, and causing at times difficult breathing.
  2. Particularly adapted to nervous, hysterical, scrofulous individuals, with venous, hemorrhoidal constitutions.


  1. Excessive sensibility of all the nerves, when merely thinking (and this he must continually), that someone might with the finger tips or nail scratch even lightly on linen or similar material, a most disagreeable sensation passes through him arresting momentarily all his thoughts and actions.
  2. Lightness of all the limbs; when walking seems to be gliding through the air.


  1. Very melancholy with disgust for life; suicidal tendency.
  2. Objects appear as if divided horizontally; can only sec lower hall upper half as if covered with a dark body.
  3. Deep ulcers affecting the bones, after the abuse of mercury.
  4. Caries of the nasal, palatine, mastoid and osicular bones. 


  1. Delirious stupor, falls asleep while answering a question or being spoken to.
  2. Body feels scattered about, tosses around to get the pieces together. cannot sleep because he cannot get the pieces together.
  3. Head feels large and heavy, with numbness of head and face.
  4. Confusion of mind as if drunk, wild wandering feeling.
  5. Face Rushed hot and dusky, or dark red with a besotted expression.
  6. Tongue white with reddish papillae, followed by yellow brown coating in centre, edges dark red and shining. or dry and brown down the centre, cracked, sore and ulcerated.
  7. Fauces dark red, dark putrid ulcers, tonsils and parotids swollen, can only swallow water, no pain, but great prostration.
  8. Offensive dark brown mucous or bloody stools, with typhoid tendency.
  9. Difficult breathing, the lunge feel tight and compressed, must have fresh air.
  10. Feels as if lying on a board, must change position, the bed feels so hard.
  11. Indescribable sick feeling all over, feels weak, tired and bruised.   


  1. Great mental and bodily weakness, deficient memory, child cannot remember or be taught.
  2. Especially suitable for old people, dwarfs, scrofulous children, with glandular swellings. especially those who have inflammation and swelling of tonsils from last cold. 


  1. Fear of imaginary things, wants to run away from them.
  2. Vertigo when stooping, or when rising after stooping falling to the left or backwards, with vanishing of sight and flickering before the eyes.
  3. Intense throbbing headache, worse from noise light or jarring, and from leaning forward, better when bending backward.
  4. Face glowing red, hot and swollen.
  5. Tonsilitis, worse on right side, parts bright red, worse on swallowing liquids.
  6. Pharyngitis, and other throat affections characterized by intense hyperaemia and dryness of the parts, and tendency to spasmodic contraction.
  7. Pains, particularly in the abdomen and pelvis, come on suddenly, continue violently a longer or shorter time, and disappear as suddenly as they came.
  8. Tenderness of the abdomen is aggravated by the least jar of the bed or the chair on which she sits. She is obliged in walking to step with great care for fear of a jar.
  9. Peritonitis and other inflammation, of the abdominal viscera, characterized by great distension, and sensitiveness to touch and motion; extreme pungent heat and violent pain.
  10. Menorrhagia or metrorrhagia; blood bright red; in plethoric subjects.
  11. Dry cough from tickling in the larynx, usually worse in the evening after going to bed.
  12. Pulse accelerated, full and bounding, violent throbbing of the carotid and temporal.
  13. Wants to sleep but cannot.
  14. Takes cold in every draft of air, especially when uncovering the head, complains from having the hair out.
  15. Usually worse after 3 p. m., and again after midnight.


  1. Urine highly coloured, and of an exceedingly strong. offensive, pungent odour.


  1. Stitching, digging, tearing or pulsative pain in region of one or the other kidneys; violent stitching cutting pains from kidneys to bladder and urethra.
  2. Pains in loins and hips while urinating.
  3. Dragging or lancinating pain in spermatic cord, extending to the testicles.


  1. Dread of downward motion, as in a swing, cradle, etc.
  2. Apthae on the tongue, in the mouth, inside of cheeks, with great dryness of the mouth; child cries when nursing.
  3. Hot urine in infants, child dreads to urinate and screams before each passage.


  1. Fluent coryza, with sneezing; long continued and obstinate; corrosive soreness under the nose and on margins of nostrils.
  2. Blind, intensely painful hemorrhoids, with black stool.
  3. Loud emissions of flatus from the vagina.
  4. Cold sensations in larynx, with cold feeling when inspiring.
  5. Cough, with sudden paroxysms of suffocation, on swallowing; respiration very short, obliged to catch for breath.
  6. Difficulty of breathing, cannot inspire deep enough; sensation as if the air passages were full of smoke.


  1. Very irritable, inclined to be angry.
  2. Sensation in bed as if be were sinking deep down.
  3. Headache from ironing, or from washing the perspiring face in cold water.
  4. Parched and dry lips, likes to moisten them often, mouth dry and thirsty for cold water.
  5. Delirium about his business, worse at night, after 3. – a.m.
  6. Anxiety about his business, worse at night, not the where-withal to live.
  7. Frequent drinking of cold water relieves the bitter taste and the inclination to vomit.
  8. Desire for things immediately, which when offered, are refused.
  9. Sitting up in bed causes nausea and fainting,
  10. Gastric affections, dry mouth and tongue, tongue coated white, giddy when stooping or rising, forehead heavy, taste bitter, food lies heavy, pit of stomach sore to touch, constipation, etc.
  11. Constipation, stools hard and dry as if burnt.
  12. Coming into warm room from cold air excites cough.
  13. Joints red, swollen, stiff, with stitching pains from slightest motion.
  14. Dropsical swellings increase during the day diminish during the night.
  15. Complaints when warm weather sets in after cold days.
  16. Sharp stitching pains in the chest, cannot ham to move or draw a deep breath.
  17. Sore, bruised pain in muscles of nape as from taking cold, also in lumbar region or small of back.


  1. Sensation of constriction in the heart, as if an iron band prevented its normal movement.


  1. Head too large, fontanelles not closing.
  2. Itching of the scalp, children scratch their heads when their sleep is disturbed or they are awakened.
  3. In teething children milk disagrees, may be vomited in curds, or pass the bowels in the same manner.
  4. Difficult dentition with little children.
  5. Sour taste in the mouth or of the food, sour vomiting, especially during dentition, also sour diarrhoea.
  6. Pit of the stomach swollen, like a saucer turned bottom up.
  7. Menses several days too early and too copious.
  8. Chronic rheumatism and other troubles caused by working in water.
  9. Feet constantly cold and damp, as if she had on cold damp stockings.
  10. Tendency in children and young persons to grow very fat.
  11. Very sensitive to the least cold air, which goes right through her.
  12. Weak and sick for several days after coition.
  13. Especially indicated in fair, plump children, those of a leuco-phlegmatic temperament.


