Calicut University MD Homeopathy statistics papers

Time Three Hours          Maximum: 100 Marks
Answer all questions.

Section A
1.What is meant by central tendency ? Describe the various methods of measuring it and point out the usefulness of each method. What are the desirable properties for an average to possess?

2.Write short notes on:

  • (a) Regression and correlation.
  • (b) Difference between Random Stratified sampling.
  • (c) Advantages of Analysis of variance.

Section B

1. In a partially destroyed laboratory method of an analysis of correlation data, the following result only are legible :— Variance x =9

Regression equations 8x- lOy+66=O 40x— 18y =21.

What were

  • (a) the mean values of x and y
  • (b) the slandered  deviation of y ; and
  • © the coefficient of correlation between x and y.

4. On the basis of the information given below about treatment of 200 persons suffering from a disease whether the new treatment is comparatively superior conventional treatment.

                                                                           No. of patients.

                                                  Favorable response.                         No response

New                                                          60                                                20

Conventional                                         70                                               50


Section A

1.Discuss the need and utility of planning of  statistical design. Explain clearly the steps involved in conducting a clinical trial.

2.  Write short notes on

  • (a) Skewness.
  • (b) Properties of normal probability curve.
  • (c) Rank correlation.

Section B

3.Out of a sample of 120 persons in a  village ,76 persons were administered a new drug for preventive influenza and out of them24 persons were attacked by influenza.Out of those who were administered the new drug 12 persons were not affected by infiuenza

Use Chi-square test for finding out whether the new drug is effective or not.

(At 5 % level for I d.f. the Chi-square is 3.841)

4. Two types of diets were administered to two groups of boys for increase in weight and the following increases in weight (in lbs.) were recorded after 20 days

Increase in weight

Diet A:  4 3 2 2 I 0 5 6 3

DietB:    54 4 2 3 2  7 1

Test whether there is any significant difference between the two diets with respect to increase in weight.


1.If you wish to assess the effectiveness of a new drug in reducing the risk of Measles, how would you planaresearchstudy? (30 Marks)

2. Write short notes on:

  • a) Histogram.
  • b) Randomized controlled trial.
  • c) Rank correlation. (30 Marks)


3 . A certain stimulus administered to each of 12 patients resulted in the following increase  of blood pressure:

 5 2 8 -1 3 0 6 2 1 5 0 4

Calculate  the mean ant standard deviation of the sample. (20 Marks)

4.. On the basis of the information given below about the treatment  of 200 patients suffering from a disease, state whether the new treatment is comparatively superior to the conventional treatment.-

                                                                  No. of  Patients

                                        Favorable response                                    No response

New                                         60                                                      20

Conventional                             70                                                      50

                                                                                                                  (20 Marks)


   Section A

1 . State and describ e the methods of sampling most commonly used in medical research.

2. Write short notes on

  •  (a) Cohort study.
  •  (b) Correlation coefficient.
  •  (c) Normal distribution.  (30 marks)

Section B

3.) Each of 11 hypertensive patients was administered 2 drugs on two occasions. Each patient first received placebo, on one month later they each received the drug. Blood pressure was recorded  similarly on these two occasions. The data given below are systolic blood pressure on the basis of these experimental results, is there any evidence of difference in mean blood pressure due to the use of these two drugs

Placebo : 212 210 210 204 196 190 192 178 174 170 162

Drug :    180 172 196 190 166 160 178 160 148 118 156   (20 marks)

4. What is meant by chi-square ? Under what condition is it used ? In a state-wide sample of 2,000 people, the response obtained in respect of obtaining a new method of homeopathic treatment is given below

Favourable  Not favourable  Total

Men     :            640            360            1000

Women :            760            240            1000

Is there a gender difference in the preference of drugs ?  (20 marks)

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