Call to streamline affairs of homeopathic education in Pakistan

bhms pakistanKARACHI: There is an urgent need to streamline and improve the homeopathic system of education in the country so as to produce trained manpower.

This was stressed by former National Council for Homeopathy President Dr Syed Javed Hussain Shah in Karachi .

He said that he has written letters to the concerned authorities suggesting that the National Health Services Regulation and Coordination Ministry should appoint a competent administrator for the National Council of Homeopathy to streamline its affairs at the earliest.

Dr Shah was of the view that the homeopathic education in the country was on the decline and was `in a bad shape’.

He also said that for improving the examination system the examination body overseeing this system should be reorganised, and able and competent practitioners should be deployed.

He urged that the standard of education in homeopathic system of medicines be improved because quite a number of people seek homeopathic treatment owing to its `efficacy’.

He stated that the syllabus of Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Sciences (BHMS) as approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC)for public sector institutions, be enforced all over the country.

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