  1. Delayed closure or reopening of fontanelles.
  2. Retarded dentition, especially in second dentition.
  3. With every attempt to eat has aching in bowels.
  4. Heartburn and other gastric symptoms one or two hours after dinner.
  5. Sacro-iliac symphis is sore, as if separated or broken.
  6. Often a children’s medicine, but oftener suitable for the young while growing, particularly girls at or near puberty.


  1. Cholera and choleric conditions; first stage or when discharges are scanty or suddenly suppressed; dry skin; icy coldness of the body and collapse.


  1. Exaggeration of duration of time and extent of space, seconds seem ages, and a few rods an immense distance.
  2. Agreeable thrilling from the knees down, with a sensation as if a bird’s claw were clasping the knees.


  1. Gonorrhoea, especially in first stages; also simple urethritis, much burning and smarting, discharge not profuse.   


  1. Scales on scalp, enormous dandruff.
  2. Intense burning pains in the mouth, throat, stomach and intestinal tract.
  3. Dysentery of blood and mucus, or like scrapings from the intestines accompanied by burning in anus and dysuria.
  4. Violent pains in bladder, with frequent urging to urinate, and intolerable tenesmus and burning; urine passed drop by drop.
  5. Violent, burning cutting pains in the urethra, before, during and after urination.
  6. Urine bloody,. or dark coloured as if mixed with blood.
  7. Strong, persistent, and painful erections; or painless and without voluptuous sensations; with sore pain along urethra.
  8. Pruritus in women. with strong sexual desire.
  9. Pain in the loins, kidneys and abdomen, with such pain on urinating that he could not pass a single drop without moaning or screaming.
  10. Erysipelatous inflammation forming blisters, or burns before blisters have formed.   


  1. The burning pain in throat is worse between the acts of swallowing.
  2. Chills commence in back, with thirst worse after drinking.
  3. Most complaints aggravated after drinking.
  4. After every stool, thirst; after every drink, shivering.
  5. Cough expels an offensive breath from the lungs.


  1. Eructations tasting of food eaten long before.
  2. Teeth loose and sensitive on chewing.
  3. Offensive, debilitating night sweats, staining linen yellow.
  4. Glandular diseases of the schirrhous nature, with fetid discharges, accompanied by great prostration and debility.


  1. Head painfully sensitive to pressure, especially of the hat; sensation remains after hat is taken off, as if bound up with a cloth.
  2. Gums painfully sensitive while chewing.
  3. A version to meat, fat and milk which cause flatulency.
  4. Excessive flatulence, abdomen full to bursting; worse from least food; better from eructations and passing flatus.
  5. Violent, almost constant, empty, sour and rancid eructations.
  6. Great roughness in the larynx, with deep rough voice, which failed, if he exerted it; worse evenings.
  7. Hoarseness and rawness worse evenings; aphonia worse mornings.
  8. Burning in the chest as from glowing coals, with rawness and soreness.
  9. Vital forces nearly exhausted, cold surface, especially from knees to feet; lies as if dead breath cool; pulse intermittent, thready; cold sweat on limbs.
  10. Ailments from quinine, especially suppressed chills and lever; from abuse of mercury, from salt and meats, from putrid meat or fish or rancid fats.
  11. Desire to be fanned, must have more air.
  12. Abdomen feels as if hanging heavily; must walk bent.
  13. Vertigo, must hold onto something; when stooping; also from flatulence
  14. Morning leuchorrhoea, milky, acid and excoriating the parts.


  1. In dysmenorrhoea spasmodic pains in uterus and various portions of the hypogastric regions.
  2. Deficient spasmodic labour pains.
  3. Passive hemorrhage, after abortion or confinement, or protracted lochia, from atony of the uterus.
  4. Rheumatism of small joints, especially of the wrists and fingers.


  1. Inclination to close the eyes, lids seem heavy, even paralysis of upper eyelids.
  2. Paralysis of one side of the face.
  3. Involuntary urination, at night when asleep, when coughing, when sneezing, or blowing the nose.
  4. Hoarseness, worse mornings and evenings, with scraping in the throat.
  5. Cough in paroxysms, causing painful. sore sensation in a streak down along the trachea
  6. Cough with pains In hip, and involuntary discharge of urine.
  7. The laryngeal muscles refuse their service; cannot speak a loud word.


  1. Intermittents; periodicity, clock-like in its regularity, especially when originating in damp, warm, marshy climates, or in tropical countries, and obstinately recurring.  


  1. Child wants to be carried and gets relief.
  2. Whining restlessness; child wants different things’ refuses or repels them when given.
  3. One cheek red and hot; the other pale and cold.
  4. Green, watery, corroding stools with colic; thirst, bitter taste, and bitter eructations.
  5. Neither lying down, nor sleeping, nor sweating lessens the pain. but relieved after the sweat or on rising.
  6. Complaints increase during the sweat.
  7. Burning in the soles of the feet; puts them out of bed.
  8. Fever, diarrhoea or convulsions, from local irritation during dentition; from Indigestible substances in the stomach or Intestines; from worms etc.
  9. Especially useful to calm worry, excitement in very nervous women and children.


  1. Constant pain under inferior angle of right scapula. may extend to the chest or stomach.
  2. Yellow colour of the face, especially of the forehead, nose, cheeks and white of eyes.


  1. Intermittent fever; paroxysms recur at the same hour every day, or every other day, or a little earlier each day; distinct stages, apyrexia, perfect.


  1. Convulsion with loss of consciousness; opisthotonos; frightful distortions of the face, limbs and whole body.


  1. Pains in every portion of the head, but more in vortex and occiput; pressing and aching; sometimes extending to shoulders and down the spine.
  2. Top of head feels as if it would fly off.
  3. Rush of blood to the head, brain fools too large for the cranium, after suppressed uterine discharges or suddenly ceasing pains.
  4. Intense aching pain in eyeballs, worse from moving the head.
  5. Nervous or muscular irritation, of a rheumatism or neuralgic origin, especially in delicate or hysterical women, who are affected with more or less disease of the generative organs.
  6. Neuralgic or rheumatic dysmenorrhoea, with great mental and nervous Irritability, sleeplessness, low spirited, sensitive.
  7. Chronic affections at puberty, the menses not appearing.
  8. Menses suppressed from cold or emotions.
  9. Bearing down in uterine region and small of back, limbs feel heavy and torpid.
  10. Rheumatic pains in muscles of the neck and back, feeling of stiffness and contraction.
  11. Severe aching pains in the back, down the thighs, through the hips, with heavy pressing down.
  12. Aching or soreness of all the muscles.
  13. Sharp, lancinating pains in various parts, associated with ovarian or uterine irritation.


  1. Great hunger soon after eating; desires many and different things.
  2. Worm affections; face pale white ‘about the mouth, boring nose with finger, grinding teeth at night, great hunger, restless sleep, fever, etc.


  1. Intense throbbing headache after excessive hemorrhage.
  2. Periodical prosopalgia, pains excessive, skin sensitive to touch, mostly Infra-orbital and maxilary branches.
  3. Uncomfortable distension of the abdomen with a wish to belch, or a sensation in the abdomen as if it were packed full, not in the least relieved by eructation.
  4. After eating fruit undigested stools pass involuntarily.
  5. Diarrhoea with undigested stools.
  6. Black stools, thin and watery; great prostration; no pain.
  7. Cough with granular expectoration during the day or in the evening, not at night or in the morning.
  8. Profuse debilitating night sweats.
  9. Debility or other complaints after loss of blood and other fluids, particularly from nursing, salivation, hemorrhoids, etc., or leucorrhea, night sweats, seminal emissions, onanism, etc.
  10. Hemorrhage of dark clotted blood from nose and other parts, in anaemic subject, with ringing in the ears, great weakness, etc.


  1. Moist, sore eruptions on occiput, extending down the neck, with crawling and itching, worse from washing in cold water, and from warmth of bed.


  1. Anxiety as if she had committed a great crime, startles easily.
  2. Very sensitive mood, everything worries her.
  3. Choking constriction in upper part of throat, which impedes breathing and provokes cough.
  4. Excessive nausea and other affections caused by the motion of a carriage, swing or ship.
  5. During the menses so weak that can scarcely stand or talk.
  6. Intolerance of open air whether cold or warm.
  7. Hysteria and other nervous troubles arising from over anxiety, night watching and consequent loss of sleep.
  8. Sensation of hollowness in one or more cavities of the body, especially the abdomen.


  1. Great mental activity, full of ideas, quick to act, no sleep on this account.
  2. Pains seem insupportable, driving to despair.
  3. All senses more acute, read fine print easier, bearing, smell, taste, and touch acute, particularly increased perception of slight passive motions.
  4. One-sided headache as from a nail driven into the parietal bone, worse in the open air.
  5. Ice, or ice-cold water is the only thing lessening his violent toothache, so long as touching it.
  6. Would like to scratch or rub the part, but it is too sensitive.
  7. In nervous persons, chill worse on movement, external dry beat, internal chilliness.
  8. Sleepless from excessive mental and physical excitement.
  9. Measly spots on the skin, with dry heat, over excitability and. weeping.
  10. Affections after sudden emotions, particularly sudden pleasurable surprises.


  1. Articular rheumatism; shifting from one point to another; great sensitiveness to touch; worse from motion; teasing pains, always worse at night.
  2. Metastasis of gout or rheumatism to internal organs, especially the heart, with severe cardiac pains; weaker heart action; thread-like. scarcely perceptible pulse; great oppression and dyspnoea.
  3. Dysentery, especially in gouty or rheumatic subjects, with stools of gelatinous or membranous mucus, or containing white, shreddy particles.
  4. Gastric disturbances, especially gastralgia, associated with gout or rheumatism or following suppressed gout, always nausea with disgust for food, the smell of food being especially repugnant.
  5. External impressions, such as bright light, strong colours, contact, misdeeds of others make him quite beside himself.


  1. Hemorrhoids and constipation when associated with functional disturbances of the heart, arising therefrom; or dysmenorrhoea, pruritis vulva, prolapsus, uteri etc


  1. Severe colicky pains, mostly around the umbilicus, has to bend double, worse in any other position, great restlessness and loud screaming on changing position, worse at intervals of 5 or 10 minutes, discharge of stool or flatulence affords temporary relief.
  2. Colic so distressing that they seek relief by pressing corners of tables or heads of bedposts against the abdomen.
  3. Dysentery-like diarrhoea, renewed each time after taking the least food or drink.
  4. Urinates small quantities with frequent urging, fetid, thick, viscid jelly-like urine.
  5. Intense boring or tensive pain in the ovary causing her to bend double with great restlessness.


  1. Vertigo, particularly when lying down or when turning over in bed.
  2. Sensation as of a large foreign body in right half of brain.
  3. Weakness and dazzling of the eyes, together with giddiness and debility, especially of arms and legs; staggers as if drunk.
  4. Violent vomiting that looks like coffee grounds.
  5. Stitches extending from the abdomen to the right side of the chest.
  6. The flow of urine suddenly stops, and continues again after a short interruption.
  7. Sexual desire without erections.
  8. Swelling and induration of the testes.
  9. Soreness and swelling of the breasts preceding the menses.
  10. Shriveling of the mammas, with increased sexual desire.
  11. Induration of mammae, uterus or ovaries, with lancinating pain.
  12. Violent, dry, spasmodic cough, when first lying during day or at night, caused by itching and crawling in the larynx.
  13. Bad effects from suppressed sexual desire, or from excessive indulgence.
  14. Adapted to the debility of old persons, to diseases caused by a blow or fall, and to cancerous and scrofulous persons, with tight, rigid fibre.


  1. Sensation as if something living were jumping about in the pit of the stomach and abdomen.
  2. Metrorrhagia of dark, viscid, stringy blood, in black clots, worse from slightest motion.


  1. Constant urging to stool, followed by a sudden, pasty, offensive evacuation of a dirty green colour, which is forcibly shot out of the rectum.   


  1. Audible gurgling of the drink passing from the esophagus.
  2. Epileptiform convulsions; trembling, tottering, and falling unconscious without a scream; frothing from the mouth; followed by a headache.
  3. Brain affections, convulsions, etc., from suppressed eruptions, or during dentition.


  1. Flickering before the eyes, as of various colours, glittering needles, fiery specks and sparks.


  1. Respiration irregular, difficult, performed by frequent deep sighs.
  2. Sudden sensation as if the heart stood still, with great anxiety.
  3. Extremely slow pulse.


  1. Colic, pains continuous; worse from bending double, relieved by stretching the body out or standing erect, also by pressure.


  1. Dry spasmodic cough occurring in paroxysms, which follow each other so violently that he is scarcely able to get his breath, with inclination to vomit.
  2. Rough, scraping, dry sensation deep in the fauces, and in soft palate, with deep hoarseness and oppression of the chest, causing difficult expiration.


  1. Always as a forerunner of the menses, a rash appears on the skin.
  2. Nettle-rash with much itching, after scratching it burns, increases in warmth, better in cold.
  3. If cold air or water chills him, his tongue gets lame, even the jaws.
  4. Dropsical affections after suppression of sweat by damp, cold air.
  5. From taking cold, the neck stiff, back painful, loins lame.
  6. After disappearance of tetters on face, faceache, violent asthma.
  7. All symptoms aggravated by a change to cool wet weather.


  1. Intense soreness and aching in the limbs, as if bruised or beaten.
  2. With chill more shivering than degree of coldness warrants; thirst several hours before the chill, which continues during the chill and heat.


  1. Abundant flow of corrosive tears, almost blinding him.
  2. Profuse, bland, fluent coryza, with scalding tears and aversion to light.


  1. Fiery redness of the face; veins of the face and head swollen.
  2. Flying pains in the chest and spitting of blood, especially in persons who flush easily and are subject to epistaxis, dyspnoea, palpitation, etc.
  3. In persons who, though weak and nervous, have a very red face.


  1. Heaviness of the head, relieved after profuse emission of watery urine.
  2. Partial paralysis of the eyelids, tongue, or organs of deglutition.
  3. Fullness in head, heat of face, chilliness, thick speech, brain feels as if bruised.
  4. Diarrhoea after sudden emotions, as grief, fright, bad news, or the anticipation of an unusual ordeal.
  5. Inefficient labour pains, or none at all, or widely dilated, complete atony, or labour delayed by a rigid os.
  6. Fever beat with drowsiness. Sleep with half waking and murmuring frequently. Little thirst, feels very languid, and wants to lie still.
  7. Febrile chilliness, cold extremities, heat of the head and face.


  1. Confusion of ideas, cannot tell where he is, streets seem strange, and the way home too long.
  2. Sensation as if the head was enormously large.
  3. Distinct feeling of the pulse in the head, throbbing without pain.
  4. Undulating or wave-like motion in the brain.
  5. Violent action of the heart, distinct pulsation over the whole body.
  6. Bad effects from exposure to the rays of the sun.


  1. Eczema capitis of the whole scalp, forming massive, dirty cruets which mat the hair together, painful and sore to touch.
  2. Soreness and cracking of the lips and nostrils, as from cold.
  3. Moist eczema on the face; especially on chin and around the mouth.
  4. Itching blotches, from which oozes a corrosive, watery, sticky fluid, on many parts of the body.
  5. Especially adapted to persons inclined to obesity, particularly women with disposition to delayed menstruation.


  1. Passive venous hemorrhages from all parts of the body.


  1. Uterine disease with great fatigue and prostration; burning or tired, dragging, aching feeling in the lumbar and sacral regions.


  1. Stools consisting solely of clear, tenacious, colourless mucus.
  2. Dropsical affections of the brain, especially after scarlatina, or summer complaint, or during dentition.
  3. Constant chewing motion of the jaws, grind the teeth.
  4. Loss of control of the mind over the body, must strongly concentrate the mind on what he is doing or the muscles do not act properly.


  1. Sensation as if a fish bone, or splinter were sticking in the throat.
  2. Stomach inclined to be out of order; longing for sour or strong tasting things.
  3. Green slimy diarrhoea of a sour smell.
  4. Croup after dry, cold wind with swelling below the larynx, and great sensitiveness, to cold air or water.
  5. Cannot bear to be uncovered, coughs when any part of the body is uncovered.
  6. Unhealthy, suppurating skin, every out or hurt suppurates.
  7. Ulcers very sensitive, burning or stinging edges, discharges corroding, smelling like old cheese, little pimples surround the principal ulceration.
  8. Ailments after west or northwest wind.
  9. Affections from the abuse of mercury, or iodine, particularly the iodine of potash.
  10. To promote suppuration in boils, abscesses, etc.


  1. In nasal catarrh, secretions more from posterior nares; thick, tenacious, air feels cold in the nose.
  2. Stomatitis in nursing women or weakly children, especially after mercurius or chlorate of potash.
  3. Faintness at stomach, sinking, gone feeling.
  4. Gonorrhoea, second stage, thick, yellow discharge.
  5. Leucorrhoea, tenacious, ropy, thick, yellow.
  6. All mucous secretions tenacious, thick, yellow, erosions of mucous surfaces.


  1. Involuntary loud laughter with silly actions, convulsive trembling
  2. Lascivious furor without modesty, she wishes to uncover and expose herself.
  3. Picking of the bed-covers, or of the face.
  4. Inclined to be vexed, ailments from vexation.
  5. Jealousy, quarrelsome, scolding.
  6. Ailments from disappointed love.
  7. Fear of being poisoned or sold, complains of Imaginary wrongs.
  8. Fearfulness, anxiety, ailments from fright.
  9. Aversion to light and company.
  10. Delirium, murmuring, untelligible chattering, incoherent talk of business, fears, etc. Does not know anybody, has no wants, closed eyes, answers when spoken to, sinking back into apparent unconsciousness.
  11. Mania, rage, running about the room, tears clothes, scolding, swearing, striking, etc.
  12. The brain feels loose, sensation of water swashing around in it.
  13. Spasmodic, dry cough, always worse when lying down at night, relieved by sitting up.
  14. Has no desire to urinate, especially during childbed. Retention of urine.


  1. Full of suppressed grief, seems weighed down by it, broods over imaginary troubles.
  2. Ailments from grief, or suppressed mental sufferings.
  3. Slight blame or contradiction irritates and excites him to anger.
  4. Headache as if a nail were driven out through the side of the head, relieved by lying on the painful side.
  5. Headache increased by smoking tobacco, or being where another is smoking.
  6. Sensation of weakness and sinking in pit of stomach.
  7. Frequent sighing; constant desire to take deep breath.
  8. Every time he stands still during a walk he coughs.
  9. Sleepy after each coughing spell.
  10. Spasmodic affections of children consequent on being put to sleep soon after punishment.
  11. Change of position relieves the pain
  12. During the chill, thirsty, external warmth pleasant, during the fever heat, no thirst; external warmth intolerable.


  1. Vertigo; throbbing in the head and all over the body; tremor of the heart; fainting; worse immediately after rising from a seat, or bed; or by sitting or lying down after slight exercise.
  2. Teeth yellow and easily blunted by vegetable acids.
  3. The mammae dwindle away and become flabby.
  4. Membranous, croup, with wheezing and sawing respiration, dry, barking cough; child grasps the throat with the hand.
  5. Constant heavy oppressive pain in the region of the heart, with sharp, quick, piercing movable pains, and great precordial anxiety.
  6. Emaciation, skin dirty yellow; great debility and prostration.


  1. Headache, as if the brain were bruised, all through the bones of the head, and down into the root of the tongue, with nausea.
  2. Distressing nausea, and inclination to vomit, with almost all complaints.
  3. Stooping causes him to vomit.
  4. Distressing feeling, as though the stomach were hanging down relaxed.
  5. With every movement a cutting pain in abdomen, almost constantly running from left to right
  6. Stools as if fermented, green as grass, with nausea and colic.
  7. Hemorrhage from the uterus, blood bright red, profuse, clotted with heavy oppressed breathing.
  8. Suffocation threatens from constriction in the throat and chest, worse from the least motion.
  9. Loses breath with the cough, turns pale and becomes rigid.
  10. One hand cold, the other hot.
  11. Backache, short chill, long fever, mostly heat with thirst, headache, nausea, cough and sweat last.   


  1. Sick headache, resulting from gastrohepatic derangement; dull, heavy, or throbbing headache, with vomiting of food and bile.
  2. Mouth and tongue feel as though they had been scalded.


  1. Discharges from nose, mouth, vagina, or any other mucous membrane, of a tough, stringy mucous, which sticks to the parts and may draw out in long strings.
  2. Sensation as if the nose were swollen and stiff, and as if a heavy weight were hanging from it.
  3. Membranous and diphtheritic croup; invading larynx, trachea and bronchi.
  4. Cough worse when undressing; better after getting warm in bed; worse in the morning on waking; wheezing and panting, then violent cough, with retching and expectoration of stringy viscid mucus.
  5. Especially useful in fat, light haired persons; fat chubby children.
  6. Ulceration deep, as if cut out with a punch, edges regular.


  1. Sleeplessness, especially in anaemic patients, or nervous persons who are exhausted but irritable.   


  1. Swelling like a sack between the eyebrows and lids
  2. Stitches in region of liver, with tension across the abdomen.
  3. Stitches in the chest on inspiration, cutting pains in the evening, after lying down; cough worse from 3 to 4 a.m.   


  1. Especially adapted to scrofulous persons, who have been thoroughly saturated with mercury, to mercurial and syphilitic affections in general, and affections of glands and bones.


  1. All secretions from mucous surfaces excessively acrid and corrosive in their character.
  2. Yellow leucorrhoea, staining the linen, causing great soreness and irritation of the parts.


  1. Tongue trembles when protruded, or catches behind the teeth.
  2. Sensation of a swelling in the throat, as if two large lumps came together, on empty swallowing; better on swallowing food.
  3. Tonsilitis worse on left side, choking when swallowing; or, when swallowing. pains from the throat to the ear; neck very sensitive to touch.
  4. Uterus will not bear contact, even of the bed clothes; they cause uneasiness in the abdomen; no tenderness.
  5. Menses at the regular time, but too short and feeble.
  6. Uterine and ovarian pains, relieved by a flow of blood.
  7. Suddenly something runs from the neck to the larynx and interrupts breathing; awakens him at night; spasm of glottis.
  8. Aching pain in the shin bones.
  9. Hot flashes, metrorrhagia, and other troubles during climacteric period.
  10. Most symptoms aggravated after sleep.
  11. Great physical and mental exhaustion in morning on rising.


  1. Nervous and organic affections of the lungs and heart, characterized by spasmodic contractions of the throat and chest, causing suffocative attacks, extreme dyspnoea, slow, irregular pulse, and great nervous excitement.   


  1. In rheumatic affections the heat of the bed is intolerable, wants to uncover.
  2. Eruptions which burn and sting, like the bites or stings of Insects. Especially useful in insect bites, particularly mosquitoes.


  1. Constant hurried feeling as of imperative duties, and utter inability to perform them.
  2. Bearing down, with a sensation of a heavy weight and pressure in uterine region, as if the whole contents would press out through the vagina; relieved by pressure of hand against vulva.
  3. Dull, pressive pain in region of heart, or sharp, quick pain with fluttering of the heart.
  4. Heart feels as if squeezed in a vice, or alternately grasped and relaxed.
  5. Nervous affections of the heart dependent upon, uterine and ovarian diseases.


  1. Excessive fullness and distension of the abdomen, with flatulence, relieved by eructations.
  2. Hunger, but a small quantity of food seems to fill him full.
  3. Continuous rumbling and rolling in the abdomen.
  4. Severe backache, relieved by passing urine, urine deposits a red, sandy sediment.
  5. Fan-like motion of the alae nasi in respiratory diseases, especially of children and young persons.
  6. Aggravation of the symptoms from 4 to 8 p.m.
  7. Humid suppurating eruptions, especially on occiput and face, crusts thick, easily bleeding, oozing a fetid moisture, worse after scratching and from warmth.
  8. Much flatus accumulates here and there in the abdomen. in the hypochondria, in the back, in region of ribs and chest, causing tension, bubbling and gurgling, relieved by empty eructations.


  1. Acid dyspepsia; from milk, which sours; from cabbage, potatoes and other gross food.
  2. Diarrhoea, especially of children; stools green and frothy like the scum of a frog pond; griping pains, sour eructations.
  3. Neuralgia, especially of the face; lightning-like pains, usually worse at night; great restlessness, must get up and walk about.


  1. Constipation; stools hard and knotty like sheep’s dung, or crumbling as if burnt, especially in puny, rachitic children, with enlarged abdomen, or in infants during. dentition.
  2. Indigestion of children during dentition; milk causes pain in stomach and passes undigested.


  1. Gums painful to the touch, swollen, spongy, receding from the teeth, edges whitish, bleeding, fetid odour from the month.
  2. Moist tongue with intense thirst.
  3. Tongue swollen and flabby, showing impress of the teeth on the margins, movement difficult.
  4. Teeth feel loose, fall out, or become black and carious.
  5. During every menstrual period, anxiety, red tongue with dark spots and burning, salty taste; sickly colour of the gums and teeth set on edge.
  6. Leucorrhoea always worse at night, itching, burning, smarting, corroding with rawness.
  7. Itching of genitals, made worse from contact of urine remaining on the parts.
  8. Round spots shining through the skin, of a coppery-red colour. Syphilis.
  9. Flat, painless ulcers, pale, covered with phlegm-like pus, on the scalp, skin of penis, etc.
  10. Ulceration very superficial and wide spread.
  11. Ulcers having an impure lardaceous surface, with inflamed elevated, everted edges, like raw meat, readily bleeding.
  12. Colic, burning and tenesmus, before, during and after stools, chilliness between the stools
  13. Worse when lying on the right side, particularly the pain in the region of the liver, and bruised feeling in. the intestines.
  14. Boring pains in the exostoses at night.
  15. Cold, clammy, night sweats drive him out of bed.
  16. Sweating with all complaints, but the sweat affords., no relief.


  1. Fluent coryza, with rawness and smarting in the nostrils.
  2. Very distressing persistent tenesmus, and cutting colicky pains, after stool burning and tenesmus of rectum and bladder, stools frequent, nothing but mucus tinged with blood.
  3. Chancres assuming a phagedenic appearance, and secreting a thin, ichorus pus.
  4. Influenza, tightness across the chest, burning, cutting and stinging in trachea, with hoarseness and aphonia.


  1. Posterior wall of pharynx dotted with patches of mucus and small spots which look ulcerated.   


  1. Head covered with a thick, leathery crust, under which pus collects and mats the hair.
  2. Child scratches the face continually, which becomes covered with blood, Itching worse at night, tears off the scales, leaving raw spots on which fat pustules form. The ichor from the scratched face excoriates other parts.


  1. Hemorrhoids protruding like a bunch of grapes, swollen and blue, with burning and soreness.
  2. Ulcers on the genitals with putrid discharges, much sensitiveness and general weakness.
  3. In typhus fever, great debility; the lower jaw hangs down, patient slides down in bed.


  1. Headache, vertigo, melancholia, etc., occurring during hot weather in persons who have had a previous, sunstroke.
  2. Acid dyspepsia, especially after a vegetable diet, starchy food, with hypochondiasis and palpitation of the heart.


  1. Headache as if bursting, beating and stitches through the neck and chest, with beat in head, red face, nausea and vomiting before, during and after menses, or during the fever stage. decreasing gradually after the .sweats.
  2. Lips dry, cracked, upper lip swollen, breaks out around the mouth.
  3. Blisters like pearls upon the lips, especially in intermittent fever.
  4. Great complaints about the dryness of the tongue, which is not very dry.
  5. Great aversion to bread of which she was once very fond.
  6. When the throat and neck of children emaciate rapidly during summer complaints.
  7. Constipation, with sensation of constriction of the anus; difficult expulsion of a stool fissuring the anus, with flow of blood, leaving a sensation of much soreness.
  8. Irregular intermission of the beating of the heart and pulse, especially when lying on the left side.
  9. Intermittent fever, especially, inveterate or badly treated cases, after quinine, in damp regions or newly turned ground, chill at 10 or 11 a.m.


  1. Blisters and ulcers on the tongue and mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, with pricking, burning pain on being touched, especially after the abuse of mercury.
  2. Superficial ulcers like chancres, on glans and prepuce, looking clean, but exuding an offensive moisture.
  3. Sycotic excresences on the glans, bleeding when touched.
  4. Stitches and sticking pains as from splinters,. especially on touch, in all parts of the body.
  5. Ulcers with stinging and pricking pains, edges. irregular; exuberant granulations, after mercury or in secondary syphilis.
  6. Cracking in maxilliary articulation when chewing.
  7. Sticking pains in rectum, and spasmodic constriction. in anus during stool; fissures.
  8. Pain as if the rectum would be torn asunder during stool.


  1. Changeable mood, one moment laughing, the next crying.
  2. Thoughtless, slow-thinking, irresolute. changing the mind.
  3. Painless pulsation in the head, with fear to go to, sleep.
  4. During menses great pressure in the back, from within outwards, abdominal, bearing down and drawing in the limbs.
  5. Sudden hoarseness from walking against the wind.
  6. Fainting with palpitation of the heart, followed by sleep.
  7. Pain in sacrum when riding in a carriage.
  8. Diarrhoea undigested, like, chopped eggs, with loss of appetite and great sleepiness, in summer with children.
  9. While eating, soon satisfied; headache from eating a little too much.
  10. Drowsy with all complaints, particularly with pains; lies in stupid slumber.
  11. Menorrhagia, blood thick and dark with such as. have had menses very irregular. 


  1. Careful, jealous persons, inclined to get excited and, angry or of a spiteful malicious disposition.
  2. Hypochondric mood, worse after eating, especially in those of sedentary habits, or in those who dissipate, with abdominal sufferings, constipation and hemorrhoids.
  3. Coryza; fluent during the day, and stopped up at night.
  4. Constipation, with frequent and ineffectual desire for stool, and sensation of constriction of rectum
  5. After stool, sensation as if more remainend but could not be evacuated.
  6. Menses a few days before the time, copious, or keeping on for several days, with complaints at the onset and remaining after.
  7. Dry, fatiguing cough in the evening after lying .down, or very early in the morning, also with roughness, rawness, and scraping in the chest.
  8. Awakes at 3 a.m., lies awake for hours with a rush of thoughts, falls into a dreamy sleep at day-break from which he is hard to arouse, and then feels tired and weak, and averse to rising.
  9. Sleepy in the early evening and sleepless at night.
  10. Ailments from continued mental labour.
  11. After aromatics in food, or as medicine, especially ginger pepper, etc., and after most any kind of so-called hot medicines.
  12. Fools worse in the morning, soon after waking, also worse after mental exertion and after eating.


  1. Delirious talking, eyes wide open, face red and puffed up.
  2. Drunkenness with stupor, as from smoke in the brain, eyes burning hot and dry.
  3. Nervous and irritable, passes nothing but hard, black balls from the bowels.
  4. After a fright, with fear, convulsions, or the head hot, and twitching around the mouth.
  5. The lower lip and jaw hang down.
  6. Child makes no water, with full bladder, and has no stool, from nursing after the nurse has had furious fit of passion.
  7. Colic and other ailments from lead in paints, pipes and otherwise.
  8. Twitching, trembling of the head, arms and hands, now and then jerks as if the flexors were overactive, body cold, inclination to stupid sopor, motion of the body and uncovering the head relieves.
  9. Sleepy but cannot sleep, the bed feels so hot she cannot lie on it.


  1. Pulsations, sticking and burning in the brain.
  2. As soon as water becomes warm in the stomach, it is thrown up.
  3. Chronic painless diarrhoea of undigested food, with much thirst during the night.
  4. Frequent diarrhoea during cholera time; cholerina.
  5. Constipation; feces slender, long, dry, tough and hard, like a dog’s; voided with difficulty.
  6. Cannot talk on account of pain in larynx.
  7. Pains in chest with coughing, relieved by external pressure.
  8. Dry tickling cough in the evening, with tightness across the chest.
  9. Trembling of the whole body while coughing.
  10. Can lie only on right side.
  11. Small wounds bleed much.
  12. Cough worse in evening and night, from change from warm to cold air.
  13. Most symptoms aggravated before midnight, and during a thunder storm.


  1. Perfect indifference, difficult comprehension; imbecility.
  2. Bones of the skull feel as if someone had scraped the swollen and tender periosteum with, a knife.
  3. Hair turns gray early, or flaxen, falls off especially after grief or sorrow.
  4. Yellow spots on the whites of the eyes.
  5. Red streak in middle of tongue, widens in front.
  6. Diarrhoea, not debilitating, though of long continuance.
  7. Pain in the liver during menstruation.
  8. Ailments from growing too fast.
  9. Bad effects from onanism, sexual excess, grief, sorrow, homesickness or unfortunate love.


  1. Great pain in root of tongue when swallowing.
  2. Difficult swallowing; with every attempt excruciating shooting pains through both cars.


  1. Brain fag and neurasthenia, especially sexual; great mental and physical prostration from reading, writing, or any attempt at mental labour.


  1. Arrogant, proud and haughty in her manner, overestimating herself, and looking down with pitiful contempt upon those around her.
  2. Objects appear smaller than they really are.
  3. Nymphomania; genitals painfully sensitive with voluptuous tingling extending into the abdomen.
  4. Hysteria, and other spasmodic affections in hysterical women.


  1. Distinct blue line along margins of gums.
  2. Violent colic; abdomen retracted to the spine, as if drawn in by a string.
  3. Excruciating pains in the umbilical region, to other portions of the abdomen and body, somewhat relieved by pressure.
  4. Constipation; stools scanty, hard, in lumps, or balls like sheep’s dung, black or green colour, passed with difficulty.
  5. Sharp, lightning-like neuralgic pains in lower limbs, mostly from hips to knees, occurring in paroxysms, more from movement.


  1. Head hot, rolling from side to side with moaning; during dentition, or with bowel disorders.
  2. Grinding of teeth at night, especially during dentition.
  3. Diarrhoea with great sinking at the epigastrium; sensation as if everything would drop through the pelvis.
  4. Morning diarrhoea, stools watery,. green, yellow, sour. with much flatulence and burning in the anus.
  5. Biliousness with nausea and giddiness; tendency to bilious vomiting and purging.
  6. Prolapsus ani with every stool, or after any sudden motion, such as sneezing or coughing,
  7. Painting with sensation of emptiness in abdomen after stool.


  1. Coryza, fluid or dry, with loss of taste and smell, sore nostrils, later, a yellowish-green discharge.
  2. Pressure in abdomen and small of back, as from a stone, with disposition of lower limbs to go to sleep when sitting. sometimes Ineffectual desire for stool
  3. Greatly troubled with dryness in the mouth and throat while sleeping, always awakes with a dry tongue, but without thirst.
  4. Stomach disordered from rich foods, cakes. pastry, etc., particularly fat of pork.
  5. Thirstlessness with all complaints.
  6. Wandering pains shift rapidly from one place to another, also with swelling of the joints.
  7. Bad taste in the mouth, especially in the morning, or nothing tastes good, or no taste at all.
  8. Menstrual colic with great restlessness, tossing in every possible direction.
  9. Noctural enuresis, particularly In little girls.
  10. Menses too late and scanty, or suppressed from getting the feet wet.
  11. Mild, gentle yielding disposition, cries at anything, is sad and desponding, can hardly give her symptoms on account of weeping.
  12. Sandy hair, blue eyed, pale face, inclined to silent grief with submissiveness.


  1. Intercostal rheumatism; chest feels sore and bruised, as from subcutaneous ulceration.
  2. Neuralgic, arthritic and rheumatic affections. always worse from damp weather, or from change of temperature.


  1. Appetite for various things, but cannot eat them, they become repulsive.
  2. Diarrhoea; stools brown and of an excessively sour smell, with much colic.
  3. The child smells sourish, oven if washed or bathed every day.


  1. All symptoms worse in cold, stormy weather, and during or before a thunder-storm.


  1. Aching in left arm with disease of the heart.
  2. Vesicular and pustular eruptions, with burning and itching.
  3. Putting hands out of bed covers brings on a cough.
  4. Restless at night, has to change position frequently.
  5. Corners of mouth ulcerated and sore, or chafed around the genitals.
  6. Menstrual flow causes biting pain in the vulva.
  7. Swollen around the ankles, after sitting too long, particularly in travelling.
  8. Soreness as if beaten in the hypochondriac region, and still more in abdomen, worse on the side on which he lies, worse when turning and most when beginning to Move.
  9. Lameness, stillness and pain on first moving after rest, or on getting up in the morning, relieved by continued motion.
  10. Pains as if strained, ailments from spraining and straining, lifting, particularly from stretching the arms high up to reach things.
  11. Complaints after getting wet in a rain while overheated.
  12. Typhoid, low, mild delirium, stupefaction, insensibility restlessness, tongue red, dry and cracked, abdomen distended, loose, dark-brown stools.   


  1. Violent, incessant, dry fatiguing cough, with little expectoration, aggravated by pressure, talking, and especially by inspiring cool air and night.
  2. Brown. watery morning diarrhoea.
  3. Sensation of soreness and rawness in larynx and behind the sternum.


  1. Eyes burn, ache, feel strained and fatigued as after reading too long, from fine sewing, too much reading, or otherwise overtaxing them; worse using them in the evening.
  2. Bruised feeling all over, as from a fall or a blow, worse in limbs and joints.


  1. Drawing pains and dragging in the small of the back, extending into the pubic region.
  2. Hemorrhage from the uterus, in paroxysms; worse from motion; blood dark and clotted from loss of tone in uterus; also after abortion or confinement; with pain from back to pubes.


  1. Suffocative attacks after midnight, the child wakens suddenly, sits up in bed, turns blue and gasps for breath.


  1. Sick headache occurring periodically, with chilliness and flushes of heat, the headache begins in occiput, spreads upward and settles over the right eye.
  2. Circumscribed redness of one or both cheeks.
  3. Dry, hacking cough, caused by tickling in the throat pit, with a crawling sensation. extending down beneath the sternum.   


  1. Uterine hemorrhages from atony; especially after abortion or confinement; flow black and offensive; worse from slightest motion; threatening collapse.


  1. Yellow saddle across the nose; also yellow spots on the face.
  2. Brown liver spots on the skin, especially on the chest and abdomen.
  3. Sensation as if everything would come out on the vagina; she has to cross her limbs to prevent it.
  4. Leucorrhoea; yellow like milk or pus; or of bad smelling fluids; excoriating.
  5. Weakness and pain in back; grows worse on sitting still.
  6. Especially suited to persons with dark hair; for women, and particularly during pregnancy, in child-bed and while nursing.


  1. Headache better from binding head tightly, or from wrapping it up warmly.
  2. Head wet from sweating, particularly at night, likes wrapping it up.
  3. Water tastes bad, vomits after drinking.
  4. Increased menses with repeated paroxysms of icy coldness over the whole body.
  5. Offensive foot sweat, rawness between the toes, also complains after checking it.
  6. Want of vital warmth even when taking exercise
  7. Ailments following vaccination; abscesses. etc., even convulsions.
  8. Slow suppurating processes in general.


  1. Neuralgia of the fifth pair of nerves, tearing, shooting, burning into the eye, malar bone and teeth, periodical from morning until sunset, worse at noon, from noise, motion of jarring.
  2. Intolerable pressive pain in the eyeballs, they feel too large for their orbits, worse in turning the eyes.
  3. Rheumatic ophthalmia; pains are sharp and tearing, with pressure in the eyeballs.
  4. Throbbing, tearing toothache, which is especially aggravated by cold water, disappearing when lying down.
  5. Dyspnoea, can lie only on right side, with trunk raised, the least motion produces great suffocation, with anxiety and palpitation of the heart.
  6. Purring feeling over the heart; wave-like motion not synchronous with the pulse.
  7. Palpitation of the heart, so violent as to be audible and visible.
  8. Rheumatic affections of the heart, rheumatic pericarditis, with violent palpitation of the heart, and anxiety.


  1. Thyroid gland swollen and hard, with suffocative attacks at night.
  2. Swelling of the testicles, with pressive bruised pain; stitches from testicles into spermatic cord which is swollen and painful.
  3. Croup; dry, barking, hollow cough, with wheezing, whistling, sawing, anxious breathing; worse during inspiration and lying down.


  1. Neuralgic headache. begins lightly and increases gradually to its highest point, and then gradually declines.
  2. Hoarseness and roughness in the larynx, with great weakness in the chest.
  3. Great accumulation of mucus in the trachea, easily detached by a slight cough.
  4. Respiratory diseases characterized by Profuse mucus or muco-purulent expectoration, sometimes expectoration of balls of sweetish mucus.
  5. Reading aloud or talking produces great exhaustion.


  1. Sensation of a round ball in forehead, sitting firmly even when shaking the head.
  2. Styes, constantly recurring, sometimes ulcerating.
  3. Hysteria or hypochondriasis from sexual or onanism.


  1. Attacks of rage with beating and striking.
  2. Desire for company and light.
  3. Twitches in the face, frowns in the forehead.
  4. Difficult deglutition from spasmodic constriction of the throat.
  5. The child awaking is frightened at everything it sees, it wants to get away from them.
  6. During the chill the head is hot, does not want to be uncovered.
  7. Red, hot face with cold feet.
  8. Excessive aversion to liquids, water, a mirror, or anything bright. excites convulsions or spasmodic constriction of throat.


  1. Black comedones on the face.
  2. Great thirst, little appetite.
  3. Empty, gone, faint feeling in stomach about 11 a.m.
  4. Diarrhoea some hours after midnight, or driven out of bed early in the morning.
  5. Both the flow of urine and discharge of feces are painful to the parts over which they pass.
  6. Burning in the vagina; is scarcely able to keep still.
  7. Attacks of suffocation, especially at night in bed wants doors and windows open.
  8. Weakness in chest in evening when lying down.
  9. Unsteady gait, tremor of hands.
  10. Standing in the most disagreeable position.
  11. Does not walk erect; stoops or bends in walking or sitting.
  12. Child dislikes to be washed or bathed.
  13. Heat in soles of feet, or cold feet and burning soles. wants to find a cool place for them, or puts them out of bed.
  14. Cramps in calves of legs, or soles of feet, principally at night
  15. Hot flashes, with spells of faintness, or passing off with a little moisture and faintness or debility.
  16. Voluptuous Itching and tingling, burning and soreness from scratching.
  17. Irresistible drowsiness in daytime, and wakefulness the whole night.
  18. As an intercurrent remedy, when carefully selected remedies fall to produce a favourable effect.   


  1. Every drink chills the stomach unless some spirit is mixed with it.


  1. Vertigo with qualmishness, better outdoors, worse indoors.
  2. Death-like paleness of the face, with sick stomach.
  3. Icy coldness from the knees to the toes.
  4. Icy coldness, cold sweats and intermittent pulse.
  5. Violent pain in small of back, during soft stool, with tenesmus and burning.   


  1. The head trembles, particularly when coughing, with an inward trembling and drowsiness, more in the evening and in warmth.
  2. Beating and throbbing in all the vessels of the body.
  3. Painful urging to urinate, scanty discharge, dark red, or the last bloody, with stitches in the bladder and burning in the urethra.
  4. Much rattling of mucus in the chest, sometimes vomited up, with young children.
  5. Coughing and gaping consecutively, particularly children, with crying or dosing, and twitching in the face.
  6. Intense and long-lasting nausea and vomiting, with great anxiety.
  7. Thick eruption like pocks, often pustular, large as a pea.
  8. Cannot keep the eyes open, irresistible sleepiness, and dull stupified sleep, when awake, hopelessness and despair, or chill and fever, or vomiting of food.


  1. Nephritis with burning, drawing pains in region of kidneys; heaviness and pressure; strangury; scanty, bloody urine.


  1. Fixed idea of a living animal in the abdomen.
  2. Diarrhoea, stool expelled forcibly with much noisy flatus or with gurgling as water from a bunghole.
  3. Moist sycotic excresences on genitals, hands and hairy parts.


  1. Hemorrhages; blood bright red, profuse; sacroiliac synchondroses full as if falling apart; better from a tight bandage.   


  1. Religious mania; praying, cursing and howling; loquacious.
  2. Attacks of pain with delirium, or driving to madness.
  3. Coldness on the vortex, as if ice were lying there.
  4. Cold perspiration on face, especially on forehead; particularly in colic and choleric conditions.
  5. Nose grows pointed, seems to be longer; face cold and sunken.
  6. Violent colic about the navel, as if intestines were twisted in a knot; better after stool.
  7. Dysmenorrhoea with vomiting and purging, or exhausting diarrhoea with cold sweat.
  8. Neck so weak child can scarcely keep it erect, especially in whooping cough.
  9. Difficult walking, first right, then left hipjoint feels paralytic.
  10. Rheumatic pains in wet weather, getting worse in warmth of bed, better on walking up and down.   


  1. The tongue feels as if it had been scalded.
  2. Menstrual disorders with intense cerebral congestion.
  3. Difficult, slow, laboured breathing; active congestion of the chest.
  4. Heart’s beat loud, strong, with great arterial excitement; pulse incompressible; high temperature.   


  1. Relief comes from the appearance of discharges or eruptions.
  2. Valuable in various neuroses arising from profound disturbances of the nerve centres of the brain and spinal cord, especially cerebral exhaustion.
  3. Nervous, fidgety moving of the feet, especially after retiring and during sleep.
  4. Headaches from drinking even small quantities of wine.


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